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#3289: By the way--

I heard--somewhere, some time in the past few weeks--that some congresscritter had the brilliant idea of forgiving the student loan debts of people who couldn't pay them off. The proposed law would allow the balance of a person's student loans to be forgiven after he'd made 120 payments at a certain percentage of his income.

That is to say, if you've been faithfully paying some percentage of your income (it's a sliding scale, depending on how much you make) for ten years and your debt isn't paid off, they generously forgive the rest of it.

...after you've been paying interest for ten years they can afford to do that; they've gotten back their money with interest and the rest is pure gravy.

Problem: the law already says this.

Let me say that again: the existing laws for government-guaranteed student loans have this provision in them. It's not going to fix anything to make a new law saying what the law already says!

* * *

Watching the LotR trilogy last night, I was struck with how much influence it had on World of Warcraft.

I mean, every time they showed Barad Dur (Sauron's Tower) I immediately thought, "Look! Icecrown Citadel!" As I've observed before, the way the game portrays invisibility (from the invisible one's point of view) is almost exactly the way it's done in LotR.

In Return of the King, who does Eowyn stab in the face? The Witch King. (Rather than Arthas, the Lich King, from WoW.)

Can you dig it.

* * *

Incidentally, if you saw my motorcycle now you would never know that the seat was sitting in pieces on my coffee table about a week ago, unless I told you. If you took it off you'd see the shiny new staples holding it on, and that might lead you to ask me if it's been reupholstered.

But of course this kind of thing is not exactly rocket science. The seat cover is form-fitting and did not take much effort to get back into place correctly (other than me having to learn how to use the f-ing staple gun). A new seat cover might be more difficult; and then again it might not.

I'm not about to open an upholstery shop or anything, but it's a bit of an ego boost for me to be able to do something like this myself (however haltingly) and do it correctly, to the point of being indistinguishable from factory.

If I'd ever get off my duff and clean the thing, it'd be really pretty. *sigh*

The other thing is, I've been looking at the JC Whitney catalog; they've got a "trunk" which they're selling for $80 which would be a nice addition. It mounts to the existing cargo rack, and it's big enough inside to fit a full-face helmet; one version removes with a key, so you don't have to ride with it all the time--just when you want it.

That way I could make food runs on the bike. Like when I go for Chinese food--it'd go in the "trunk" and be just fine in there for the trip home. Also other things, like when I go to the store for some small items.

That sort of thing is why I wanted a motorcycle in the first place; I've had that idea for a long time. Instead of taking the 13 MPG (city) Jeep the half-mile to the corner store for cole slaw and potato salad, I take the 60 MPG motorcycle. See?

Though, the way things are going in the economy I might end up putting a basket on my $99 Roadmaster mountain bike and taking that to the corner store....

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