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#3256: Special bargain! Just Reduced! $10,000 off!

...up from $7,500 off. Meaning that the Chevy Volt will only cost $32,000 instead of $35,000 after the federal tax rebate.

It's a bargain! People who paid full price will be angry and jealous! I don't know how we'll avoid a class-action lawsuit!


Earth to shitheads: knocking an extra $2,500 off the price of the car won't help the fact that IT'S AN UNREMEDIATED PILE OF TURDS!!!

* * *

If an oil plant kills an eagle, there are fines and investigations and all kinds of headaches. If a windmill kills an eagle, some worker grabs a shovel and buries it and no more is said. That will be changing, however.

That's good for us in the long run. It ensures that wind power must compete on a more level playing field with PRACTICAL AND USEFUL ENERGY SOURCES!
To the nearest whole number, the percentage of the world's energy that comes from wind turbines today is: zero. Despite the regressive subsidy (pushing pensioners into fuel poverty while improving the wine cellars of grand estates), despite tearing rural communities apart, killing jobs, despoiling views, erecting pylons, felling forests, killing bats and eagles, causing industrial accidents, clogging motorways, polluting lakes in Inner Mongolia with the toxic and radioactive tailings from refining neodymium, a ton of which is in the average turbine -- despite all this, the total energy generated each day by wind has yet to reach half a per cent worldwide.
The problem with relying on a diffuse and unpredictable source of energy such as wind power is, of course, that you must collect and concentrate the power to use it.

Now, it used to be that when you needed to grind flour and there wasn't a good river or stream nearby, you had to build a honking big windmill and gear it to turn a millstone. You could only use the thing on days when there was enough wind to turn the machinery, and you couldn't use it on days when there was so much wind that the thing would tear itself apart.

This is still true of today's windmills. Except that modern wind turbines also must be kept turning in the absence of wind lest their bearings and transmissions go to shit. This means that when you tot up all the numbers--including installation, maintenance, having backup generating capacity ready to go, etc--you find that wind power is a total waste of money and doesn't prevent so much as one pound of carbon emission. (The case can be made that wind power is a net loss in that department, in fact.)

* * *

Student loan debt is about twice as big as previously thought. And it's creaking under the strain of a shitty economy.

* * *

Unemployment is still really high. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Lies and Statistics say that the rate is 8.3%. "Just for fun, compare this 'Happy Days are Here Again' coverage to how some in the media covered 4.7% unemployment under Bush." Meanwhile a Gallup survey says it's closer to 9.2%.

Either way, the real unemployment rate--U6, which the media said was the real unemployment rate during the Bush years when it was 8.4%--is over 15%.

* * *

I agree: time for the US to get out of Afghanistan. Veesher gets it right:
I was in favor of the invasion, we had to do it to show the world you come and blow up our fucking stuff and you die.

I was also in favor of trying to build their country into something that’s not a shithole ripe for Islamic terrorists.

10+ years later, they’ve shown they like living in a shithole of a country and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it without killing a whole lot of people, which we don’t want to do, mostly because a lot of our people will die trying to help people who don’t want to be helped. They want to go back to the days of executions and stonings in their fucking soccer stadiums.

My new Afghanistan strategery is to drop a bunch of FAEs around the country to show them what happens when you piss us off and then get out of Dodge, tell Blackwater (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) and other mercs to get out and tell the Afghans they really don’t want to fuck with us again cuz next time we’ll just send B-52s and bomb them back to the stone age (about 100 years regression in other words).
I emphasized that paragraph in the middle because that's the best way to encapsulate the whole sodden mess. They don't want to join the 21st century, so let 'em go back to humping goats or whatever the hell they did before the Taliban made us give a rat's ass what happened in their pisspot country.

* * *

I really like this. Newsweak claims it vetted Obama in 2008 by reading a book published two years after the 2008 election.

My God! Do you know what this means? Do you know what this means?


Uh? No? It doesn't mean that? Well, what does it mean then? Oh. Oh, how disappointing.

I am told it means that there are a bunch of liars and fools at Newsweak.

* * *

"Total greenie bullshit" is how I evaluate this story.

Cost of 1 bulb: $50

Cost of electricity saved by bulb in 1 year: $34.21 1 month: $2.41

Cost of typical 60w incandescent bulb: $0.25

Number of months required for energy savings to pay for excess cost of LED bulb: 20.6

Number of 60w incandescent bulbs one can buy for $50: 200


* * *

Incidentally, cost of 1 gallon of gas in Fungus-land as of today: $4.10

I think I was wrong when I predicted that gas wouldn't hit $5 per gallon because it's an election year. It jumped $0.15 yesterday between the time I went to therapy and the time I got out of choir practice. WTF.

It had flirted with $4 last week when it hit $3.999 (yeah, I know, "basically $4") but the amount fell back under. In general I have noticed that--since we elected the Green-a-troid--that's how gas prices have behaved: go up to some new high, fall back a dime; then go up past that, and fall back five cents--repeat.

And so gas now costs 150% of what it did when Boss Tweek took office. And he's happy with it. And his Secretary of Energy doesn't even own a car.

Hey, that's great! His Secretary of Energy is so committed to energy conservation that he uses public transportation and--eh?

Oh, well...color me embarassed. It seems that Secretary Chu has a driver and limosine provided by the Department of Energy. Well, I guess the NYT can spin it as "Director Chu takes public transportation!" since, after all, the federal government is a public institution, right?

* * *

A side-by-side 1911. Two barrels, two mags, two triggers--WTF.

* * *

Liberal shithole California is hemorrhaging jobs. This isn't news and I'm only linking this because of what I read near the end of the piece: "Rockwell Collins in Irvine moved its electromechanical systems work to Mexico and Florida."

I bet the IBEW just loved that shit. R-C has a location in Melbourne, FL, so that's probably where some of the work went. But the non-classified stuff went to Mexico! Hooray for Obamanomics!

* * *

Thanks to redistricting, Jesse Jackson Junior is probably going to be my representative next year. Believe me, I'm not happy about this.

I vote in the Republican primary so I can't vote against him, but I did seriously consider switching my party affiliation so I could.

...until I realized that his opponent, Debbie Halvorson, is no better than he is, and regardless of how I vote in the general election we will be represented by a Democrat.


* * *

Not enough blacks and hispanics take calculus!

So, let me get this straight: blacks and hispanics don't choose to take advanced mathematics in high school, and this is somehow the white man's fault. Do I understand that?


* * *

There's a street with my name in East Germany!

Which inevitably leads to this stark reminder of the difference between communism and capitalism.

Oh, those North Koreans are living in a workers' paradise, all right!

* * *

Today's homebrewed Garfield Minus Garfield is a bit lame:

But I'm following the conceit to the letter:
Jon never says anything which requires altering text. If he mentions Garfield, the entire statement must be eliminated.

Garfield never appears.

Jon never speaks to anyone but himself.

Jon never refers to Liz or Odie, either.
Since the entire conceit is built around making Jon Arbuckle look like a neurotic, lonely man, including other characters spoils it--and to me the whole point is to show that effect without changing his dialogue. So some days the thing would almost work, except that I'd have to alter his speech bubbles, and that's a rule I don't want to violate. (The original guy has done that on occasion but I didn't like how it worked when he did.)

Oh well! "It is what it is!"

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