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#3279: Unbelievable.

Actually, I wish it were unbelievable. It is, in fact, all too common.

I went to bed last night at a reasonable hour, feeling tired enough to sleep; but of course whatever part of my brain registers anxiety had an entirely different plan and I had to take a tab of Xanax.

Result: out cold for twelve hours. *sigh*

Well, at least I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday:
grass cut
meat repackaged and put in chest freezer
trash taken out
receipt for desk chair found so I can get a replacement (see below)
FOID card paperwork found so I can give that to my lawyer (see below)
watched the anime playlist for the first time since the 2nd
made a big pot of ham and bean soup
I note here that the cans of Centrella brand great northern beans contain less of the stuff I call "guck" because I don't know WTF it is. When you open a can of great northern or kidney beans, there's this gelatinous stuff in the can with the beans. It adds something to the flavor of the soup (or whatever you're adding it to) so I assume it's something like pureed beans. Especially since the label says, "Ingredients: [whatever] beans, water."

Anyway, there's almost none of it in the Centrella brand. Joan of Arc brand seems to have plenty of it. I can't decide whether that's good or bad.

But the soup came out just fine (though it wasn't ready to eat until about 9:30 thanks to my idiocy with FORGETTING TO PLUG IN THE CROCK POT). I was a bit surprised that the soup needed salt, but just barely, so I didn't bother adding any. Hmm.

And of course I felt smug about the fact that I had started with nothing more than water, canned beans, ham chunks, onion, green pepper, and garlic.

* * *

Chair: The desk chair that I bought new in August of 2011 is broken. It's been broken for a while but it's gotten to the point that I can't lean back without the arm coming loose; that was finally enough for me to go to the trouble of digging out the receipt. It took me about half an hour of sorting papers to find it, but find it I did; and as there's a 2-year warranty on the thing I should be good to go. I'll cram it into the back of the Jeep and go to OfficeMax...just as soon as I escape the Xanax coma I'm in. *sigh*

* * *

FOID card: after I lost my shit in May my FOID card was revoked. My guns are currently stored elsewhere and not in my possession, so that should be fine; but obviously I want my damn guns back. Since I live in the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan (PDRI) I am required to have the government's permission to exercise my civil rights, and therefore must have a FOID card to possess firearms.

Ergo I must get my FOID card back in order to get my guns back. My lawyer friend (from Bible study) has offered to see what he can do about this; but I had to find the paperwork.

I actually bludgeoned myself into gear about a month ago and searched my known respositories of records for this paperwork, and could not find it. Naturally, the first thing I laid my hand on when searching for the chair receipt yesterday was--yeah--the paperwork from the PDRI State Police. So now I can make copies of it and give it to him tomorrow night, and see what he can do about it (if anything).

...all the while thinking that if I lived in a free state none of this would matter. Shit.

* * *

Santorum has his own problems but I do agree with him when he says that Romney is the worst Republican to face Obama. Romney doesn't scare the Democrats or the press one little bitty bit, because he's essentially Obama and unelectable by the GOP rank-and-file. Everyone knows this except the GOP leadership. *sigh*

And speaking of Romney, I saw the following perfect juxtaposition in an article about creepy parenting fads. This particular one was on breastfeeding your kids until they're ready for junior high school:

The ellipsis at the end of the last paragraph was meant to be a segue to the next creepy fad (whatever it was) but it looks like they meant the Romney ad...and I couldn't agree more.

* * *

In the movie The Right Stuff there's this scene where President Johnson is waiting in his limosine to talk to John Glenn's wife on TV. She's refusing because she has a horrible stutter (he doesn't know that) and he's getting very frustrated; but somewhere in that scene he turns to a woman sitting in the car with him--a reporter, or a secretary, or what, I don't know--and the following exchange takes place:
Johnson: You know what the Russians want?

Woman: No, sir.

Johnson: Our peckers in their pockets.

Woman: [reaction take]
Apparently Obama wants our peckers in their pockets, too.

* * *

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics." Statistics let you prove anything with numbers; it all comes down to how honest the statistician is.
Do you believe that Presidents can affect the price of gasoline?

Well, sometimes the media thinks that he can and sometimes they think that, even though he can keep the waters from rising and the climate from changing, he can't. I'm talking, of course, about the disparate treatment the media gave George Bush when gasoline prices spiked to $3.51 per gallon -- even though he and Vice President Cheney tried desperately to override Democrat obstruction and increase production by opening ANWR, permitting drilling on the continental shelf, allowing the extraction of oil from tar sands on federal land and slashing red tape on new refinery and pipeline construction. Back then they blamed Bush.

But the media don't think that a president and head of a party which have done everything possible to reduce domestic petroleum production are at all responsible when after those efforts succeeded , the price of gasoline soars to far greater heights (right now about $5.00 per gallon) under Obama.
Yeah, gas is over $4.50 per gallon in Fungus-land, and my prediction that it wouldn't hit $5 per gallon is now officially WRONG because it's freakin' March. I'd be surprised if it wasn't within 10% of $5 per gallon by July.

...wait, it's within 10% of $5 per gallon right the hell now. Yeah, that's the kind of prediction to make!

I'd be surprised it it wasn't within 5% of $5 by July. (That is, for the record, $4.75 per gallon.) I'd be less surprised if it wasn't within 2.5% of $5 by July. (About $4.88 per gallon.) I might be a little surprised if it does, in fact, hit $5 by then.

But probably not very much.

The thing that confuses me, though, is this: right now we're in a recession. We've been in a recession since 2007 (one which was, ironically enough, triggered by high oil prices.) At the time we were told repeatedly that "world demand" was driving oil prices higher and that oil could never be cheap again.

...Brazil found out they have more oil than Saudi Arabia, Canada's tar sands are producing oil like it's going out of style, and China's economy is faltering while American demand for oil has dropped precipitously. Supply has increased and demand has fallen.

Why is oil so f-ing expensive?

Well, reason #1 has to be OPEC. Reason #2 has to be Iran and their saber rattling.

Reason #3 is, of course, the consistent anti-domestic energy policies of the Democrat party.

* * *

Proof positive that Obama lives in a fantasy world:
Obama stood by his pledge for a globe without nuclear weapons, declaring flatly that the United States has more than it needs and can cut its arsenal without weakening its security or that of its allies.
He's such an idiot.

* * *

Vox Day points out a real problem with allowing student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy, though that's not his intention with this post.

In accounting, when you loan someone money it's an asset--any time anyone owes you money it's counted as an asset, and any time you owe someone else money it's a liability.


But when you make a bad loan--a loan made to someone who can't repay it--is it really an asset?

As the law stands right now, those student loans (however good or bad) count as assets because the government guarantees that the bank will be able to collect on the debt, dollar for dollar, no ifs, ands, or buts, regardless of the borrower's ability to pay. It may mean liens or garnishments, but they will get their money. Period.

If the law changes, though, suddenly those assets become a lot less valuable. Banks that have large portfolios of student debt would be...disadvantaged by this. And this way lies ruin.

Yeah, I guess we might as well wish for the moon as hope that student loan debt becomes dischargeable in bankruptcy. And even if that did become law, you could count on existing loans being grandfathered. *sigh*

But this all means that housing is going to remain on the floor for a good long time, because a good number of people with college debt are not going to be buying many houses when they have to service that debt.

And this way lies ruin.

* * *

Tongue in cheek, this article asks why the minimum wage shouldn't be $100 per hour.

* * *

Today the temperature is a hell of a lot more seasonal than it has been. It looks like it won't even hit 50, and just yesterday it was over 70. And for the rest of the week the temperatures are going up-down-up-down like a roller coaster.


...but it looks like next week will be back to the upper 70s. I don't know WTF is going on with this shit.

But, what the hell. Could be worse; could be snowing!

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