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#3242: HUNGRY

Doc appointment this morning; last night I decided (around midnight) not to eat anything so the doc could do labs if he wanted.

Appointment was 11:15 and I was done there at 1:00 (just a bit better than the other place, last Wednesdaay, where I waited 1.75 hours just to see the doc) and I walked out of there with a fresh RX for ninety days' worth of Paxil. 90 tablets, actually--180 days, or six months, the way I take it, and with refills!--so I am very happy. Once this RX is filled I don't have to drive to Wal-Mart again until July.

That alone is worth making the switch from Wellgroup. Damn.


But of course once I was done at the clinic I needed food, and that was not helped one whit by the drug company rep having brought in some kind of Italian food for the staff. I could smell pasta sauce and it was only making me more hungry, and I kept thinking There's a Pizza Hut just down the road...

Ultimately, though, I hit Culver's for a double deluxe, and had that instead. Oh, man, I feel better now.

* * *

Vox Day points out why you can't trust government statistics.
What I find rather amusing about this article from The Economist is the clear implication that it is only an Argentine tactic and other government agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the United States, have not been playing exactly the same game for decades. Of course, as those who have read RGD will know, U.S. statisticians have been continually devising new and "improved" versions of CPI, each of which purports to show "true" inflation while methodically lopping off various sectors of the economy that are showing price changes such as those "volatile food and energy" sectors.

Consider this. The entire rise-and-fall in housing prices have had no effect whatsoever on U.S. CPI despite the fact that according to the latest statistics, $69.5 billion new home sales and $756.7 billion in existing home sales take place every year, representing around 5.5% of the $15 trillion in transactions that make up reported U.S. GDP.
Of, of course the US government isn't making shit up out of whole cloth! There's a Democrat in the White House! It's the Republicans who tweak the numbers! After all, look at how serious unemployment was in the Bush years!


* * *

Now we're being told that drilling for oil wouldn't reduce prices all that much anyway. Which is, of course, total horseshit. Only a Democrat would try to convince people that increasing supply of something would not reduce the price.

Meanwhile they want to do things that really won't reduce the price of fuel, like the nascent algae biofuel idea Obama touted recently. Yeah, that's sure to bring down the price of gasoline in a way drilling for oil wouldn't! After all, it's green technology!

...yeah, the ethanol subsidy really did a great job of making fuel cheaper, didn't it? So this algae idea will really fix our problems! Much better than, y'know, using a proven and mature technology like drilling for oil.

* * *

10 Things Obama Could Do To Lower Gas Prices. Almost all of them require only that he stop being such an eco-fascist and start allowing energy development to occur again.

* * *

IRS is trying to intimidate TEA parties. Of course they are. As one commentor points out, Presidents have used the IRS that way since it was formed. Bill Clinton, for example, used the IRS against his political enemies.

Odd: George Bush did not. Certainly if he had there would have been story after story about it in the nightly news; the absence of such stories must indicate that he didn't do any such thing.

I do not think that extends to Obama, though. Obama is clearly the darling of the mainstream media--I don't think I have to defend that assertion here--and they have carefully avoided looking at any story which gives even the appearance of maybe making him look bad. (Same way the mainstream media ignored Clinton's use of the IRS as a tool of political intimidation, I might add.)

Since the press thinks the TEA parties are a bunch of crazed, armed rednecks, they're not going to yell about the political implicatios of it.

* * *

Warren Buffett continues to shill for his boy in the White House. Yeah, high gas prices won't do anything to the economy! They only triggered the crash in 2008, but this time it'll be different!

Yeah, that "economic recovery" they keep trying to sell us appears more and more chimeraeical by the day.

* * *

Expect Obama to open the strategic oil reserve come October, to bring prices down temporarily. Just long enough to help his reelection effort. We don't want oil to be cheap for too long, after all! We want gas to cost $8 per gallon, but not right before an election or anything!

* * *

Portugal legalized drugs, and "...after the drug law passed, the number of Portuguese who regularly do drugs stayed about the same. Problematic and youth drug use went down."

That being the case, it's obvious what we ought to do here. 'Cause the "prohibition" approach is clearly not working.

* * *

Don't carry spark plugs in California. Yeah, because carrying a spark plug with you can get you arrested. "...California has declared them de facto burglary tools. A court in Washington state accepted posession as proof of intent to burgle."

Isn't that wonderful? You can be arrested for carrying a spark plug, but you don't need a photo ID to vote.

* * *

Og discusses a sound Israeli strategy. If Israel decides to bomb Iran, they're not telling us in advance.


...everyone knows that Obama is friendlier towards our enemies than he is towards our allies. Given his druthers Obama would rather see Israel crushed than any of our enemies take one on the chin.

WTF, the guy was raised in a muslim household, and islam is not exactly friendly towards Judaism. Considering how Obama has treated Israel, diplomatically--and the high level of disdain the left has for Jews in general--it's not terribly surprising that Israel has decided that the Obama government cannot be trusted with strategic details which are vital to Israel's interests.

* * *

AoSHQ has a post today about how governments loot the various trust funds and lock boxes and WTF-ever else they have.
Legislators, other people in government; they see all this money effortlessly being raised for another purpose, and they can't help themselves. They see it, they want it, and they have no self-control. They are like little children left alone with a big bag of Halloween candy. They are like...stereotypical tax and spend Democrats.

"Even though the tax generates nearly $350 million annually, the underground storage tank fund receives less than 1 percent of that money." This is a tax on gas stations--which raises the price of gas, incidentally!--and is collected specifically for a fund that pays to clean up spills from underground gas tanks. You know, when an old steel tank rusts through and the gas leaks out.

So the state of Connecticut should have hundreds of millions of dollars in a fund for the environmental remediation of fuel spills, and instead the fund has $250,000 in it.

Out of $350 million collected in taxes, $1.25 million makes it into the fund. The rest is simply spent by the state. And of the $1.25 million that actually does go into the fund, $1 million is spent on administration.

Democrat solution: "We need to raise taxes to pay for cleanup costs!" No: you need to stop spending on other things the money already collected for that purpose. But expecting fiscal discipline from a Democrat is like expecting milk from a rooster.

* * *

Egad: Karl Denninger says the drop in durable goods numbers is a "collapse". Machinery orders are down 10%, and if the tools you need to make stuff isn't selling, then stuff isn't getting made--yeah.

And then Denninger repeats his statement that governments must stop spending more than they take in. It starts off with him talking about Germany and Greece, then moves full-on into Greece.

Denninger is not optimistic about Greece.
I hope the Germans have fun with what's to come from this -- this attempt to prop up Greece will fail, as did the others, for the simple fact that neither Greece or any other nation will stop the deficit spending, and until governments world-wide stop that practice there is no attempted resolution to these problems that will actually work.
SIC again. He didn't overuse emphasis this time, so I could quote exactly without risking an RSI.

"This attempt to prop up Greece will fail" is a bit more pessimistic than I am about this. I think Europe might actually pull it out with Greece; they're certainly making every possible effort.

But there are still Spain, Portugal, and Italy. One of them will be the end of the euro and the start of the Second Great Depression.

I'm probably wrong, too. Denninger knows a hell of a lot more about this than I do.

* * *

Big-time wreck at the Daytona 500. It's all over the damn place: car wrecks into the back of a jet dryer, and the whole schmeer goes up in flames.

No injuries, praise be to God. Still, it's a pretty dramatic scene.

* * *

$200 gets you a Linux machine the size of a thumb drive. It's got HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth; you power it by plugging it into a USB port or charger. And it's enough computer to be useful.


* * *

Found this webcomic, Twice Blessed, by chance. It doesn't look too bad; the character art is good and the background art is "meh". Story seems okay but there are only 42 pages so far.

* * *

At the doc's office I was first seen by a nurse practitioner student. She looked to be in her 30s and had spectacular breasts. Further, she was wearing some kind of low-cut blouse. Unfortunately she was wearing this sweater with big floppy lapels so I couldn't see her cleavage, damn it DAMN IT DAMN IT.

I got one glimpse, and it wasn't a good one. *sigh*

Still, she seemed to be fiddling with her hair a lot. If I was better at this stuff I could have scored! it's probably just as well that "casual sex" isn't my thing.

* * *

The soreness in my collarbone area is apparently a commonly-occurring type of inflammation I forgot the name of. Treatment: ibuprofen.

Maybe moist heat, too, I suppose, though the doc didn't say so.

* * *

Anyway, now it's 3 PM and I have Bible study in four hours. After that, nothing pressing until Thursday.

Apparently we're going to miss being clobbered by a huge winter storm that is spawning blizzard warnings all over the northern midwest. They're looking at a foot of snow up in mid-to-upper Wisconsin.

Here, we might get as much as an inch of rain. But there'll be wind gusts up to 50 MPH, they think.

It's going to be 63 tomorrow and on Friday, according to the forecast. If there isn't too much wind I might ride the motorcycle. We'll see.

* * *

Well, Comcast sent me a rejection letter yesterday. Argh etc. I'm told by my contact inside that my resume has been sent to two other departments, though, so there's still a possibility that I could get a job there.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

* * *

I shaved this morning, and I shaved Saturday night, and I shaved last Wednesday--averaging a shave about every third day. Saturday night I used the e-razor and when I put the aftershave on it felt like it was on fire; this morning's shave resulted in a similar experience.

Hopefully this will, at least, toughen up my damn face so I can shave more often. I still want to get my neckbeard lasered so I never have to shave below my jawline again. You know, go about 3/4 inch below the jaw, and from there on down--ZAP!! That's the part that bothers me the most when I shave; my face gets irritated but it doesn't hurt later on, and as long as I wash my face and use the aftershave lotion the irritation quickly passes.

* * *

Anyway, it's a nice quiet afternoon here at the bunker, and if I didn't have Bible study tonight I'd probably take a nap. But I do, and I don't want to be all groggy and have to fix my hair, so I'm gonna stay awake. I'll sleep after I get home.

And you know what that means: WoW. And possibly anime.

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