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#3260: So apparently the contraception thing backfired rather badly.

Limbaugh is commenting on how the New York Times is reporting their latest poll.

For one thing, the Times isn't mentioning two of the biggest bits of news from their own poll: first off, that Obama has hit a new high (low?) in disapproval ratings; more people disapprove of his performance now than at any other time in his Presidency.

Second, that the Obama contraception mandate (which violates the First Amendment) has failed to work as a strategy for taking peoples' minds off the INCREDIBLY SHITTY ECONOMY!

AoSHQ says, "NYT tries to opt out of reality."

* * *

Incidentally, speaking of that--

Limbaugh also mentioned that Secretary of Energy and Nobel Physics Prize winner Steven Chu has walked back his prior comments about wanting gas to be $8 per gallon. Apparently someone in the White House realized that Americans don't like it when their elected officials are ACTIVELY TRYING TO MAKE ENERGY PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE!

* * *

Also incidentally:

...the mainstream media is now trying to convince us that the President can do little to effect gasoline prices.

Remember in 2007-2008? Just about every night the news talked about how high gas prices were and every report did its damnedest to lay that at George W. Bush's feet. And oddly enough, people seem to remember that, and enough of them refuse to buy the sudden about-face that the press is beside itself which shock that the people aren't listening to us!

* * *

Big f-ing surprise department: Liberals are extraordinarily intolerant of ideas they don't agree with.

* * *

The only cheesy thing about Can't Buy Me Love is the "applause take" at the end, after Ronald Miller has his big speech in defense of his friend Kenneth "You shit on my house!" Wurman. Otherwise it's a good movie.


* * *

Linking this Borepatch post because it includes a YouTube vid of the scene from Fawlty Towers where John Cleese does his Hitler walk.

I first saw this scene when I was 15, and I laughed so hard I nearly puked. Somewhere around here I've got a picture of myself in June of 1982, on one of the last days of school, in my 3rd period English class, standing by the board in the back of the classroom and imitating John Cleese.

* * *

Just heard an ad on the radio for a "male enhancement" product called "Hero Tabs". "...You'll experience explosive results!" The ad promises confidently.

I don't want that.

"Well, I want to experience the best sex I've ever had, so I'll just take this pill--"


--and his dick explodes!!!!

No. No thank you.

* * *

I spent yesterday largely unconscious. *sigh* But today I've been up since 5 AM. In a few minutes I'm going to take a shower; then I'm going to go ride my motorcycle. Can you dig it.

...the weather is outrageously warm today, approaching 70°, and tomorrow it's supposed to be closer to 80° than 70°!

Unusual for March? Hell yeah. Complaining? Hell no.

But since it is March, we still have about another six weeks or so where it can still get cold enough to snow. This is why I wish to ride my motorcycle today.

This "unemployment" business has to have some little compensations.

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