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#3234: I woke up at 9 AM. Brain does not available.

I noticed a new gadget-thingy in the upper-left corner of the compose window, so I clicked on it, and got this:

Yeah, that makes sense.

* * *

Last night's Ash Wednesday service was very nice. It was a joy to be there, though it was odd to be at a worship service in church when it's dark outside.

* * *

People at the GOP debates don't care for the stupid contraception issue. This is the Democrat attempt to conflate "GOP" with "limiting availability of contraceptives" and it's only going to work among the "reality TV" demographic.

Fools will vote Democrat regardless of what you say to them, so I'm not sure what that means for the elections this year. I do know that anyone with a brain is going to automatically reject the notion that the GOP wishes to restrict contraceptives--hell, Newt Gingrich alone counts for a significant percentage of contraceptive use by leading GOP officials! *rimshot*

Yeah, did you hear? Him and Bill Clinton were asked by Trojan to appear in a commercial together. "When I'm cheating on my second wife with the woman that'll be my third, I only trust Trojan!" "Hey, there, speak for yourself, Newt! I'm still married to my first wife. And that thing with Monica, I was only using her cooter as a cigar holder!" *rimshot*


* * *

When it comes to ecology, science is a relative term. If reality does not conform to your political ideals, simply fudge the numbers and make up data! It's okay because you're saving the Earth!

* * *

Let's just hit the DOOM! and then we can relax a bit.

That face tat will cost you 25% of your lifetime earning potential.


Related links, not from the DOOM! post:

Boortz discusses how a "Buffett Tax" in Britain has worked out for them. Hint: the word Boortz uses is "backfires".

Instead of government revenue going up a billion pounds, it dropped half a billion. This is the Laffer Curve, and it works, bitches!


Also Boortz, on high gas prices.
We could let Obama run and hide from this were it not for the outcry over Bush’s responsibility for high gas prices during his administration. Princess Pelosi: “The price of oil is at the doorstep -- 4 dollars plus per gallon for oil, is attributed to two oil men in the White House.” Where’s the aging hollow-eyed hippie from Haight-Ashbury now?
The high price of gasoline is only bad when it's a big (R) in the White House. When it's a little (D), it's a) not that big a deal, and b) a policy goal.


But some of the rise is due to inflation. It's true: the dollar is worth less than ever and energy prices have inflated by about 10% per year for the past several years.

Comparing the price of oil to the price of gold we find that oil is cheaper than it has been, when adjusted for inflation. Yeah.

Oh, but because the government excludes food and energy from the Consumer Price Index, there's no inflation. Uh huh.

Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the bunker, gas has jumped $0.25 per gallon in the last few days. It's $3.75 at the local gas stations, and on my way to the doc's yesterday I almost stopped at a station where it was only ("only"!) $3.56 to tank up. If I had known I was going to be sitting in the waiting room for 1.75 hours, I would have taken the time to do it. Shit.

* * *

I managed to get around 6 hours of sleep, but I think I'm going to go take a nap. Even though most of what I did yesterday was sit in waiting rooms, it was a pretty tiring day.


While playing WoW last night I listened to all four of the Andreas Vollenweider CDs I have.


Saturday (the 18th) when my nephew was here, he used my laptop and played WoW. He made a hunter and was clicking the random name button, and I was making fun of the names that came up.

Finally, though, "Bravenes" popped into the box, and I mocked it: "Oh, I am BRAVENESS, the MIGHTY HUNTER!" and he thought that was so funny he ended up naming his hunter "Braveness".

So I made a female warrior and I named her "Cowardess". Heh.

* * *

So now it's Lent. I'm not giving up anything for Lent; as a Protestant I don't have to observe it quite so formally. Besides, last night the pastor pointed out that the Beatitudes ("Blessed are the...") are kind of like an 8-step spiritual recovery program, and elucidated his thoughts on the concept very well. Holding those ideas in mind, he said, and trying to live by them was better than simply giving up chocolate (or broccoli...?) for a few weeks.

Well, I'm kind of new to this whole "active and participating Christian" thing, so I'll do the best I can.

* * *

Still haven't heard a peep from Comcast, but my contact on the inside says their recruiter is swamped and that until and unless I get a rejection notice from them I'm still good. She says she waited a couple months to hear from them, so "no news is not bad news".


* * *

Friday will be the only day for the rest of the week that I don't go to church. I'm there twice today and once on Saturday, after having been there Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'm not complaining about this--far from it!--but I think it's kind of funny considering how strenuously I resisted going to Sunday school when I was a wee tyke.

It turns out that the guy I sit next to in choir runs the optical shop here in town. I'm told he's done glasses for just about everyone in the congregation, too. Well, I need bifocals, because it's gotten to the point that I can't read the tiny print in the Bible without taking my glasses off...and when I'm working on machinery I'm increasingly finding myself having to pull my glasses off to see fine detail.

There is a workaround: I discovered, Tuesday night, that if I slide my glasses down my nose, and perch them on the end, fine print springs into perfect focus and I can read it with the book a reasonable distance from my face.

If I can get a job relatively soon, then I can go get new glasses made; right now I think I'll stick with moving them around on my nose. But I'm going to ask that guy for advice....

* * *

Anyway, that's it. The bed, partner of sleep, calls out to the blogger's weary soul--and so I shall heed its call and go take a nap.

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