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#3269: Too much damn Romney, not enough other stuff

So I made that one a post of its own and created this one for "potpourri".

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Time to boycott HBO. I don't like HBO, and never have; their programming is lefty and they have Bill "the biggest liberal douchebag in entertainment today but only by a slim margin" Maher in their lineup.

Via this AoSHQ overnight thread, linked because it has an image of Bill Maher demonstrating his true inner self.

And from that same AoSHQ thread we have this piece about the lesbian activist who was denied Communion at her mother's funeral because she's a lesbian, which means the Catholic church is a bunch of meany mean-heads for insisting on being neanderthal homophobe bigot assholes and adhering to church law that's two thousand years old.
Johnson published a paper on entitled "Coming Out in the Heteronormative and Homophobic World of Education" that discussed her sexual and religion identification.

When taking a job as an art teacher in a Catholic high school, she wrote, "I felt I couldn’t allow myself to be put into a position to be closeted, even for a few months," because doing so would leave her "feeling invisible and unworthy of knowing."

"So in my interview with the principal we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist."

In a second paper she wrote, "As a Buddhist, my role model of an enlightened, highly realized, and happy human being is Gautama Buddha."

Under canon law, only Roman Catholics are permitted to receive the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass.
So not only is she self-excommunicated from the church by persisting in her homosexuality; she isn't even Catholic. She self-identifies as Buddhist.

If you're going around telling everyone you're Buddhist you've got no business being pissed off at the Catholic church for refusing to give you communion. Regardless of whatever reason you have or whatever feelings of yours were hurt. BUDDHISTS DON'T DO COMMUNION, DAMN IT!

Now if she's a member of some weird sect of Buddhism that does practice communion--even in that case!--she's still not eligible for it in a Roman Catholic mass.

Okay: I'm a devout, practicing Methodist--straight, not homosexual, even!--and I don't go to a Catholic church and insist on being allowed to take communion. Why? Because I'm not Catholic! I am a Protestant and a Christian; but I understand that the Catholics restrict communion to their own. Out of respect for their views, I don't take communion when it's offered in a Catholic church even if I could get away with it. It's their church, and therefore their rules, and I'm not offended by it.

These assholes that walk around with chips on their shoulders--shit, guys, GET A FUCKING LIFE ALREADY. Damn.

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And +1 to this statement in the linked article: "In short, like Sandra Fluke before her, Barbara Johnson is an anti-Catholic agitator. It’s pretty shabby to use the death of a parent to further a political cause."

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Fuck it. I'll give 'em the password...and then change it when I get home.

Fortunately I'm not on Facebook or other social media sites.

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What a shame. John Carter of Mars is the beginning of a really good set of stories. Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels are, essentially, high fantasy--with "technology" taking the place of "magic"--and they're all damned good reads.

It ought to be a natural for a series of movies; but unfortunately Disney is run by a bunch of idiots. So John Carter of Mars became John Carter and no one but longtime fans of SF knew the story was set on Mars from the preview. (John Carter of Barsoom might have worked.)

I'm not even sure how many of the 11 novels I've read, to be honest, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind reading them all again. Maybe I'll have to spend a few bucks on Kindle editions or something....

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Michael Flynn on "The Slippery Slope" and why it's not a logical fallacy.

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Today's home-brewed Garfield Minus Garfield:


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