atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3240: Sunday afternoon

I was up too late playing WoW, so I was a zombie in church. I came home, ate a bagel, fed the cats, read the comics, and went to bed. In a few minutes I'm going to order some Chinese and go get it.

Then I'll probably fall asleep again.

* * *

Peak oil. Feh. I've always thought that "Peak Oil" was nonsense. At the very least, it's nonsense right now, because about the time everyone was saying that we'd hit it and that from now on oil would be harder to find, some really big deposits were found that gave the lie to that BS.

An environmentalist fantast, is what it was.

I mean, in 1978, we were told that the Earth had "at most" 30 or 40 years' worth of oil left. If that were so, oil would be $1,000 per barrel right now because of its scarcity; if the world had only a decade worth of oil left the big deposits that we've been pumping away at for years would be making the old "Scotch whistle" right about now.

But then Brazil finds that enormous offshore deposit; and we keep finding places right here in the US that have incredible wealth tucked beneath them.

And even absent all that--if sanity were allowed to reign for just a few years we could build nuclear-powered coal gasification plants which would turn coal into whatever fuels we need--and we have four centuries' worth of coal within the US.

It's the height of arrogance--and typical econazi scaremongering--to think that we can somehow manage to use up the mineral wealth of an entire planet in a couple of centuries.

* * *

("Scotch whistle": when you've drank almost all the liquid in a cup with a straw, and continue to suck, thus getting that little gurgly sound.)

* * *

A discussion of the movie Final Countdown. I honestly don't know why they called it that, but I enjoyed the movie and still do. Yeah, it's not high art, but it's all worth it for the last minute of the film. Even when you know how it ends, it's still damned cool.

* * *

It's warm outside--52--but really windy. I've found it's not fun to ride a motorcycle when it's too windy. Besides, I'm too damned tired.


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