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#3277: And very little for Sunday as well.

Via Advice Goddess, just in case you don't know the halal way to beat your wife, there is an instructional manual available.

Ah, the religion of peace. So cosmopolitan, so sophisticated!

* * *

The alarm went off at 8:20 and I mulled shutting it off and going back to sleep. I did not go to sleep; I got up, shaved, corralled my hair, put on some decent clothes, and went to church. Even though there was no choir today.

The pastor's son was accepted to University of Moscow Chicago, but has been offered a full-ride scholarship to the University of Miami in Ohio. Decisions, decisions.... Hey, maybe if he goes to Miami, and my niece goes to Miami, they'll meet, hit it off, and get married. That would be interesting. (I don't know what familial relatonship I would end up having to my pastor, though.)

But my niece would have to work awful hard at that. The pastor's kid has a very, very, very pretty girlfriend....

* * *

So today's plans include a trip to the hardware store and finish work on the bike's seat. Maybe a ride; then I need to cut the grass before I repackage all the meat I bought yesterday and chuck it into the freezer. It probably would not hurt to decide on what dinner will be while I'm doing that.

Yeah, I said "cut the grass". In March. *sigh*

Easter Sunday is two weeks away. I'm doing my best not to buy Easter candy this year, and so far all I've bought has been a single package of Peeps. (Bunnies, technically, but "Peeps" brand. Sugar-coated marshmallow! WTF.)

What I could really go for is some Fannie Mae peppermint ice. But I don't need all the sugar.

I need to clean the house since I don't know what my brother and his family will be doing come Easter. I've heard nothing about their plans, but I'm not terribly worried about all that. I need to be in church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the services on those days (choir, you know) so my own mobility is a bit limited. It's not really a big deal, though. It's not that dirty, but it does need cleaning.

* * *

I've been playing the worgen hunter Elissa that I made over on Wyrmrest Accord. (World of Warcraft.) She's past level 60 now, adventuring in Outland, and I've been selling a lot of stuff on the auction house. I'd gotten her purse over 700 GP but of course getting flying and such cost 400 GP, knocking me well below 300 GP. But there's a lot of gold flying around on that server--AH prices are rather inflated compared to the other servers I'm on--so I've been able to replenish that pretty quickly. And as Elissa advances in levels I'll be getting more stuff that I can sell for ever-greater amounts of cash.


* * *

Now it's noon; and that stuff ain't gonna accomplish itself. I'd better get moving.

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