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#3298: Another Fungus Omnibus Post!

Because I'm too lazy to make a bunch of posts and prefer to make one big one!

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The answer is "quite easily. All they have to do is vote for it."
Beyond that $83 billion in unfunded pensions, state government alone faces an unfunded liability of more than $54 billion in retiree health liabilities over the next 30 years.
That's a total of $137 billion, by the way, if you're not up to doing the math right now.

This is a state which is currently facing a shortfall in just this year's budget in addition to $9 billion in delinquent bills.

Illinois simply cannot afford to pay retirees that $137 billion, not now and not in the future. The money simply is not there; it was all spent by the state already. Exactly the same way the US federal government has spent all the Social Security funds it's been collecting since FDR signed the stupid thing into law.

The symbiosis of government sector unions and Democrat politics has led to the end it always leads to.

* * *

Boortz: "...[T]he unemployment rate dropped by one screaming tenth of a percent."

Dow closed 130 points down today; there was no trading on Friday because it was Good Friday and the Dow is closed on that day. It fell off a cliff at open today, then fluttered around the new level for the rest of the day and closed a whopping eight points up from its initial crater.

Problem is, the markets expected more job growth: unemployment dropped by about half of what was expected. (Two screaming tenths of a percent, I guess.) 121,000 jobs were created; more people dropped out of the workforce than before.

A record 87,897,000 of able-bodied Americans of working age are simply not participating in the labor force. Not working, not looking for work, enjoying the wonders of "funemployment"--and this is why the unemployment rate is 8.2%. Quoth Boortz: "If the same number of Americans were seeking work today as they were in 2007 before the recession, our unemployment rate would be upwards of 10%."

And the real unemployment rate is actually much higher. It naturally depends on how you count, but if you count those who aren't working and aren't looking--the "discouraged worker", so to speak--the fraction skyrockets well past 20%.

* * *

40th consecutive month of federal budget deficits. The previous record was 11 months. Go, Obamanomics!!!

...most of the time, the federal government records some surplus--figured monthly--a few times per year. Like, spending may outstrip revenue in July, but in August the reverse is true so the government posts a surplus in August. The general trend is negative, so that the annual budget is in deficit, but the monthly figures vary.

Not so under Obama! 40 months and counting, baby!

The article doesn't say when the previous record was set, though. It really ought to. (It's probably Carter, though. Don't want to add fuel to the "Obama=Carter" fire, now do we?)

* * *

The Obama Chicago campaign staff seems to be missing something. Hmm, I can't quite put my finger on it....

Michelle Malkin's got it! Where are all the minorities? Chicago is a city that's laden with blacks and hispanics. Why doesn't Obama's Chicago campaign staff look like Chicago?

If a Republican Presidential candidate had an all-white campaign staff anywhere in his organization, the mainstream media would immediately be saying, "[GOP candidate] is a lying thieving racist bigot homophobe nazi who is unsuitable for high office--which we knew all along--and this story proves it."

I will talk more about the media in a few moments.

* * *

Arby's does an about face when they realize that there are enough conservatives out there to put a serious dent in their sales figures. They had previously blocked conservatives from their Twitter feed; now they've un-blocked them, quietly, without acknowledging that they did something stupid.

Like, "whoops".

...but the damage is done. I can't eat Arby's food without getting heartburn, anyway, so it's no big loss for me to eschew ever eating there again.

* * *

The leopard does not change its spots. The panther doesn't have spots to change. Whatever.

Black Panthers, race war, yada yada. Don't hold your breath waiting for the FBI to investigate them, not while Obama's in office and Holder's in charge.

* * *

Vox Day on the impending nomination of Romney.In 2008,
...[I]instead of selecting a candidate from the ranks of the popular state governors, the Republicans selected a corrupt, half-crazed senator that most Republicans neither liked nor trusted. John McCain ran what may have been the weirdest and most incompetent campaigns in presidential history, actually suspending his campaign when the financial crisis hit and ensuring that instead of riding the wave of national anti-Wall Street indignation to the White House, the man now known as President Goldman Sachs was elected.
Yeah, McCain was a seriously lousy choice. But it was his turn, for some reason, so we had to let him try.

So now the GOP is bound and determined to front another loser.
Republicans have again turned to the most liberal, big-government, socially moderate candidate in the race. Mitt Romney isn’t popular with the party’s base, has no personal charisma, belongs to a religious cult, is tainted by his long-time Wall Street connections and is duly beholden to the usual collection of corporations and special-interest groups. He is such an obviously terrible candidate that, at various times, many Republicans seriously considered supporting Newt Gingrich, of all people, as a viable alternative.

Sure, Romney might win. Obama is incompetent and the economy is in tatters. If enough independents--soured on Obama by his near-total inability to make good on any of his campaign promises--vote for Romney that the election is outside of the margin of Democrat vote fraud, Romney could actually be President.

...and of course things will be exactly the same as they are now, only the media will have a Republican President against whom to lay all the blame for the crappiness.

* * *

Okay: WORM has a post up about the death of Mike Wallace.

Like all of the "great" television "journalists" of the Vietnam War era, Wallace was anti-US. WORM links to this article from 1996 which is titled "Why Americans Hate the Media" and includes an example of what it was about Mike Wallace that made him such an anti-American skunk.

It's a long article, though, be warned. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it.

* * *

Windy: 24 with gusts to 32. Too much wind for me to ride.

* * *

The apple crisp I made yesterday was excellent. The lemon-pepper chicken--I'm still working on that recipe but it was really tasty even if it couldn't stand up to the dessert I ate afterwards.

I think Mom's technique was to use the Lawry's lemon-pepper seasoning and to marinate in lemon juice. The Lawry's stuff contains a bit too much salt, but is otherwise pretty good. The flavor I got was heavy on the lemon (good) and light on the "pepper/salt/savory" part (not so good) and even adding salt after cooking didn't really help.

But it was far from being inedible, believe me.

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