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#3245: Well, it's tasty enough

Woke up hungry, and decided on making some chicken stir-fry. Nothing complex, and in fact I was intent on having garlic mashed potatos (instant) and sour green beans with it.

Everything was going along splendidly until I tried opening the bottle of wine.

It's a $6 bottle of white wine with a screw cap; since I only use it for cooking it's more than adequate. Except that every time I've opened this bottle I've had trouble getting the lid off, and had to resort to using the bottle opener function of the utility scissors.

...busted one handle of the damn things right off. I tossed that pair in the trash and grabbed the other one, applied it to the thin aluminum lid, and busted the top right off the bottle.

Argh etc.

So I tried filtering the wine through a napkin, but that was taking too long, so I dug out the package of coffee filters. That let me filter enough wine to finish cooking the food; I dumped in about a quarter cup of soy sauce and let that go while I tried putting things into some semblance of order.

Then the food was cooked but there was far too much juice in the pan, so I had to empty the pan and pour off the juice; that was yet another clusterfuck.

The stir fry is just chicken, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, and peanuts. The wine and soy sauce gave it a delightful flavor, though. I'll probably be making this again, but next time I'll make sure to use less wine and to open the fucking bottle before I start cooking.


* * *

It's even in Korea! A one-hole golf course billed as "the most dangerous golf course in the world" because it's surrounded on three sides by minefields: "’s been reported that at least one mine has exploded due to a big slice off the tee."

Wasn't there a scene like that in M*A*S*H*?

* * *

Weer'd has the details on that Ohio school shooting.

1) Gun was essentially stolen from a friend of the shooter's family.

2) Gun was a concealed weapon carried by a 17-year-old, rendering it doubly illegal: he didn't have a CCW permit and he was too young to be eligible for one.

3) The gun was legally obtained by its owner.

It was a Ruger .22 Mk III. I've got a Mk II and it doesn't have the stupid "safety" features of the Mk III. Weer'd's point about the magazines "...contain[ing] the anti-rights prescribed number of rounds of 10" is not an issue since the Mk I had a 10-round mag all along.

And then commentor "Bubblehead Les" says: "Do you realize that the Ruger is a 'Brady Approved' Firearm?" And he finishes thus: "Bottom Line: Once Again, we have shown that EVERYTHING the Anti-Gunners wanted was in place, and not one bit of it worked. 3 dead, 2 wounded and the Shooter stopped the shooting, no one else."

Anti-gun folks like to sneer with disdain at the old saw, "criminalize guns and only criminals will have guns" but guess what?

* * *

But RULES ARE RULES, damn it! Those emergency workers can't break the rules! They're government employees!

Lawsuit time. Jesus Christ.

* * *

The graph says it all:

Hansen's models predicted a temperature rise of not less than 0.5°C, and reality says--at best--a trend that's currently hovering somewhere near +0.1°C.

But the other graphs are equally damning to the cause of AGW. And near the end we see this:
This shows that in reality the earth gives off more heat when its surface is warmer. This is the opposite of what the climate models predict. This shows that the climate models trap heat too aggressively...
Emphasis added, because there's nothing like TRYING TO IGNORE THE FUCKING LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS!

Because the greater the temperature difference between a warm reservoir (the Earth's surface) and a cold reservoir (the infinite blackness of space!) the higher the rate of heat transfer. Always-always.

But you see, AGW theory only works if the Laws of Thermodynamics don't. You see? And the AGW nuts call me "unscientific"?

* * *

Well, time for some WoW.

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