atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3262: There's a ton of stuff today

Warm weather, and motorcycle riding, and going to the bank to fix my bookkeeping error, and-and-and--

* * *

Looks like D3 is coming out on May 15. That's 4 days before my birthday. How did they know?

* * *

Obamanomics means government consuming 25% of GDP by 2022. And the US economy shuts down in 2027 due to excessive public debt. Whee!

* * *

Democrats want to investigate the causes behind high gas prices. After all, it's making their boy in the White House look bad, and Something Must Be Done.

Because of course the answer isn't to drill for oil! Why, no one ever reduced prices by increasing supply. That's just crazy talk.

* * *

And by the way, it turns out that the US has about a 200 year supply of oil at current usage rates. That means--if we were allowed to exploit our own natural resources--we could be totally independent of foreign oil for two centuries.

* * *

Orlando airport has had enough of the TSA. It only takes one pebble to start an avalanche....

So what then? I'm expecting that--should this become a trend--the feds will then make it illegal to operate an airport without government security present. They'll find a way to do it, because we can't just eliminate the TSA!

* * *

A potpourri post from the Anchoress today. A bunch of interesting links there.

She added an update: "I didn’t mean for this post to seem as bitter as it does. But I am really tired of fakery and double standards, when things are as bad as they are,..."

You and me both.

* * *

Warm weather again today, and after riding the motorcycle to the bank--which then turned into an extended ride around--I noticed that there's a hell of a lot of slack in the chain. I'm going to have to take the chain off and lube it, but when I put it back on it's got to be tightened.

I also really need to adjust the dang clutch. And find an oil filter and do a complete oil/filter change. And--

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