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#3241: Wyoming is getting ready for the crash.

With some serious measures. Including--somehow--having its own navy.

That would seem to indicate that Wyoming intends to annex Idaho and Oregon (if it takes the shortest route to an ocean, anyway) as it's a land-locked state.

Since the left-coast states are all following the blue model we can expect them not to make any such preparations. If everything goes completely to shit I think we can comfortably expect Wyoming to be the core of a new country out that-a-way.

This kind of thought used to be the realm of science fiction. I remember reading Heinlein's Friday, in which the US had fragmented into several smaller countries, and thinking, "Geeze, that would suck! But this story is set hundreds of years from now, when they have genetic engineering and star travel! I have nothing to worry about!" (WTF--I was a teenager when that book came out. What do you want?)

Heinlein naturally thought California would be a self-sufficient nation--well, at the time he wrote Friday California was considered to be the avant garde of the US, and that the US would naturally end up going the way CA did just becuase. Well, we still might, but it's not a place anyone really wants to go; and absent the support of the feds, CA would collapse like a rotten tree in a hurricane.

* * *

The Anchoress today posts a picture of some real art. It looks like Pope Benedict standing there, painted to look like he's made of rock--that's how realistic the sculpture is. That takes talent and ability and training.

Okay, those conglomerations of scrap metal in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park out this-a-way, at Governor's State University? Compare the artistry of that junk to the picture of that bust of Pope Benedict, and tell me which is better?

(If you say the junk is, stop reading this blog now. You're too stupid for it to do you any good.)

* * *

Student debt kept me from buying a house, that's for sure. When I lived in Cedar Rapids I wanted to buy a house, but faced with the prospect of paying off student loans and making a mortgage every month, I realized I couldn't afford it. As long as everything went just fine, I'd be okay; but one emergency would wreck it all. So I stayed out of the housing market.

Apparently, though, I'm an idiot, because a bunch of people just went ahead and bought houses even though they were riding the ragged edge of diaster, and did just fine.


Yes, that was sarcasm.

* * *

John Stossel tries to open a lemonade stand in New York City. He did it solely to demonstrate how difficult it is to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops that modern government requires.

So if your kids want to open a lemonade stand this summer, I guess you'd better lawyer up and get the ball rolling. And take out a "business development" loan, too. Because thos bureaucrats take their bailiwicks very seriously and don't see what's wrong with shutting down a kid's lemonade stand for not having the proper licenses, equipment, training, and permits.

* * *

Afghanistan can go fuck itself. After the islamofascist fools lost their shit over a few korans being burned, we should have taken a whole sackful of korans and interleaved them with bacon before wiping our asses with them and then setting them on fire.

No, forget the "bacon" part. That's a waste of perfectly good food. I certainly wouldn't want to eat bacon that's been in contact with the death cult's manual of horror.

Instead of apologizing to Afghanistan we should have bombed the fuckers who killed Americans. That ought to be our default response to any group in the world who dares to commit violence against Americans: we find them and blow them up. Period.

Iran calls for pre-emptive measures. Look: when they've got atomic bombs they are going to use them, and they have telegraphed that at every single opportunity they get. The citizens of Iran may just want iPods and western clothing, but the people in charge there are insane and want only to rid the world of the US and Israel. They can hurt us severely if they EMP the east coast, but they can really fuck up Israel--and Israel is the only nation in the middle east which is even close to being our friends.

But of course "Iran's too small to do anything to us" so I might as well shout at the wind, I guess.

* * *

Even FDR, the father of US socialism, was against allowing public sector unions. And the story at that link makes it plain why he was: because what you end up with is a voting bloc dedicated solely to feeding at the public trough, and they do their damnedest to vote themselves bigger and bigger paychecks every year.

* * *

Typical liberal opinion on conservatives. I skimmed it; he Godwins himself early in the second paragraph with "...depraved Nazi homunculi preserved in formaldehyde...."

I'm amazed he held out that long. It's impressive that he did so, especially in such a frothing-at-the-mouth, totally unhinged diatribe.

It's nothing but insults. Well, it's all they've got, anyway.

Via WORM: "Instapundit featured a great joke about polite discourse. The punchline? The writer’s pen name is “troubadour”. Bwah ha ha ha! Sing us another s**tty ditty, whiner!" Pretty much. Yep.

* * *

Eyebleach alert: Sinbad O'Connor wants to pose in Playboy. Dude, that ship has sailed. Especially since you've got those huge tats all over your body. It's been years since I looked at any skin mags, but I'd wager Playboy typically doesn't feature women with "skin art" that covers such broad areas. They didn't used to, but considering that I last cracked an ish of Hef's rag in the 1980s, things may be different now.

In any event, Sineaid, Playboy has featured women in their 40s, yes, but you've got to be in dyno-supreme condition for that to happen.

I just don't know if it's possible for the ol' Cueball.

* * *

My performance at the "Not So Talented Talent Show" on Saturday night has made me famous.

Eh, more like "infamous", actually. Well, at least I made an impression.

The pastor made a joke about not telling anyone about it, and I said mournfully, "It's too late; they all know already." Some folks told me they liked my performance.

I guess we brought down the house! Heh.

I still chuckle about it when I think about it. It was pretty ridiculous, which was the whole point.

* * *

Anyway, now it's Monday--a whole new week stretches out before me. *sigh*

Unfortunately, I has the dumb today and can't brain. February is almost over, though, and we're already experiencing March-like weather. The projected high for Wednesday is 59, and if it's not perilously windy and not raining I might actually ride the motorcycle in something approximating comfort.

I really am looking forward to the return of warm (even hot) weather, because I'll get to ride my motorcycle without being chilly or cold--or bundled up so much that I can't really appreciate riding the bike.

Speaking of which--

While browsing around Wal-Mart last week, I saw that they have mountain bikes with full suspensions for under $90. And I thought, "I wouldn't mind having one of those." would mean getting rid of the Roadmaster mountain bike I bought in the 1990s with a view to getting into some kind of shape, but it needs new tires anyway and once you figure in the cost of depreciation it's no longer worth it.

Regardless of what I do, I want to get back into some semblance of fitness, and biking is easier on the knees than jogging. I just need to find a good seat for whatever bike I decide to ride--be it my old Ross 10-speed (vintage 1982), my Roadmaster, or a newer bike with a suspension.

Assuming I actually get a job--there's this niftiness for which the Roadmaster would be a good foundation.

That would be fun to build and ride. Oh well.

* * *

Last night I had El-Hazard download the WoW client. Now I'm going to see how the game runs on the thing without a video card. I bet "awful". That's okay, though; again--"once I get a job"--I can buy a happening video card for it and it'll probably run quite tolerably.

But right now I switched the game client to the full monitor resolution and chuckled, "This is gonna suck!" It looks gorgeous, but the frame rate is


which isn't even playable.

Yeah, that whole "sharing system RAM with the GPU" thing does not exactly make for a good gaming machine. A new video card would fix that, though, and then the game would probably work quite well.

I'll have to look into that. Heck, a decent PCI video card wouldn't cost that much, would it?

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