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#3263: Excess humidity? In March?

Yep. It's sticky this morning, and although it's below 60 outside, inside the bunker it's warmer. *sigh*

* * *

"Pew: 20 percent of Mitt voters pick Obama over Santorum". And how many Republicans will simply fail to vote in the Presidential election should Romney win the nomination?

* * *

More feminist Democrat grandstanding in the attempt to convince voters that the GOP wants to ban contraception.


* * *

So Carbonite pulls its ads from Limbaugh's show, and a week later their stock has lost 20% of its value. It's also down 60% from its peak last year.

As I said before, Limbaugh has a big audience....

* * *

What a surprise that Obama lied when he said that domestic oil production is at an all-time high.

In fact, it's at a nine-year low, the "quadrupled" number of oil rigs is in fact referring to the re-issue of four formerly-suspended drilling licenses, and Obama's administration has leased less land for drilling than the Clinton administration did. So what did he claim?
Obama addressed the nation and stated that “[u]nder my Administration, oil production in America is at an eight-year high. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs, and opened up millions of acres for drilling.”
Obama can confidently emit these complete falsehoods because he knows that the mainstream media (which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party) won't call him on it.


* * *

Government plan to encourage the use of biofuels has backfired.


Black liquor is a liquid high in lignin, which contains more energy per unit volume than an equivalent volume of cellulose.

So paper mills burn black liquor as part of the paper-making process.

But! Thanks to a stupid law (which gave a $0.50 tax credit per gallon used of "alternative fuels" blended with fossil fuels) paper mills are gaming the system: paper mills add some diesel fuel to the black liquor, and then get to write off a fat $0.50 per gallon of black liquor burned.

I do not object to the paper mills doing this; the purpose of business is profit and they've added a cool $1 billion to their collective bottom line by taking advantage of this.

I do not object to the fact that paper mills are therefore using more fossil fuels, rather than less.

I do not object to the US government getting less tax revenue.

What I object to is the fact that the assholes in DC keep saddling us with STUPID, USELESS, INEFFECTUAL, AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE LAWS.

* * *

Interesting thing noticed by Karl Denninger: CME Clearing Europe Limited has asked that its registration as a derivatives clearing organization be vacated. Why would they do this?
Well, the firm did ask -- they didn't get thrown out, they walked off.

One can only surmise that they have detected a potential problem that they don't want to be a part of. Might it be a question of whether the CDS on European debt have any sort of actual margin against them, and if not, whether they might get "urged" (or worse) to backstop those bets?
(Emphasis removed.) What does CMECEL know that they're not telling the rest of us?

* * *

The damn sink was a catastrophe, and I had to clean it. Breakfast this morning ended up being macaroni and cheese with tuna--very easily made!--and while I was waiting for the water to boil and the pasta to cook, I tackled that mess. The sink is clean again and the dishwasher is running, and once again I resolve to rinse my damned dishes and put them in the dishwasher AS I F-ING USE THEM because this shit is ridiculous.

The whole house needs a "white tornado" cleaning. It's not filthy; it's just not clean and it's starting to bug me.

Example: the bathroom. It's cleanish but everything needs going over. The vanity is less than "sparkle city" and the tub could use scrubbing, but it's considerably better than "truck stop".

I really only use three rooms in this house: my bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Otherwise I don't spend a lot of time in the other rooms, and so their cleanliness is easily maintained. Mainly the other rooms need vacuuming and dusting, and maybe a little bit of light tidying.

I keep thinking: once I have a job perhaps I can re-hire the cleaning lady Mom had coming over here once a month. (Assuming she still does that.) She charged $70 to clean and vacuum the place and once she was done the house was a miracle to behold. It might be worth the money to do that, especially once this place is ready to go on the market.

* * *

Incidentally--I don't see that happening very soon. The original plan had been to have it ready to go by now and--well, shit happened. Lots of it, like my sister dying, my brother-in-law having a stroke, and-and-and. We still have a lot of work to do, and I'm not in the position to do anything like paint or pull up carpeting--that's been told to me in no uncertain terms--so I'm taking care of the place but otherwise doing nothing. *sigh*

Not that it really makes a damned bit of difference. The housing market is shit and we wouldn't get enough money from the place to make it worth our while.

I keep thinking that January 2013 is when the shit will really hit the fan, economy-wise, unless there is some major disruption that can't be papered over by the Bank Party, Wall Street, and the Fed. Greece is going to tank in seven days, if the rumors are true--default, drop out of the euro, return to the drachma, and fuck it all--and that might be enough to totally bone the world economy.

Plus side: no more Obama after 1/20/13...unless he declares a state of emergency and suspends the elections "until the present emergency is over". I was confident Clinton wouldn't do that and I knew Bush wouldn't. I'm not so sure about Obama; he's already demonstrated a worrisome disregard for the Constitution whenever it gets in the way of his plans and ideas. I'd like to have the same confidence in him that I had in Clinton, but I don't. (It's a vague worry: "this has a nonzero chance of happening" kind of thing. I don't expect it...but then again I didn't expect he'd declare a recess appointment when Congress wasn't in recess, either. Or any of the other tyrannical things he's done with the power of the executive.)

* * *

Back to sleeping 3-4 hours at a time, followed by a similar period of wakefulness. Argh etc.

Last night after choir practice, I got my script/libretto/CD for the upcoming kids' musical. I haven't put the CD in yet, and they apparently don't need me before April for rehearsals, so WTF--but it'd be good if I started learning the song(s) I have to sing and got to memorizing my lines. The more I practice, the better I'll be when 'tis time for my hour upon the stage!

* * *

Unbelievably, it is now pushing 70° at 10:30 AM, on track for a high near 80°. In mid-March.

What happened to the "climate change"? I thought winters were supposed to be more severe due to global warming, and it's still winter (technically) so WTF?

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