atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#326: I contribute to a meme.

Five things which are glaringly obvious to me, but apparently is beyond the grasp of most people, idea courtesy of pdb:

1) The right lane is the SLOW LANE. If there is one vehicle in the right lane, and there are a long string of vehicles in the left lane, and no one is being passed, don't duck into the right lane and tailgate the one vehicle there. He is the only person on the road who is doing the right thing, asshat. It's not his problem if the left lane isn't going faster than he is. And what do you expect him to do, anyway?

2) Children thrive on dirt. Human beings have raised children in less-than-sterile conditions for eons, and the race has survived quite well. In fact, studies have shown that children who live in less-than-pristine homes have lower rates of allergies and asthma than those who live in ersatz operating rooms. A child's immune system is very powerful; if you don't give it things to fight against, it'll make up enemies like peanuts, pet hair, milk, etc.

3) Tailgating is stupid and dangerous. If the guy you're tailgating has to stop suddenly, for whatever reason, you had better be able to avoid hitting him. If you do hit him, the accident is your fault regardless of circumstances. Most of the time people won't speed up or move over, anyway, and if you rear-end someone you won't get where you're going very quickly. (Sadly, the courts don't care unless there's an accident, so cops don't pull people over for this. But it would go a long way towards curbing "road rage" if people who drove aggressively were ticketed and actually punished for it.)

4) Pickup trucks are not sports cars. If you buy an expensive 4x4, lower it, put big rims and low-profile tires on it, you are not "cool"; you are stupid. You have just taken a machine with a definite purpose and modified it such that it will never be able to meet that purpose. Furthermore, it will never perform as well for its new purpose as a vehicle which had been designed from the beginning for that purpose. That is to say, a lowered H2 won't be any faster, more nimble, or more cool than a Corvette--ever.

5) Men and women are different. Always were, always will be. The feminist movement has proceeded on the assumption that men and women differ only in a few anatomical ways, and that "male" and "female" are sociological constructs. But the postmodern view of sex (not "gender"! Gender is a grammatical construct!) is utterly wrong. Male sociological roles cannot be adequately filled by women, and female sociological roles sure as hell can't be filled by men. The raising of children is a serious business, and we screw with the old "tried-and-true" methods at our peril.

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