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#3265: Well THAT'S a hell of an improvement!

Yeah, it's amazing how nicely the clutch works when you actually get the damned thing adjusted correctly.

I don't know who adjusted it last, but damn did opening the manual and doing the correct procedure do a world of good! It's like night and day; the "catch" point is obvious and the clutch is easily modulated without having my fingers at full extension.

The chain does not have a master link (!) so instead of taking it off the bike, cleaning it, and lubing it, I got to clean and lube it on the bike. Messy, but done. It looks like the amount of slop in the chain is within spec, rather than out of it--WTF--but since it looked okay I left it alone rather than try to adjust it today. I'll get a pro's opinion when I get the tires replaced; in fact I'd wager the pro in question will make sure the chain's within spec anyway. (Tires--the ones on there are okay, but I'd like new ones, and I think I'll just have a shop do it. This is another thing on the to-do list for--sing along, folks!--after I get a job.)

After that I spent a few minutes polishing chrome, and tidying other things, and I noticed that the taillight bracket was missing a nut. It allowed the taillight to flop around a bit. There's also a dent in the fender where that bolt was--it looks like something smacked the taillight hard enough to dent the fender--and after a few minutes of fussing with it I realized that I'll have to remove the rear tire to knock that dent out. I'll do that eventually, but I really wasn't willing to dive into that kind of project today.

So I got everything buttoned up, then started it and let it warm up while I changed into my ridin' clothes. A few minutes later I rode out to the hardware store, where I bought a nut and washer; I spent 3 minutes in the parking lot putting the bolt back in and tightening it (2 wrenches in my jacket's lapel pocket FTW) and then went for a ride.

The properly-adjusted clutch makes riding the thing a lot more pleasurable. It's a warm one out there, so I had my jacket partly open. My hands are buzzing from the vibration but they don't ache like they did that day in January when I rode it.

Not having anything else in mind, I took a spin by Og's cave, thinking I'd stop in if I saw him outside doing something; but since that was around noon he might not even have been home from church yet and there was no evidence of activity, so I kept on going. No biggie. Took a different route home, and then pulled into the driveway like I knew what I was doing, thanks to that nicely-adjusted clutch.

Yeah, it's a big deal, damn it. You haven't been riding this thing since September with the clutch adjusted wrong. Shit.

* * *

Yesterday afternoon I read James P. Hogan's Inherit the Stars in its entirety. It's a free e-book from Baen Books (just go to their "Free Library" section and download it to your Kindle or other e-reader) and dang is it a good read. I may have read this before as I knew the major plot developments long before the characters did, but I don't recall doing so.

Hogan's the one who did the "Gentle Giants of Ganymede" series, and this book seems to be chronologically first in the series. (I don't really know, but that's what it seems like.) I'm going to have to revisit those works--it's been ages since I read any of them--but they're pretty good hard SF.

And after finishing the book I fell asleep; I don't remember what time it was when I woke up but then I hit the store for cabbage, and then made corned beef and cabbage for the first time in my life.

Damn did I make a mess. The recipe says to put the beef in a pot and cover with water, so I did that; and it seems like every damn time I did anything, water would slop out of the pot and onto the stove.

I turned the heat on "high" and walked away, intending to check back in about 3-5 minutes; instead it was closer to 10 and when I got back to the kitchen the pot had boiled over, and that frothy foamy gunk that comes from boiling meat in water made a nasty mess. So I cleaned the stove.

Set the timer for 2 hours, made sure the stuff was simmering with out boiling, and then walked away.

Came back, added canned potatos, inadvertently dropping the lid of the can in; fished out the lid, slopping water on the stove, and dumped in the rest of the can, slopping more water on the stove.

Peeled carrots, cut them into 3" sections, and put them in--in the process slopping water on the stove.

Cleaned stove.

After about 15 minutes, I cut the head of cabbage in half. Half was re-wrapped and put back in the fridge; the rest went into the pot...making water slop out and onto the stove. I'd already bailed some of the water out of the pot anyway because the vegetables brought the level of the liquid perilously close to the lip of the pot, but when I put the cabbage in I had to drop it the last 1/2", which of course made the water splash no matter how careful I was...and so there was more water on the stove when I was done.

Sighing, I cleaned the stove, and then returned to WoW to wait another 20 minutes.

At the end of all this, the food came out delicious. The meat was tender and cooked thoroughly. The vegetables were tender. Everything tasted good. had been almost 12 hours since I'd last eaten anything. I ate.

And then I got a headache. Shit did I get a headache. The way my metabolism works I should have had one before eating, but this worked out opposite--and it wasn't any better by the time I hit the hay around 1 AM. I ended up having a couple Ibuprofen tablets; and even that didn't really help. The headache woke me up around 4:30, so I had a dish of ice cream; that helped, and I slept until 7 AM.

Got up, had a ham and corned beef sandwich, and then got ready for church. Etc.

* * *

Obama wants to end oil subsidies to reduce the price of energy in this country. Oh, good that will--wait a minute!

* * *

Borepatch continues with the Rutherford B. Hayes meme.

* * *

Karl Denninger discusses the stupidity of left and right.

I'm not happy with Santorum's "anti-pr0n" tangent. Yeah, we're in such good shape right now, we have nothing else to worry about but how people choose to spend their media-watching time. Bad economy, war, high unemployment, terrorism, inflation--that's all fixed now, so let's worry about teh pronos!


* * *

And now, I get to go do the shopping I've been putting off all week. *sigh*

* * *

Today's Garfield actually works well for a homebrew Garfield Without Garfield so here we go:


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