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#3285: NBC, experts at making shit up.

Editing reality to suit their agenda, that NBC for you!

Remember when they strapped model rocket engines to the fuel tank of a GM pickup truck to ensure it would go up in flames during a crash test? This is like that, only worse, because they're trying to get George Zimmerman lynched.

Here is the salient part of the conversation Zimmerman had with the 911 operator:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

911 operator: Okay. And this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.
Now here's what NBC edited it to say:
This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black.
Because, you know, you can never let the facts get in the way of the narrative! And the mainstream media has decided that the narrative is, "Raciss white man brutally murders a black child because he's a gun-toting nazi thug, which is why we need to end 'stand your ground' laws and ban guns!"

Besides, a huge race riot in Florida would be awesome for March sweeps!

...really wish we could classify television "journalists" as vermin, like rats and poisonous snakes.

Borepatch reminds us how ugly a lynch mob really is.

Celebutards like Roseanne Barr and Spike Lee are so convinced that Zimmerman shot Martin because Martin was black that they don't see anything wrong with him being lynched.

Notice that the left couldn't care less about the facts? Nor do they care about evidence or proof or due process? Their immediate reaction is simply, "That white man killed that black boy for being black! String him up!"

Meanwhile the usual race pimps--Jesse Jackson et al--are down there stirring things up, pretending to be "civil rights activists" when in fact they're just lining their own pockets. Get out in front of the protestors, whip them into a frenzy, and when Zimmerman isn't sent to the electric chair they'll riot...and then Jackson and Sharpton and the others can get on natioanl TV and say gravely, "Well, this is just an example of how far we have to go to fight racism in this country...."

It's all horseshit, of course. The real racism comes from people like Jackson and Sharpton, who immediately proclaim--in the absense of any evidence!--that the shooting was due entirely to race; who decide that "feeling intimidated" is justification for attacking someone, hitting his head on the sidewalk, and then sitting on him and repeatedly punching him in the face. As long as you're a black man being "intimidated" by a white man.

But if you're the white guy being beaten, how dare you defend yourself against a black attacker? You're raciss! You should be lynched! Your address (or your parents' address) should be given to all those people that Jesse and Al whipped into a frenzy, because that'll show you, you racist nazi!

* * *

I should say here that I believe Zimmerman was being pounded because the police have treated this as a self-defense case. The police are no dummies and they have no reason to protect a citizen who (it must be said) is something of a "mall ninja". If Zimmerman had just stalked some innocent black kid and shot him, the evidence would have led the police to arrest him immediately, or shortly thereafter. That they did not arrest him until public outcry demanded it indicates to me that they considered it to be self-defense.

Zimmerman's actions themselves don't sound like murder, either. If you murder someone, unless you're a total retard you know you're in trouble. What you don't do is wait for the cops to show up and surrender the murder weapon to them.

If it's self-defense, you do. If some guy jumps you and you have to shoot him, you stay at the scene and talk to the cops and hand over your (now-unloaded) weapon to them.

...trying to murder someone and make it look like self-defense? Give me a motive.

"It's 'cause Zimmerman is raciss!"

Okay, now give me a real motive. There's plenty of racism all over the place in the United States; if "racism" was a single motive for murder there'd be a lot more interracial crime going on. I can say with a fairly high level of confidence that Zimmerman did not stalk Martin and kill him solely because Martin was black. In order for the "elaborate scheme" idea to work, there's got to be another motive involved.

Nothing has been forthcoming.

Occam's Razor, therefore, reduces my thinking pretty quickly: Zimmerman was being a "mall ninja" and patrolling his neighborhood. He saw a black guy--Martin--walking in the rain, and (contrary to the instructions of the police) followed Martin when he walked away from the road. Martin--feeling "intimidated" or "disrespected" or what-the-hell ever--jumped Zimmerman and started beating him, and Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

Should Zimmerman have followed the guy? I don't think so. Should Martin have jumped Zimmerman? Decidedly not, even in the absence of what happened. From here it looks as if Martin initiated the violence, and because of the vehemence of the attack Zimmerman had little choice: when there's someone sitting on your chest and pounding on your face, what else can you do?

From the 911 recording we know that Martin did not say anything to Zimmerman; rather than confront him face-to-face and demand to know what Zimmerman was doing, why was he following him, Martin simply attacked him. An eyewitness saw the attack and called police (which is another reason the police didn't arrest Zimmerman right away) and the rest is history.

But I guess that's because I'm raciss, you know, that I don't have much sympathy for someone who attacks an armed man with no justifying provocation and then gets shot dead.

* * *

"No justifying provocation", I said, and I meant it. What if Zimmerman had just happened to be walking that way himself? What if he hadn't been following Martin, but had some reason to be going that way? Would Martin have jumped him then?

If I had a dollar for every time I'd noticed a car behind me making the same turns I was making--or for every time I was behind another car which made the same turns I was making--I wouldn't be nearly as disappointed at not winning anything in last night's MegaMillions drawing.

We'll never know, but I suspect that if I were to apply the thinking Trayvon Martin apparently did that night, I'd probably have been beaten up or torched or something long ago.

* * *

Meanwhile, the idiots assuming that the police are covering for Zimmerman--grow the fuck up, will you? Zimmerman's not a cop. There's no percentage in it for the police to cover up anything for Zimmerman, for exactly the reason you say they're doing it: raxce. If the public got wind that the police were hiding evidence in a white-on-black shooting case, those cops would be fired and probably sent to jail; and even if they avoided that they'd be sued by the feds under the stupid "civil rights violation" crap that the Rodney King cops got sued for.

(Yeah: drunk--and possibly high--guy leads you on a high-speed chase, then refuses to be arrested and acts violent; you have to hit him with a billy club to get him to settle down enough to take him to jail...and then you get sued by the government for doing your job, and there are massive race riots when the case is decided in your favor.)

No cop in his right mind is going to stick his neck out for a civilian, be he white, black, red, yellow, or green with purple polka dots. Another cop, maybe--probably--depending on the situation; but not a civilian. No.

* * *

The toxicology report from the autopsy will be very interesting. If it shows that there were drugs in Martin's system at the time of the attack, expect it to be dismissed by the race pimps and the media.

Denninger's post (the first link in this post) suggests looking at Google maps, so I did.

The nearest convenience store is about 0.75 miles from the site of the shooting. On the other side of an expressway. Trayvon Martin went out in a rainstorm--on foot--to get iced tea and Skittles, and was coming back from there when the altercation occurred. IN THE RAIN?

He must've really been jonesing for Skittles, man.

The point Denninger makes--and it's a good one!--is that the police must have checked the security camera footage at the local convenience stores in an attempt to place Martin at one of them in the time before the shooting. In a case like this you cross every "T" and dot every "i", and reconstructing the events leading up to the shooting would seem like a no-brainer to anyone with even a passing knowledge of police procedure.

If anyone has checked this out (and I assume the police have) this information is not public, probably with good reason. Sooner or later, though, it must be entered into the public record--and when that happens, the race pimps are going to scream like they rarely do, because I would wager the information will not look good for the case against Zimmerman.

But even if Trayvon Martin actually did make the hike to Murphy's (or wherever) to buy Skittles and iced tea in the rain, it doesn't change the fact that he attacked Zimmerman for following him. That still makes the shooting self-defense, and the fact that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and hitting him makes the "stand your ground" doctrine completely irrelevant to this case.

* * *

All told, it's a total clusterfuck, regardless. But the solution to the problem is not ending concealed carry of weapons, nor is it repealing the "stand your ground" law.

That's what the news media and the liberal establishment wants to get out of this; that's why they're doing everything they can to prompt a massive race riot (including, it must be said, NBC's creative editing). They want things to get bad down there, as bad as possible, because it'll sell newspapers and get people to tune in and line the race pimps' pockets and give the Democrat party a lever for taking away self-defense and gun rights.

Because if George Zimmerman had done the exact same thing, only was not carrying a gun, there would have been no outcry. We wouldn't know who George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin are; Zimmerman would have had the shit kicked out of him (maybe to the point of being hospitalized) and a police report would have been filed. If arrested, Martin would have gotten probation for aggravated assault and battery but otherwise would not have been punished.

And the national media wouldn't even have noticed it. It's fine when a prole gets attacked and beaten up and can't defend himself; they don't care.

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