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#3261: Starting off with the most important thing first!

Live-action Sukeban Deka movie. The title is translated as "Yo-yo Cop Girl" which--while technically an accurate description of the movie--is a pretty bad translation.

Score one for me, being able to read katakana: "What's the actual title? ''--hey, it's Sukeban Deka! They made a live-action movie of that?" (I don't know why I was surprised. They're making LA versions of all kinds of anime lately.)

The main character is a young policewoman posing as a gangster girl ("sukeban") in a "troubled" high school; and in manga and anime each sukeban was supposed to have a favorite weapon--something not ordinarily used as a weapon, of course, since this is Japan we're talking about and just about everything is illegal. (Guns, knives, swords, etc.) For example, in Kimagure Orange Road Madoka is (at first) a sukeban and is known as "Madoka the Pick" for her tendency to throw guitar picks at people with shiruken-like accuracy and penetration.

The ironic point being, of course, that the yo-yo was originally a weapon anyway.

BakaBT has the Sukeban Deka anime and I keep meaning to go grab it....

These days of course the word is "yandere" rather than "sukeban".

* * *

New York Times refuses to publish an anti-muslim ad that's exactly the same as the anti-Catholic ad it published a few days ago.

That's because Catholics don't riot and cut off peoples' heads whenever they feel slighted. Also because the left never saw a totalitarian system it didn't like, and islam is nothing but totalitarianism with a thin veneer of religion.

* * *

I love the graphic at this Neal Boortz piece. It makes a great point, doesn't it?

* * *

I'd wager this really hurts Obama's feelings. Afghans are burning him in effigy over the killing spree some US soldiers went on.

...someone explain to me exactly what vital national interest is being served by our continuing to screw around with trying to modernize a willfully backward country? These guys like being goatherds stuck in the 7th century, so let's abandon them to it and quit wasting time and money on those shitheads.

* * *

Scribd link to CBS poll. If asked, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" 80% of people in the US will say, "No."

I wonder how Obama will spin that.

* * *

Borepatch is optimisitic about what this means for the election of Democrats. I'm not so sure. The Democrat party consistently opposes any kind of voter ID; they are the party of vote fraud and they've had plenty of time to figure out how to accomplish the task.

While it's probably true that popular dissatisfaction with Democrat policies will probably lead to enough real votes being cast to de-elect them, the counted votes will probably reflect a different reality.

* * *

Og's contributing to the ozone hole! I'd be a lot more alarmed by his wanton, deliberate, and evil release of ozone-depleting chemicals to the atmosphere if his digestive tract wasn't a facility for the manufacture of chemical weapons.

But it is, and one meal of deer kebabs causes the release of enough esters and ketones to qualify for Superfund status. A couple pounds of R-134a pales by comparison.

(Yes, I know we are told that hydrofluorocarbons are "ozone-friendly". Nonetheless it's illegal to waste them to atmosphere because--sooner or later--DuPont's patent on them will expire and there needs to be some kind of precedent for making them as illegal as Freon is.)

* * *

Karl Denninger continues with his doomsaying. It really does not look good:
It's certainly possible that the can-kicking will continue to work in some form or fashion, but eventually when you're playing with the spinning plates on sticks you put one too many up there and they all come down. The election season is a prime time for mistakes of this sort as well, as despite the so-called "common logic" that "they'll never let it happen during the election" the fact of the matter is that elections tie hands as the scrutiny level goes up a lot and the temptation to press into excess to try to jigger the election, when you're the Federal Government and close to a quarter of the economy, is just too great to resist. 2008 is just one of many examples -- 2000 was another when "happy days were here again" and we all know what happened in 2000, right?
The most worrisome thing here is how the market and economic conditions are resulting in the elimination of all maneuvering room:
Most of Europe is in recession now and that's a huge market. The ECB has no room to maneuver and further QE by The Fed will declare that the so-called "recovery" is false.

Bernanke, Obama and Congress have swam into the jaws of the shark and now the trick is to try to get back out before the teeth clamp down on all of us. The problem is that extrication in one area will produce undesirable moves in another. If the Federal Government pulls back on deficit spending then the economy softens materially, unemployment goes back up and with a falling labor participation rate tax receipts collapse, adding to the problem. If The Fed pulls liquidity then interest rates go up, the deficit goes up, Congress finds itself up against the debt ceiling again in short order and a pullback on deficit spending will become inevitable. If The Fed engages in aggressive acts to try to prevent the yield curve from backing up on them then oil will likely skyrocket, gas prices will go through $5 and we all know what comes next. Finally, the corner we've painted ourselves into has occurred into a cyclical profit cycle peak.
"Extend and pretend" can't be continued ad infinitum. We're boned.

* * *

Incidentally, the Office of Management and Budget has revealed that ObamaCare is going to cost $1,760 billion rather than $940 billion.

Do you mean to say that the Democrats lied to pass ObamaCare? How could that be? They just wanted to help!

Though the Democrats have been salivating over the socialization of medicine for decades, the government has managed to secure it just about the time they're running out of other peoples' money. Depending on how things shake out, the entire edifice of American socialism will collapse just about the time ObamaCare is beginning to crank into high gear.

And it turns out that the "health care exchanges" (ie "where you'll be buying your federally-mandated health insurance once the insurance industry is gone") require that $1 of your premium must be collected to fund abortion services. The Department of Health and Human Services--which oversees ObamaCare--decided that not very long ago, and it's federal law now.

Also? The insurers are only allowed to tell you that when you sign up--not that you can do squat about it. You have to buy coverage, and they have to collect the $1, and sooner or later the exchanges will be the only game in town, so your insurance premiums will be paying for abortions regardless of your sex, marital status, or religious convictions.

Because "a woman's right to choose" trumps everything.

* * *

Our government now seizes 23% of our nation's GDP, and that does not include ObamaCare.

And it's gonna hit 25%.

Want to know why there are no new jobs? Want to know why they have to play games with employment numbers to make things look like we're in a recovery, when we're in anything but? That's why: the government is standing on our faces with hobnail boots.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Well, after spending Monday in a coma, I crowbarred myself outside yesterday afternoon and rode the motorcycle.

You know--when you notice that your vehicle has an oil leak, it's a good idea to, hmm, check the damn oil once in a while.

The bike seemed to be acting oddly, and then it hit me that I hadn't checked the oil--and it was f-ing low so I immediately dumped in all the 10w-40 oil I had on hand, then went to the auto parts store for more and topped it up to the "full" mark.

The bike is air-cooled; it needs a full crankcase to ensure the heat is going where the engineers intended for it to go. After I topped it up, there was no more weirdness.


So then I took an extended ride on the thing. I wasn't even considering time or fatigue or anything. It seemed so weird to be riding the bike without being cold--what a novel situation!--and so I just rode and rode and rode until my hands and butt were aching.

2.5 hours later I put the bike away; by 6:45 I was nearly face-down with fatigue. I ended up begging off Bible study and going to bed for a few hours. *sigh*

The thing that bothers me, though, is that after I'd ridden some 6 miles at 55, when I had to stop for a stop sign the oil light flickered on. It barely hit 70° yesterday; what's the bike gonna do when it's 85 outside?

Well, I'll have to change the oil again anyway, and probaby there's another weight of oil one uses for summer weather. Fortunately I've got the FSM for the thing.

* * *

On my long ride I saw a one-vehicle wreck on Pauling, out by Sailor V's place. The car was a red Camaro and it had run off the road and into a power pole, snapping it off at the base. The car was done, of course.

My first thought was dumbass was going too fast and lost control of his car. It's easy to assume that; nice day, the first really warm one of the year, young driver, etc--and when someone ends up doing some impromptu offroading on a dry sunny day excessive speed is usually the reason.

There were several cars lined up, pulled off to the side, when I rode past the scene. I rode on and forgot about it, enjoying the day, and it wasn't until I passed that way a second time that I realized what was wrong with my "dumb kid going too fast" assumption.

The car hit the pole head-on. Normally when it's a speed-related wipeout, the car hits sideways or backwards or-or-or; this car had clearly been traveling straight ahead when it hit.

Besides that, the car--while totaled--wasn't really mangled. It won't be drivable again (and will probably end up in a boneyard) but the damage was confined to the area in front of the front axle; it wasn't going all that fast when it hit the pole. A "loss of control" incident includes "speed control" and if you're going that fast you're pretty much done. (Watch a stock car race. Even the pro drivers become passengers, sometimes.)

There were no skid marks, and all those cars lined up--I realized that what had probably happened was, in fact, not a "loss of control" incident at all. Probably, I reasoned, someone went to pass without making sure the road ahead was clear, or else didn't give a rat's ass, or something, and this poor guy had the choice between a head-on collision at speed, or going off-roading...and ended up driving right into a telephone pole while trying to recover from the emergency maneuver. I'd bet the lined-up cars were full of people waiting to tell the cops, "It wasn't his fault! This one asshole...."

* * *

In any case, after I talked to the pastor about my non-attendance, I hit the hay and slept until 10:30, when I got up to make tacos.

They were good tacos.

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