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#3292: No, this is impossible. Macs can't get infected with malware.

That's what we've been told by Mac-o-philes, isn't it? Macs don't get viruses? Macs don't get trojans? "Unlike WINDOZE machines, which are all JUNK!" You know, like this:

Plenty of Mactards were convinced that their machines couldn't get malware when--in fact--it was merely a function of market share. There wasn't any point to writing malware for Macs because the installed base was too small.

Guess what?

* * *

Last night was another Xanax night; I didn't manage to crowbar myself out of bed until after 4. Then I got up, put myself together, went to bank, then to OfficeMax to get the novel bound.

As expected, it was too big to bind in one hunk. 300 single-sided pages--if I had a duplexing printer it would only have been 150 sheets, but I dont, so I had to figure out where to split it.

Fortunately it split into two approximately equal hunks at a major demarcation, and it cost me under $10 to have them spiral bound with nice vinyl covers. I had her make copies of the title sheet and table of contents and put them at the front of the second half.

Now I can dig out the post-its and red pen. Whee!

I grabbed a couple double stacks from Wendy's on the way home. Four years ago these things cost $1 at most locations, and $1.29 at some. Now they're $1.69, and smaller than they used to be.

...but there's no inflation.

* * *

Oh: and on the way to OfficeMax I stopped at the Raceco station to fill up, because they charge $4.20 per gallon instead of the $4.40 per gallon it costs in the Fungal Vale right now.

$60 for a tankful of fuel.

If we had started drilling for oil in ANWR in 2003, the production would be coming online right, and gas wouldn't cost any $4.20 per gallon and I wouldn't have just paid $60 to fill up my truck.

Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!

And lest you tell me that I can't blame Obama for higher gas prices? Obama's decision on the Keystone XL pipeline has resulted in higher gas prices right the hell now.

Not only has Obama made energy more expensive right now; he's also ensured that it'll be more expensive in the future. Canada was selling us oil below market price; now they're going to sell it all over the world at market price and we won't get a discount.

Thank you ever so much, Barack Hussein Obama, you stupid fucking prick.

* * *

Karl Denninger is on fire today:

An elderly man in Greece commits suicide because his pension is worthless. Because the Greek government borrowed far more money than it can ever repay, and has had to essentially default on its debt.

That degree you earned isn't really yours. No, because if you default on your student loans they can revoke it.
Even though they suffered no loss and no injury if/when you default, they reserve the right to retroactively add terms and conditions to that degree after the program of study is completed.

This would be considered fraud were we to live in a land with the rule of law, and if undertaken in concert with others (like The Department of Education, which "encourages" this practice) Racketeering.
(Emphasis removed.)

"The Austrian Central Bank will join Germany’s Bundesbank in rejecting as collateral bank bonds guaranteed by member states receiving aid from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund." Meaning: these two German banks won't accept Greek bonds as collateral because they're not worth the paper they're printed on and everyone knows it.

The economy cannot improve until we solve our debt problem, or it solves itself.
'm quite surprised that the charade has gone on as long as it has, to be frank. I didn't think we'd get through 2010; the 2009 scam in allowing the banks to "extend and pretend" would blow long before now. That they got more than a year beyond my wildest expectation without it all coming apart has been a rather rude surprise.

But no small part of that surprise came about because I never believed our elected and appointed officials were so dumb as to try to run this scheme this far out, for this long.
I listen to Denninger on economic matters because I can't falsify very many of his statements--and when I can, usually it's something to do with physics or the Occutard movement, not economics.

I came late to the party, but now that I'm here I too cannot believe that we've managed to avoid the inevitable crash for so long. Then again, the people running the scams aren't stupid. Unwise, yes; stupid, no.

But I'm increasingly becoming convinced that there will be a major economic crisis, and it'll be sooner rather than later. I think the first major sign that it's happening will be when the banksters suddenly get out of town. If you see stories in the news about Mr. Wall Street Bigwig "postponing [meeting] to take an unexpected vacation"--enough to make you think, "Gee, why are all these guys suddenly taking time off?"--that's when the shit is just about to hit the fan. The banksters will know it before we do because they're in it, and like anyone they have a serious aversion to being lynched.

* * *

Abuse of power by social service bureaucrat. Yeah, I don't care that you gave birth in the last 24 hours and don't consider yourself mentally competent to make a legal commitment. You will sign this paper or I'll take your baby into custody and get you thrown you out of the hospital!

My friend and fellow gunblogger Unix-Jedi discusses the story extensively in the comments. Pity he doesn't have time for blogging any more.

The DHS/HHS/social service/whatever has far too much power, and it's almost totally unchecked by anything. That's got to change.

* * *

Apparently Obama's comment about "unelected judges" didn't go over so well with the public. The administration's goons are now trying to walk back those comments: "Ehh, no, of course the President didn't mean [what he actually SAID]!"

* * *

Two stories which are related--and if you think they're not related, you're too fuckin' stupid to be reading the Fungus. Go read Salon or Entertainment Weekly or something:

Obama's waiver-mania continues. This time his DHS has decided to grant waivers to illegal aliens. "Unlawful Presence Waivers", they're called.

Well, that's great! Can I get an "unlawful pharmaceutical manufacturing waiver" so I can make methamphetamine? No, I'd also need an "unlawful pharmaceutical distribution waiver" in order to sell it. Forget that.

How about an "unlawful execution waiver" so I can shoot some of the fucking retards that piss me off? This is good, but I need money more than I need the satisfaction of cleaning the gene pool.

Oh! I'd really like an "unlawful bank withdrawal waiver" so I can just go rob a bank when I need money. That's what I need! Can I have one of those, Obama administration?

And they want to keep illegals in the country so they can vote for Obama in the election this November. Remember: Democrats oppose any kind of photo ID requirement for voting because it makes it much harder for them to get away with vote fraud.

Besides, the election is only fraudulent if Democrats lose.

* * *

Last night I listened to the CD for King of the Jungle, the musical thingy I'm going to take part in this May.

It looks like I have a pretty short solo in one song; otherwise I don't sing in any of the songs and have only acting to do. And no dancing, which is also good. This shouldn't really be a problem.

I don't like learning my lines from listening to a CD, though, because I intend to do these lines my way, not in imitation of some guy.

We'll see what the director of the play wants, though.

* * *

Now I must go out again--I have to get cat food and cat litter. *sigh*

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