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#3271: INSTANT REPLAY! "#3268: Illinois goes to Romney."

"Turnout was low. OF COURSE IT WAS! Here were our choices:
Romney: Obama without the tan.

Gingrich: believes in anthropogenic global warming and amnesty for illegal aliens. Has had more wives than that guy from the Bible who had a lot of wives, just not all at once.

Santorum: thinks the biggest problem faced by the United States today is pornography.

Ron Paul: Good ideas, but insane.

The others: various defects, none interesting enough to comment on here, but all deal-breakers. Especially the "we got single-digit support in just about every primary race but we're too stupid to throw in the towel" one that they all share.
If I were not a die-hard believer in the republican system of government I would have stayed home myself, for crying out loud!

* * *


I'm reminded that--somewhere along the line--I had a computer that I'd named "Escaflowne". Was that the name of the P3? I can't remember shit. Well, WTF--it's only been five years since I last used the P3.

* * *

For the past few days the indoor temperature at the bunker has exceeded 80°. In March.

A lot of people think this means we'll have a hot summer, and I'm not discinclined to agree with them.

Ordinarily we get a day, maybe two, with temperatures which approximate early summer...and then it gets cold and rainy, and possibly snows once or twice. I'm convinced we're going to have one more snowstorm before we can put away the shovels and snowblowers until November; but I am increasingly convinced that may be in error.

Daytime highs are above 70 as far as the weather site I frequent can forecast. Some rain is likely on the coolest days.

I'm doing my damnedest not to run the air conditioner, because March is too damned early for that. Shit!

* * *

On the plus side: I went to K-mart for cat food yesterday and took the motorcycle. I strapped the 32-can carton of cat food to the luggage rack with bungie cords. I probably saved myself about $1 in gas by taking the bike rather than the truck, but it was more fun that way anyhow.

Actually--wait, I went and voted, then went to the bank, then went to the store, for a combined trip of perhaps six miles all told. The Jeep gets around 13 MPG in city driving, so that's about half a gallon; which comes to $2.15 at current gas prices.

This is why I wanted to get a motorcycle and my license: it's cheaper to run a motorcycle than a truck, and if all I'm doing is little errands it just makes sense to take the motorcycle wherever I possibly can.

Heck, I'm thinking about taking it down to Beecher for the cruise night preseason party if Sailor V is up to his usual antics and can't go.

* * *

Ah, okay: today's Garfield can be suitably altered, so here it is:


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