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#3273: Okay, it looks like it was "smart"

From my knees down, everything is sore--and actually my knees aren't--but that's it. Otherwise, I'm fine.

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Spring 2012 anime preview and this one's a bit more in-depth (and therefore more useful) than the "poster-style" one the other guys do.

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Sandra Fluke didn't know contraceptives can be had for a pittance.

When I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my RX filled, I had to sit and wait for a few minutes. While waiting, I espied the gondola display of condoms. I didn't pick up boxes and compare features but I did notice that one could buy a box of 40 condoms for the princely sum of $20.

Quoth Fluke:
“Women have different types of medical needs that require much more expensive forms,” she said. “One woman contacted me. She was very, very upset that that quote was being emphasized because she has a genetic condition that requires her to use contraception that costs $1,500.”

“So, this is medicine,” said Fluke. “It’s not one-size-fits-all, and while it’s great that some women can access more affordable contraception, contraception needs to be accessible and affordable for all of the women who need all of the different kinds.”
Some people are allergic to latex. Fortunately, you can buy condoms made from materials other than latex.

So let's examine her statement a bit further. Only "some women" can access "more affordable contraception". But it needs to be "accessible" for all women.

This genetic condition that forces this woman to spend $1,500 on contraceptives--she doesn't say how often that $1,500 is spent, but that's only half of the $3,000 claimed by Ms. Fluke. (I guess this woman, whoever she is, isn't as big a slut as Ms. Fluke is.) Assuming she meant $1,500 per year, that's $125 per month--where a box of 40 condoms costs $20. For $125 you can buy enough condoms to have sex TWO HUNDRED TIMES. That ought to get this woman through most of a year!

Sandra Fluke--and the Democrat party's--thesis depends on the Pill being the only method of contraception that's available, and that is just not so.

But furthermore, her response to being informed that there's no way contraceptives have to cost anyone $3,000 per year is to dismiss the information. Some women can do that, but not all; and because there are women who have medical conditions which keep them from using the common and cheap methods of contraception, everyone must be forced to pay health insurance premiums that pay for contraceptive services.

This is the Democrat way: because the common and inexpensive solution is not universal it must be done away with in favor of programs and polcies which transfer a maximum of power to the federal government.

Fuck that shit.

* * *

Obama is trying to make it look like he's doing something about the high price of gas. He opposed the northern part of the Keystone XL pipeline--stopped it cold!--and is now blaming Congress for it.

I don't have the energy to be outraged right now. But I'm plenty disgusted.

* * *

So-called "civil rights group" doesn't care about civil rights. In the United States, gun ownership is a civil right; you can't take away a person's "right to keep and bear" without due process, but that's exactly what that "civil rights group" wants to do.

* * *

Apparently global warming causes asthma. No! Not global warming! Climate change! No! Wait, not climate change, but global climate disruption!

That's right: increased atmospheric carbon concentrations are causing asthma! Your children will have to carry backpack-sized asthma inhalers in order to live!


* * *

Hey, you know that serial killer in Toulouse, France? Turns out he was a muslim.

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DPUD laughs at Apple fanboys. Always a fun pastime!

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Darths and Droids continues to disappoint. The storyline drifts farther and farther from the original.

1) C3P0 had his memory wiped by Senator Organa's order at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

2) Luke Skywalker (not "Adam Lars") already knew of the Rebellion when C3P0 and R2-D2 showed up at his uncle's moisture farm.

3) That "peace moon" and "lost orb of phantasmacoria" stuff has bothered me from the get-go.

The point of doing a movie-based webcomic--in which gamers (in a world without the movie in question) re-create the movie--should follow one of two conceits:

A) The gamers play out the movie exactly, and humor comes from incidental dialogue. In other words, the supposed game play follows the movie's plot very closely, and humor comes from the way the rules are applied to the situations as well as gamer wisecracks and so on. (See DM of the Rings for the best example of this.)

B) The gamers play out a completely different story using only the visuals of the movie, not the plot. (This is rare.)

What Darths and Droids is doing is--instead--taking the basic setting of Star Wars and making up a whole bunch of crap. That would be excusable if it were funny, but generally speaking it's not, and many of the changes they make are nonsensical--like the way several characters speak in bad French accents.

*sigh* Well, at least I'm not paying anything for it.

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Paprika is an anime movie that stars Megumi Hayashibara and it sounds like it'd be pretty interesting.

* * *

In an effort to support their boy in the White House, AP is asserting that the American domestic supply of oil won't change the price of oil regardless of what we do. If we increase our production, the world price of oil won't drop!

...Limbaugh asks, "So why don't we stop producing corn and wheat, if American supply doesn't have an effect on world prices?" Bit of a reducto ad absurdum but not as ridiculous as it might seem on first blush.

Meanwhile, Obama--who says that more drilling won't lower prices--is trying to take credit for a pipeline that is supposed to lower fuel prices. (Of course it won't, since it's not actually connected to any source of oil.)

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Karigarushi no Arrietty for the princely sum of $16 shipped. As impulse buys go, this was not a bad one, especially since it's a real licensed release and not a bootleg.

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Even the bugs around Jon's house are neurotic:


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