atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3244: Stupid gale-force winds!

Laid down, got a hypoglycemia attack, got up, dressed, went to Culver's. Ordered a mint shake with it, which brought my total order to $10.14.

Came home, saw a huge-ass honkin' tree limb crushing one of the bushes out front, knocked down by the gale-force gusts we've been having all afternoon. *sigh*

Ate my food, then went out and got the chain saw and extension cords, and sawed logs (not the way I'd wanted to) for 20 min.

Got the sticks and twigs packed into the yard waste barrel; got the log chunks moved around back to the firewood pile and stacked.

I don't think it took me 40 min to accomplish the task; and now the only way you can tell anything happened is by the big-ass divot in the bush. (It was a big limb.) I can't do anything about that; but at least when the Code Enforcement guy drives by on his way home, he's not going to see a downed tree limb laying in the front yard.

As it turns out, then, it was actually a bit of good luck for me: not only did the hypoglycemic attack keep me awake so I could deal with this nonsense in a prompt and speedy fashion; it also induced me to go get the kind of high-octane fuel I need before I do physical labor. And the physical labor was exercise I need, and it retroactively justified my spending $10 on a single meal.

Sometimes you have to gut it up and do what needs doing, regardless of what you want.

* * *

And yeah, I heard all kinds of motorcycles tearing around while I was working. It's fine for them, if they want to; but when I went to Culver's the Jeep was rocking like a dinghy in a hurricane, and that thing weighs four thousand pounds, okay? Me and the Suzuki together weigh maybe six hundred (the bike isn't 400 by itself) with proportionally greater surface area vis-a-vis the Jeep. So, yeah--no way am I riding in this kind of wind.

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