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#3246: Have to start with Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart died suddenly, apparently of natural causes--heart attack, brain hemhorrage, we don't know exactly--and it's all over the dextrosphere.

And the liberals are already dancing on his grave.

Michelle Malkin on the left's reaction.

AoSHQ: "...[the left] never seemed to understand that while the right is his audience, the left itself is his most potent ally -- they prove everything he says with each hateful remark, each 'ur a fag why don't you get AIDS and die' tweet."

* * *

Arse Technica, the global warming resource, apparently has not gotten the memo that there's been no global warming since 1997. Hey Arse, it's the guys on your side who said it--weeks ago and counting--and you still haven't acknowledged that you're wrong?

It's good for a laugh, anyway.

Incidentally, guys? "All indications are that the planet has warmed over the last century,..."

No one is arguing the facts. We know that the Earth's temperature has been changing. Heck, since 1900 Earth has warmed 0.6° and most of that warming occurred before 1940. Where we disagree, however, is on the cause of that warming.

It's a typical leftist tactic: if someone is against illegal immigration, you say--as often as possible--that they're against immigration, making them anti-immigrant. Even when corrected you go right on calling your opponent "anti-immigration" at every opportunity.

Same thing with AGW: when someone says there's no proof it's man-made, you say the person is denying that the globe is warming, you ignore every correction, and you continue to say he's a "climate-change denier".

(And you say he's incompetent and unable to evaluate the science correctly; see below.)

* * *

Apparently the long-form birth certificate released by Obama is, in fact, fake.

So what is it on Obama's real birth certificate that he doesn't want us to see? I still maintain that it's not an eligibility issue but merely something he'd find inconveniently embarassing.

Then again, I am frequently wrong.

* * *

How to determine if you're a liberal. Some samples:
If you believe that Mark Foley, who wrote salacious e-mails to a young but legally adult congressional page, was an evil libertine, while Gerry Studds, who had sex with an underage congressional page, was a knight in shining armor, you are a liberal intellectual.

If you believe that a decades-old drunk-driving episode in George W. Bush's biography comes under the "people's right to know" doctrine while the entire past of Barack Obama is protected by his right to privacy, you are a liberal.

If you believe that we can spend and borrow our way out of the recession in keeping with the thoroughly discredited Keynesian model, you are a liberal.

If you believe that Americans are undertaxed, while carefully hiding your own money in offshore tax shelters, you are a liberal.

If you believe that your women's studies degree is superior to a Ph.D. in engineering, you are a liberal.

If you believe that the mountains of corpses and rivers of blood that have been the chief result of all communist "experiments" are merely collateral damage, a possibly regrettable but unavoidable byproduct of the high-minded attempts to build paradise on earth and thus nothing to talk about, you are a liberal.

If you believe that Alger Hiss or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were innocent victims of McCarthyism, you are a liberal.
The whole thing is worth reading.

* * *

Another story saying that oil isn't getting more expensive; the dollar is getting weaker.

Well, shit: our government has been running the printing presses on "emergency maximum" for almost four years--what the hell did they think would happen?

And it's now the stated policy of the Obama administration. They're not trying to make energy cheap; they're trying to make it as expensive as possible in order to "wean us off oil". The idea is to make oil so expensive that we turn to "renewable" energy sources like solar and wind power.

...and we freeze in the dark because those energy sources are too diffuse to power a modern industrialized economy. Hint: as soon as there was any other option we stopped using windmills for power. (Once we had steam power, for example.)

Of course it won't be Steven Chu, Barry O, or Al Gore who freeze in the dark; no--they're important, you see. No, it'll be you and me who suffer because of this bullshit. Let the EPA outlaw the burning of wood and we'll really be up the creek.

* * *

Maybe not a slut, but awfully bad with money. WTF, if I needed condoms right now I can think of at least three places I could buy them for not a lot of money. If I had some lead time, though, and knew on a business day that I'd need them? I could go to the Will County Health Center and get a handful of them FOR FREE. They've got them in a small basket by the receptionist's window, like other places have candy.

But it's not like condoms are expensive or anything. Still, if you're a woman and have any brains at all you can find ways to get the Pill for not a lot of money.

And if you're attending an Ivy League school? You have no fuckin' excuse whatsoever to complain about how expensive birth control is. I wonder what kind of car that woman drives? What kind of cell phone does she have, and how much does it cost her per month? Hmm?

This isn't the first time this bullshit has come up, either. Fungus #713:
College students have to pay for their own birth control! How cruel Bushitler is! You see, female college students shouldn't "...have to make a choice between their birth control and their cell phone bill or their birth control and their gym membership and their birth control," Ortiz said. "These are choices women that women [SIC] shouldn't have to make."

How can Bushitler justify war in Iraq when University of New Mexico women have to pay for their own birth control? They shouldn't have to choose between the luxury of having a cell phone and the luxury of having otherwise unprotected sex! They shouldn't have to choose between the luxury of a health club membership and the luxury of otherwise unprotected sex! They shouldn't have to pay for birth control because it's just not fair that they should have to make choices like that.

(And when the birth control fails they shouldn't have to pay for their own abortions, either.)

Here's an idea: stop having sex if you can't afford the birth control. Or if you don't like the idea of not having sex, get rid of the cellphone, or get a cheaper plan. Or if you can't live without your phone, learn how to exercise without access to $50,000 worth of equipment. (Here is a hint: your body has mass. There are exercises you can do which take advantage of this apparently little-known fact. These arcane maneuvers have mystifying names such as push ups and sit ups.)

Part of living in the real world includes living within your means. But I guess if they haven't figured that out by the time they're in college, they're never going to learn it, anyway.

BTW you can get a box of two dozen condoms for about $15-$20. That's enough for about three weeks' worth of trysts, assuming you do it once per day. If you can't afford that--and you have both a cellphone and a gym membership--you need to learn how to budget.

I'm getting sick and tired of people acting like "free love" is a human right and that it's government's responsibility to ensure we don't have to "suffer" the consequences of sex.
Yeah, I said it right the first time. I love to blockquote my own bad self.

* * *

Then again, incompetence is incapable of accurate self-evaluation. That's typically why rich teenagers frequently wrap their expensive douche-mobiles around trees at three-digit speeds.

Essentially this is a scientific study that concludes, "Stupid is as stupid does."

And oh boy have a gander at this:
If only we knew ourselves better. Dunning believes people's inability to assess their own knowledge is the cause of many of society's ills, including climate change denialism. "Many people don't have training in science, and so they may very well misunderstand the science. But because they don't have the knowledge to evaluate it, they don't realize how off their evaluations might be," he said.

Moreover, even if a person has come to a very logical conclusion about whether climate change is real or not based on their evaluation of the science, "they're really not in a position to evaluate the science."
That's right! If you deny that man-made global warming is taking place it's because you're too stupid to understand that you're too stupid to understand the science! If you weren't stupid, you'd be right there with Al Gore and Arse Technica saying that we're destroying the planet!

Remember: "climate change" is code for "man-made global warming". Even though there hasn't been any global warming since 1997 while CO2 has continued to rise, you're STUPID if you disbelieve in it!

ADDENDUM: I figure if I'm smart enough to understand the Laws of Thermodynamics better than the climatologists do I'm smart enough to figure out that man-made global warming is complete bullshit. END ADDENDUM

* * *

T. Boone Pickens is trying to sell natural gas again. There's another way the US can be energy-secure: nuclear power. But of course since T. Boone Pickens doesn't own a uranium mine, naturally he's going to try to sell natural gas as THE solution to America's energy needs.

(BTW: the primary component of flatus (farts) is methane--natural gas.)

* * *

Chateau Hartiste thoughtfully translates an article that explores why womens' happiness in the US is in a decline. I'll encapsulate his translation here; you can go to the link if you really need to read the BS-intellectual-speak:
Thanks to the patented Heartiste Naughty Boy Translator™, we can decode the above passage for the layman:

"Diversity is making women more neurotic."

"Women have too many goddamn expectations."

"Contrary to feminist boilerplate, women really don’t want to spend their lives in direct competition with men climbing the corporate ladder and getting pumped and dumped until their wombs crust over like a sun-baked lake bed."
I don't think I need to amplify on that.

* * *

Well: I started this post before 3 PM and now it's 8:30 and still not finished. I put the computer to sleep before therapy, and went to that; then I came home from that and sat in my rocking chair, thinking, before I had to shower and go to choir practice.

Now I'm finally finishing the post at eight-frickin'-thirty PM. *sigh*

* * *

Well, some bad news: my cousin Dave, who had lung cancer, passed away yesterday. He'd been fighting it for a couple of years, but in December his kidneys failed and it didn't sound like things were going too well.

*sigh* Well, it was not entirely unexpected, I guess. Thank you in advance for whatever sympathy or prayers you might have to offer.

He, his wife, and most of his family live(d) in Florida, so I won't be attending the funeral. I'm going to have to send flowers or what-not. A card, at least.

* * *

As for me, I'm hungry, so I'm going to go make me some tacos. I stopped at the "corner store" (it's not really on a corner) for sour cream and tortillas, as I'm low on both, but I made the meat a few days ago.

I didn't go to Super Burrito! as I normally do on Thursdays after therapy because I'd only just finished the stir-fry I made last night beforehand. Unfortunately, that means that now I'm starvelating, despite the PBJ I had before choir practice.

Man, what a week.

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