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#3249: Two by Miyazaki


...didn't feel like playing WoW much this evening. I played for a while after I did the shopping; I woke up from my afternoon nap wanting chili, so I went to the store for Ginzo bread and made a nice big pot of the stuff. I started with fresh onion and green pepper (rather than frozen, as I usually do).

This batch came out more mild than usual, but the flavor builds to a nice bite, so I left it alone. I had seconds, too.

I ran Cowardess around Eastern Plaguelands a bit and got her to 47th level, then logged out around 9-ish. I'd decided I wanted to watch anime--and not just any anime, but Miyazaki!

First thing I did, though, was to get all the surround channels working. The rear surround speakers weren't; I don't know why, and I don't know exactly what I changed, but they're working now.

Second thing I did, then, was to find a patch cord that was long enough to connect the DVD recorder's digital audio out to one of the amplifier's digital audio in jacks, and switch it on, so that the surround system will actuall work correctly.

The digital channel sends a separate data stream for each speaker.

Princess Mononoke was up first, and it sounded fantastic.

How many years has it been since I last saw that movie? I don't even know. I don't believe I've watched it since I moved back to Illinois, so it's been at least eight years. It's been long enough that I didn't remember anything but the vaguest outline of the plot.

Of course it looked awesome on the blab slab, too. Interesting bit: I've got the ticket stubs from the two times I saw it in the theater tucked into the front of the DVD case. "What a good idea!" I told myself.

After that I wasn't ready to quit, so I dug out Kiki's Delivery Service and threw that one in. I know the story of that one better, having watched it more than a few times. This one's Japanese track wasn't mastered for surround (or at least not for Dolby 5.1) so it didn't sound as good as PM had, but it was still really good nonetheless.

Of course the dub track is in 5.1. Disney did an honest job on the dub; but while their contract with Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli said they couldn't cut anything from the movies, the contract apparently said nothing about adding shit--so there are places which should be totally silent (and are in the J version) which have music and shit added (in the E version).

Hate that.

Not to mention, of course, that the assholes just had to preface the actual movie with some dickhead running his gums about something-or-other I don't give a rat's ass for. Fortunately I was able to skip past that idiocy and get to the movie.

Using the digital input on the stereo, I've got to do some fine-tuning of the settings. There isn't enough bass (despite the subwoofer).

Well, that can wait, because it's adequate. Besides, I should test it with some other movies first, before I go fooling around with it.

Next up: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. That will be mastered in 5.1 (at least) and it should be fuckin' amazing to watch it with this system. Heh.

...speaking of which, I wonder whatever happened to my Argonath bookends?

* * *

Ah, proof positive that I'm a nerd: I haven't needed that name since 2003 and yet--the instant I thought of them--presto!, the name is right there. (I did a Google image search to make sure, but this is they.)

Stop! In the name of love/before you break my heart!


* * *

Anyway, now it's 2:16 AM. I'm going to hit WoW long enough to check my auctions, and then I've got to go to bed. Church at 8:30, after all!

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