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#3233: That's it: I'm going to get another doctor.

In fact, I've already got an appointment with the new doc. I'm going to go see the old doc today just to see what justification he gives for cutting off my Paxil--and I'm hoping to get an RX for enough Pax to tide me over until I can see the new doc--but that's it. After that, I'm done with Wellgroup Health Partners and Dr. Khalid Baig, let me tell you.

It's kind of a shame, though. Except for the six years I lived in Iowa, that has been the clinic I have always gone to. Okay, one of the guys who started it, Paul Ashley, was my doctor from the time I was born--since before I was born, when I was gestating!--which means I've been a patient at that clinic for a total of 39 years.

But this bullshit of having to call and call and call to get them to renew a fricking RX--and get lame excuses such as "we lost the fax" and "it never got here" and so on--it's ludicrous and unprofessional.

* * *

Yesterday at the grocery store I dithered over what kind of ham to buy.

Store-brand "Polish-style" ham was $4 per pound. But nearby there was bacon-wrapped ham for $7 per pound.

"When I have a job," I vowed....

* * *

Today is national margerita day and the 155th anniverary of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's birthday. (I don't believe Hertz was a margerita guy, though.)

* * *

"What's so special about the birthday of the rental car guy?"


* * *

I wonder if that's why lefties are so pro-islam: they don't get that islam really is anti-gay, anti-women, anti-rights, anti-anti.
A Daily Kos'er named Eric Allen Bell started a film on a mosque being built in Tennessee, and toed the Kos party line on Islam for quite some time...that it's Islamophobia to criticize it and all that...and then, he started doing some research and changed his tune, and...oh how he was unwelcomed back in Kos-land.
Yeah, it sucks when you open your eyes and take your fingers out of your ears and stop yelling "LA LA LA LA LA" and realize--shit!--those people you habitually vilify because you feel they're wrong may actually have a point.

* * *

Obama Nixon! Like Ace, I can remember when the Democrats reviled Nixon. They hated him because he put Alger Hiss away; there's nothing Democrats hate more than when a communist spy is punished for his treason.

Except maybe George W. Bush.

Yeah, doing things by executive fiat is bad...until it's a Democrat who's doing it. Then it's perfectly fine.

Same way that running budget deficits are bad...until it's a Democrat who's doing it. Then the sky's the limit!

* * *

The Democrat idiocy about "Republicans want to ban birth control!" has a new facet: Georgia Democrats want to regulate vasectomies. You know, this just has to be parody; I don't see how this can be real:
A Democrat in the state House in Georgia has proposed the state regulate vasectomies because, "thousands of children are deprived of birth in this state every year because of a lack of state regulation."

Rep. Yasmin Neal, a Democrat from the state’s 75th House district, said, "It is patently unfair that the men can avoid the rewards of unwanted fatherhood by presuming that their judgment is more valid than the General Assembly while women’s ability to decide is constantly up for debate..."
It's meant as a counter to a Republican move to limit abortions to trim four weeks off the window allowing abortions, from 24 weeks to 20 weeks.

(20 weeks is, by the way, about five months.)

If the Georgia Democrats are really so worried about "thousands of children" being "deprived of birth" maybe they ought to emplace an outright ban on abortions in the state of Georgia. The same thing goes for men avoiding the "rewards of unwanted fatherhood"; if you're really concerned about that, you should ban abortions. Right?

Of course the two cases are not parallel. A man getting a vasectomy is equivalent to a woman having a tubal ligation; it's not the equivalent of an abortion. But expecting reasoned discource from a Democrat on anything related to sex or abortions is like planning to go sunbathing on your trip to Antarctica. In June.

* * *

Alan Caruba: "'Fakegate' Blows Up in Warmist Faces".

Yeah, and over at Arse Technica they still haven't admitted that they bought into the thing hook, line, and sinker. They haven't even admitted that there was fraud! The article places equal weight on HI's insistence that the faked memo is fake and Gleick's claim that it's genuine, and if you read the article carefully you can tell which side Arse Technica comes down on: they believe Gleick and disbelieve HI, and the way that article is written makes it obvious.

"Hey, the guy admits he lied to get the stuff, but we believe him when he says it's all real!" Yeah. And the article closes with a load of snark about how HI was trumpeting the Climategate e-mails but has now "found religion" since its own stuff was fraudulently obtained by a guy on their own side.

* * *

The Democrat position on secure elections is as follows: "Vote fraud isn't happening, and when it does, preventing it is racist".

That's really all you have to say. But:

I observe that when Democrats lose, vote fraud is everywhere, it's pernicious, and it's horrible. But when they win, there is no vote fraud, and whatever examples of it come to light are isolated and minor incidents. Regardless, you have to have a photo ID card to drive, take a commercial flight, open a bank account, buy sinus medication over the counter, or to buy drain cleaner--and you need a special one in order to own a firearm!--but requiring everyone to have a photo ID to vote is racist.


* * *

All right: before I get to the rest of the post, let me tell you about the pause in the middle.

Doc appt at 12:45, so I put the computer to sleep at 11:45 and began getting ready to go. Got out the door on time and was at the receptionist's desk at 12:40.

I waited an hour and forty-five minutes to see the doc. *sigh* At least I got one last f-ing RX out of him; he insisted that I make an appointment for a physical exam but I didn't do that, because before I got ready to go see him I made an appointment to see a new doctor down in Beecher, one which comes rather highly recommended from my pastor and others in my Bible study group. So hopefully that'll be better.

Best part: old doc told me he especially wasn't going to prescribe Paxil and Xanax together because that's what killed Whitney Houston. I didn't say, "Well, unless I miss my guess I AIN'T WHITNEY HOUSTON!" WTF. A basic perusal of my medical history will show that I get 60 days out of 30 days' worth of Paxil, and that I ask for a Xanax refill about every third month at the most. I'm not exactly taking this shit by the handful. I am especially not taking them with other drugs or booze, and although alcoholism runs in my family I am not an alcoholic. Nor do I smoke. So give me a f-ing break!

* * *

Let's just make with the DOOM!, first with non-AoSHQ posts:

Boortz on Obama's plan to cut corporate tax rates IF said corporations don't offshore. But large corporations that have money-making subsidiaries overseas will see their tax bills rise, not fall, no matter how big their domestic workforces are.


The rise in gas prices under Obama is not exactly surprising, considering it was obvious that's what he wanted. The guy ran on a policy of bankrupting coal-fired power plants! What more proof do you need?


And today's DOOM! post its own bad self.

Illinois is boned to the tune of $200 billion. Aren't we lucky?

* * *

Democrats are losing their shit. It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on; if you are calling your political opponents literal demons you've lost your shit, completely and in detail.

* * *

The Chevy Volt is junk.

...but I think Alan Caruba must've dropped a decimal point somewhere. If he's paying $1.16 per kilowatt hour, he's getting assraped by his local electric company. $0.12 per kwh is a reasonable number, but not $1.16. Jesus.

* * *

I'm linking this post from Chateau Heartiste because:
...[L]et’s not forget that economically empowered and government-assisted women, slaves to their hypergamous impulse for higher status mates than themselves, can’t help but winnow the pool of men deemed acceptable marriage material. When women say “there are no good men left”, what the astute observer hears is “there are no good men left thanks to a combination of my increased expectations and decreased attractiveness.”

. . .

And there you have the crassest self-deception of the traditionalist and feminist mindset laid bare: the former refusing to understand that standards of sexual behavior are a two-way street, the latter refusing to accept that standards of sexual behavior can’t be waved away to turn losers into winners.
THen he goes on to give advice to a number of different groups.
Women –

Lose weight. Stop being so goddamned fat. Men are more willing to provide for women who are young and slender.

Learn to use contraception. Do not get pregnant outside of marriage. Men really don’t like taking on the responsibility of children not their own.

Try not to fuck around so much. Men are not enthusiastic about marrying women whose vaginas have played host to numerous cocks before them.

. . .

Men –

Read this blog. If the rules won’t play by you, then learn to play by your own rules.

. . .

In short, men will man up when women woman up. Because women, as the gatekeepers of sex, get the men they deserve. And, more often than not, what they deserve is what they want.
I've always held that women get the men they deserve, long before I read this guy's blog.

Just as an example, the woman who always fakes her orgasms? She's getting the quality of sex she deserves. The signs of her pleasure are feedback for the man's ministrations; if you make shit up he'll think everything's fine and dandy.

* * *

Incidentally: "'If We Started Drilling In ANWR Today, We Wouldn't Have Oil Until Ten Years from Now.' -- All Liberals, Ten Years Ago". Do you remember that? I sure as hell do. "Even if we did start drilling right now the wells wouldn't produce any new oil for ten years!" That was given as a reason not to open ANWR: it was impossible to fix the energy supply problem we had right then.

Yeah, as if we would suddenly not need oil in the future or something.

* * *

Speaking of the inability to plan ahead--

--no, I'm not going to discuss it. There's shit going down in Fungus-land that's got me doing the Kyon expression:

...and wanting to slug all involved parties with the 40 lb grouper of common sense because I'm pretty thoroughly annoyed with all of them: they're all equally to blame for the situation. It came to a head last night, after midnight, and suffice it to say that Kyon's expression was not the limit of how I reacted to the latest turn of events.

It's gone from melancholy to pathetic to farcical. At least it has nothing whatsoever to do with me or my family; I've got that much going for me.

* * *

Next up: Ash Wednesday service tonight at 7. I haven't ever been to one, so it'll be interesting to see how things go. After that, 40 days of Lent, and then Easter.

I took my new RX for Paxil to Wal-Mart and waited while they filled it. While waiting I browsed around; I ended up buying a pack of underwear, a case for my Kindle ($25, nylon, zip-up...and I even like the color), the mouthwash I like, and--of course--my pills. I came close to buying a new shirt, too, as there were some dressy shirts I rather fancied.

Tomorrow I've got therapy at 3:30--and that'll be fun when I talk about the situation I alluded to above, and its effect on my emotional state--and then choir practice at 6:45. Another week when I'm at church a lot--well, that's fine with me. Church is my haven from the stupidity of the rest of my life.

Saturday evening is a pot-luck dinner, and I'm thinking I'll go, maybe bring a pan of apple crisp as my contribution. I know I won't have to bring home any leftovers; just the pan. Heh.

So I've got a bunch of stuff to keep me busy; but right now the only pressing issue is staying awake so I can go to church tonight. And so: WoW until church time!

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