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#3252: Nice and warm, but too windy to ride

When I went to Culver's for food after Bible study, the flags on the restaurant's flagpole were standing straight out. It's damned windy out there, exactly as I expected it to be.

But warm, even so.

I had a panic attack around 4 this morning, so I took a whole Xanax...and slept until 10:30, when I got up long enough to hit the can and feed the cats.

And promptly went face-down again...until 5:30. Fortunately I set the alarm to wake me, because it seems likely I would have gone right on sleeping if I hadn't.


But all this means I got nothing done today--and with the weather being so nice out I was hoping I'd be able to get the Fiero looked at. I'm just about convinced that it's not running right because of corrosion on the distributor cap contacts; in the worst case I've got an entire spare distributor and can get a new pickup coil and ignition module from the parts store if that's the problem. Then do the brakes.

With warm weather like today's (and tomorrow's is supposed to be about as good) I'm remiss if I don't.

* * *

Law requiring citizens to show "just cause" to own handguns has been struck down. Thank God!

From the judge's opinion: "A citizen may not be required to offer a 'good and substantial reason' why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right's existence is all the reason he needs."

Amen my brother!

* * *

Weer'd posts about the so-called "gunshow loophole". In short, an Iowa man is going to jail (for up to a decade!) for selling guns without a license.

Weer'd adds: "Note that there are no charges with selling to prohibited persons." He then concludes, "Doesn’t seem like much of a 'Loophole' if you go to prison for doing it...."

* * *

Advice Goddess has a bit on PeTA today. Apparently "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" have euthanized 95% of the animals it "rescued" in 2011. There's no numbers saying how many animals that actually comes to, but apparently some 84% of the strays they "rescued" were euthanized within 24 hours of "rescue".

So it's actually "People for the Euthanasia of Too many Animals" instead.

* * *

No swimmin', no divin', no fishin', no nothin'.

Stupid global warming.

* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus on how ObamaCare is an elaborate price control scheme.

Price controls always lead to reduced supply. Always-always. Example: the US in the 1970s after the Arab Oil Embargo. Price controls led to lines and rationing at the gas pumps. As soon as Reagan cut that shit out, there was so much damn gasoline available that I was paying $0.87 per gallon for the stuff.


* * *

"Saving the Earth one fraud at a time."

...the warmistas are, of course, defending Peter Gleick.
“Peter Gleick lied, but was it justified by the wider good?” asked James Garvey of the British Guardian newspaper. He compared Gleick’s action to that of a man who lied to keep his friend from driving home drunk. “What Heartland is doing is harmful, because it gets in the way of public consensus and action,” he argued. “If his lie has good effects overall—if those who take Heartland’s money to push skepticism are dismissed as shills, if donors pull funding after being exposed in the press—then perhaps on balance he did the right thing. … It depends on how this plays out.”

In his view, anything that gets in the way of “consensus”—i.e., everyone agreeing with Garvey—is dangerous, so why not cheat, as long as it “has good effects”? Let’s reserve judgment based on how it plays out.
But the truth will out, and when it does, it weakens your argument. If you have to make shit up to support it, it means your argument isn't strong enough to stand on its own.

If you claim to be all about science then you should be prepared to abandon anything that can't measure up. The defense and adherence to the already-disproven anthropogenic global warming theory (ie "man-made carbon is causing the Earth to warm") is anything but scientific.

And I say it's been disproven because the CRU itself admitted that there's been no warming since 1997 even as atmospheric carbon concentrations have risen.

* * *

As I've said time and time again the packets you view have to make it to your computer somehow. It may take a lot of time and energy to track your dumb ass down, but if you make it worth their while the FBI will expend that effort to find you.

It doesn't matter how many proxies you have between you and your target, because the IP packets must travel to and from your computer if you're going to do anything at all--and those packets can be traced. There is no such thing as perfect anonymity on-line.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling himself.

* * *

Karl Denninger:

Are we ready? 'Cause Greece is about to go tits up. It's not going to be pretty, and if Greece gets away with it there is absolutely nothing stopping Spain, Italy, and Portugal from doing the exact same thing. This way lies ruin.


Limbaugh was right to call Sandra Fluke a slut. Well--my primary objection to Ms. Fluke's nonsense comes from two things:

1) That she expects a Catholic school to provide her with birth control; and

2) That she's attending a school that costs nearly $50,000 a year to attend yet she claims she can't afford $10 per month for birth control pills.

How people live their lives is none of my concern. But the argument that her insurer somehow has a responsibility to cover her birth control--regardless of source!--is nonsense.

Look: when I bought my health insurance, they carefully sent me a 9x11 envelope with a thick booklet in it. This booklet contained all the information I needed on what my insurance covered and what it did not cover. So, you see, if there was something I wanted covered which was not covered by my insurance, it was my responsibility to contact the insurance company and ask to have the other things that I wanted to be included. And then to pay the extra premium required.

In Ms. Fluke's case, what she wants is free health insurance--health insurance paid for by the school she's attending--and she wants it on her terms. (Not "free" in the sense that no one has to pay for it, but she doesn't want to contract privately for insurance, as I have done.) She ends up paying less for her insurance than she would, but--guess what!--it doesn't cover contraceptive and abortion services, because it's a freakin' CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

If contraceptive coverage is so important to her--if that's her primary concern in the world!--she could have attended another school in the Ivy League and had whatever coverage they provided, probably which included reproductive and contraceptive and abortive services.

Further--$3,000 per year for contraceptives? What the hell is she using that costs that much? That's not just an inflated figure; it's ludicrous. Maybe NASA pays $3,000 per year per person for special space contraceptives, which are iridium-plated platinum and have their own diagnostic systems, but ordinary contraceptives used by non-astronauts are a hell of a lot less expensive than that even if you include doctor's visits.

Okay, maybe a tubal ligation costs $3,000...but it costs $3,000 once.


So then Denninger further makes his point after he gets a ton of hate mail from idiots.
The truth of this "argument" is that Sandra and her ilk want to force people who have no desire or need for birth control at all -- they're either too old to need it, to young to need it, want to conceive, are not having sex and thus have no use for it or are male and thus have no reason to consume birth control pills under any circumstance -- to pay for her elective choice to sleep with people and not get pregnant.

Now if you and I want to form a voluntary association to buy and sell prepaid health care with these provisions I have no quarrel with it at all. That's the nature of voluntary associations -- you choose to either be in or out in the first instance.

But ObamaCare, and government-managed "health care" in general irrespective of form is not voluntary in any way, shape or form. This, incidentally, includes the entire current health-delivery system including EMTALA, employer-centered "insurance" (that is not insurance) and more.

The entire system is at its core all about the use of force by the government to shove a gun up your nose and demand that you buy for someone else.
And the result is that birth control pills become more expensive, rather than less.


* * *

Anyway, Ann Barnhardt has a good piece up right now about Obama's fake birth certificate. Because she doesn't have links to individual posts I can't possibly link just that post, but have to link the whole damn page, and her posts scroll off as new ones are added.

If you're trying to find this post in the future, it's "Pray for Traction" and it was posted "March 5, AD 2012 5:21 PM MST".

*sigh* Ann, please fix this. I want to link your posts, really I do!

* * *

Borepatch again: There really isn't much difference between Republicans and Democrats any longer, is there? It's kind of hard to tell. There are a few infinitesimal differences.

In fact, the GOP and the Democrats used to be quite different. That lasted until 1995. After 1995, with its hands on the federal checkbook, the GOP lost its shit and turned into "Democrat Lite". It's been downhill ever since.

* * *

Anyway, Bible study today was interesting. Paul's letters, it seems, are the source of much of church doctrine. WTF, he started a lot of churches in the years following Jesus' crucifixion, so I guess that's not all that surprising.

I was able to bring the Kindle this time and read the Bible from it. It was perilously low on battery power but it had enough to get me through the session. It worked...tolerably well. I might need to invest in a better e-Bible than the one I got for free, though, as its linking system is kind of goofy.

My Kindle doesn't get anything like "a month" from a single charge, though, either. I didn't take it to Bible group last week because its battery was flat; I had to leave it home and let it charge.

A week later, it's out of juice again. The "battery lasts one month!" figure assumes WiFi is off (which mine is) and about half an hour's use per day. I don't think I'm averaging all that much, but maybe I'm wrong. *sigh*

* * *

Last night, in the middle of WoW, my connection died for no apparent reason; and by the time my connection was back up WoW was down for maintenance. WTF.

But now it's all working, and I'm gonna go play...after this homebrewed Garfield Minus Garfield:


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