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#3297: Well, it's Easter, finally.

In my discussion of the Good Friday service, I belatedly realized that I'd neglected to mention how I went to bed on Friday night wondering (again) why God doesn't just wipe us the hell out and start over with something that makes sense.

"God came to Earth," I thought, "and we killed Him. WTF is wrong with us?"

Reducing things to their simplest, you come to realize that's basically what happened; as soon as Jesus really started to get his message out, blammo the Pharisees and the Romans nail him to a cross.

"Destroy this temple," Jesus told them, "and I will raise it up in three days."

Vox Day cites scripture.

Today's B.C. comic strip:

Two things that I didn't notice until I read the comments: first, the footprints on the water; second, Clumsy Carp gets a baptism while following them.

The artists behind B.C. have done this kind of thing before on Easter, but few of them are as memorable as this one.

Nice to see some comic artists who aren't afraid to be Christians.

* * *

Unlike some folk. Veeshir comments disgustedly on the way a study on Christianity is presented.

Veesher himself is an atheist who was raised Catholic and later converted, and says:
Just because you don’t believe he was God doesn’t mean you have say he’s a “fable, fairytale or fictional character”. That’s just rude.

They’re not atheists or agnostic, they just hate Christianity. They make me look bad with all their hate and obsession, that’s what pisses me off the most.
Way to be, Veesh.

* * *

Dinner tonight is going to be (I think/hope) lemon-pepper chicken and mashed potatos. I'd thought about making "chicken stuff" but decided I'd rather have something a bit "dressier" than that.

Anyway, most of the effort involved in making lemon-pepper chicken is remembering to put the chicken in to marinate. Otherwise it's just roast chicken, which means putting it in the oven and letting it bake for 20 minutes per side or so.

I'm also intent on baking a batch of apple crisp. But none of that needs to be done before 2 or 3 or so, and I desperately need a nap as I didn't get to sleep before about 3 or 4 AM...and got up before 8.

I'm such a layabout. *sigh*

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