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#3257: Warm again, too damned windy again

I don't particularly like riding the motorcycle when the wind is gusting to 33 MPH. It's just no fun.

* * *

Diet Mountain Dew "Supernova" is an amazingly tasty flavor. It kind of reminds me of diet Eeney Ooney Wanah. Hopefully it'll still be available at the store when I go shopping later.

* * *

So after being up too late with WoW and manga, I got to bed after the sun started coming up, and had trouble sleeping...and then woke up around 10 this morning after a frickin' nightmare.

A real one. For some reason I'd gone on a killing spree, and ended up in prison after coming to my senses and turning myself in. Everything was kind of okay until there was some kind of disaster and I found myself trapped in the laboratory wing (WTF?) and the cleaning robots had run amok.

The labs were long rooms with doors at both ends opening onto the hallway I was in. There was one robot coming up the hallway at me, and I knew that all I had to do was to duck into a room to let it pass. Problem was, the robots cleaning the rooms were keeping me from entering the room.

The robots were about 7 feet tall and conical, and essentially they were like the whirling brushes at the car wash--only these things were spinning about 3,000 RPM and had stiff wire bristles. Get caught in that and you'd be hamburger in no time; so I knew I had to avoid them.

There was just one coming up the hall, but the doorway I was waiting to enter had groups of them coming out. First it was a couple of them, and they just popped out the one door and into the next; just as I was about to go in, though, a few more did the same thing. There was a pause, and then a train of five of them did that; and the robot in the hall was getting closer and now there was a line of six or seven robots sashaying from door to door, and every time there were more and more robots, and--

Finally I realized I had to take my chances and ducked into the room between cleaning robot conga lines. I ran to stay between the groups, and the room was a confusing, whirling hell of dust and noise. Then I ran out into the hall and ducked around the doorway, pausing only to note that the hallway cleaner was even closer than it had been. So, into the next room, running blindly through the tornadic chaos of flying dirt, realizing that--sooner or later--I was going to get caught between the room cleaners and the hallway cleaner, and that would mean adios muchacho.

Eventually, I woke up.


You know, it was one of those dreams where you're terrified while in it, and then after waking up you're left feeling depressed and worn out.

* * *

On the plus side, the "intimacy" category at is f-ing hilarious. (So to speak.)

* * *

"Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping...."

The only person who could possibly kick Chuck Norris' ass is Theodore Roosevelt.

Even though he's dead.

* * *

Corrupt cops. What a suprise that is.

* * *

It's 7 PM on a Saturday and I have to go grocery shopping.

Today's homebrewed Garfield Minus Garfield:


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