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#3281: Progress!

I don't know what it means, but when I went for my walk/jog yesterday I was able to jog farther and it took less time to recuperate between jogs.

...for the first half.

The real problem that I'm having is not--as I'd thought it would be--my heart and lungs. The real problem is my legs.

Yesterday I had to stop with the intermittent jogging because my damn legs felt like they'd give out. I didn't want to strain or pull a muscle, so about halfway back I quit with the bursts of jogging and just walked.

To make matters even more entertaining, I had an attack of hypoglycemia. *sigh*

It's a hell of a thing when you're trying to improve your cardiovascular conditioning and it's your legs that are the impediment. I expected the panting and the sweating and the shortness of breath and the "stitch in the side" feeling--this is the first time I've run for exercise since high school--but I didn't expect my legs to be the weak part!

The most gravelling part of it all was that--by the time I got back to the Jeep--my legs felt fine. So now I have to figure out the difference between muscles saying, "We can't do any more, honest! We're tired! Carry us!" and "Okay, we really are at our limit, seriously, and injury will result if you keep this up."

The body is designed to keep you from overusing it, from damaging it by forcing it too far--but it does so by sending the same signals that warn of actual damaging conditions. There's no "yellow arc" where the body tells you that it can keep this up all day, but you shouldn't keep doing it; oh no. It's all redline: "Stop, stop! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE GOING TO DIE IF YOU KEEP DOING THIS!"

...only of course you won't die at all, because you're comfortably within the green arc of your body's performance envelope. *sigh*

But since it abruptly warmed up yesterday afternoon--after my walk/jog--I was able to walk to and from Bible study. So I got a little extra exercise yesterday and saved myself some of that $4.39 per gallon gasoline.

* * *

AAA sez gas won't hit $5 per gallon this year. I don't believe them. Gas has already been within 10% of $5 per gallon here.

Gas prices have followed a ratcheting paradigm since Wingnuthead took office: the price of gas goes up significantly, then drops a bit cents from the high price; and it repeats. Up ten, down five, up fifteen, down ten, up twenty, down ten, up ten, down four--and the prices keep going higher.

For a little while they were dropping, but they didn't go very far beneath $4 per gallon--$3.70 or so was about the low in the past six months--and now they're comfortably above it.

The east coast is losing 700,000 barrels per day of refining capacity; that is not going to have a mitigating effect on high gas prices. And since gas is already within 10% of $5 per gallon, how can anyone say with any confidence that gas prices won't exceed $5 per gallon before summer is out?

The only reason I thought gas prices wouldn't hit $5 was due to the election; oil companies are run by Ivy League graduates and those schools do not turn out conservatives. Obama is their boy--especially as a fellow Ivy Leaguer!--and I could see oil companies doing eveything they could to keep prices low.

But the universe in which they have to operate is constrained by reality, and they simply cannot do anything about closing refineries and the artificial scarcity of crude oil. (Which, it must be said, is partly the result of Obama's own energy policy.) And so regardless of what they'd like to do for their buddy, gas is flirting with $5 per gallon.

Obama says he's going to open the strategic petroleum reserve to lower prices--but that's a band-aid, which might drop prices a bit for a couple of weeks, which is why that's not going to happen before September or October. Got to have those prices low during the election after all.

And, I might add, proving that Democrats really do understand the laws of supply and demand, and simply don't want energy to be cheap in the United States.

* * *

Japanese ghost ship, washed away in the Kanto tsunami, has arrived in Canada. Call it the Obake Maru for great justice!

* * *

Global warming models are...well...wrong.

* * *

Suing Spike Lee. Noted racist Spike Lee--eager to see George Zimmerman lynched--tweeted an incorrect address, thus exposing an elderly couple to all sorts of potential mayhem.

The couple has been forced out of their home and Spike Lee has neither apologized nor retracted his statement.

"I'm not wrong! And who cares if I am? It's just a couple of nobodies and they're probably raciss crackers like Zimmerman anyway!"

Lawsuit, definitely.

* * *

Victor Davis Hansen discusses "The New Anti-Semitism" but I'd argue that it's the same old anti-Semitism with a fresh coat of paint. The left has never liked Jews.

The modern resurgence of it is, of course, troubling. Alan Caruba frequently makes mention of Judaism as "the canary in the coal mine" for how the world political environment is trending, because whenever anti-Semitism is on the rise it usually means the fit is about to hit the shan.

* * *

Looks like everything is on track for me to buy 1/4 of a steer come late May or early June, thanks to Trooper Lefty. The freezer will be full!

* * *

To top it all off, I had a period of elevated anxiety almost all day yesterday. It's what prompted me to go for my walk in the first place; usually if I exercise that helps to calm everything down. It didn't work very well yesterday and I ended up popping a Xanax after Bible study. *sigh*

* * *

It doesn't look, however, as if I'll get much of anything done today. I need to do dishes and laundry, but I'm still feeling the aftereffects of the Xanax--so here I sit in solemn joy.

On the plus side, they can wait a little longer.

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