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#3308: Yeah, $32,000 per weekend--why not?

It's not his money, after all.

Leon Panetta, Obama's CIA Director, commutes home to California every weekend on a government-owned jet. This costs the US government $32,000 every week.

Incidentally, the "carbon footprint" for this is the equivalent of two Hummer H2's being driven 100,000 miles each. EVERY WEEK. Over the course of a year that's the equivalent of about 870,000 gallons of gasoline, assuming an average fuel economy of 12 MPG for the H2 being driven in a suburban area.

If you're a member of an administration which purports to be all about saving the environment, isn't that just a little bit hypocritical?

But you, Mr. Prole, you can't get electricity from that nasty dirty coal-fired power plant because it's bad for the environment. You have to buy an electric car and get your power from a windmill, because we need to reduce our carbon emissions to save the planet from global warming.

All of which says absolutely nothing about how much money it is costing the taxpayer so that Mr. Panetta can sleep in his bed in California for two nights each week. But the press isn't interested in any of this, because it might make their boy look bad.

In fact, they're doing their all to protect Obama. WaPo puts an article about ObamaCare being an expensive boondoggle that will only increase the deficit on page 3, because, well--forget the quote; they don't want to admit that all the critics of ObamaCare were right about how it's nothing but an expansion of government.

It's all about how the press is trying to tell us what to think; the media have long since been out of the business of giving us the facts and instead concentrates on what the narrative for each story will be.

That's why the initial reports about the Zimmerman/Martin case all approximated, "WHITE RACISS STALKS AND BRUTALLY MURDERS INNOCENT BLACK CHILD". That was the narrative and the press didn't want to clutter the story with complicated facts such as the revelation that Zimmerman was actually a community activist who tried to help black people as much as he could, you know, or the fact that Trayvon Martin was suspended for having drug paraphernalia at school.

The Fukushima "crisis" was carefully played to fit the narrative of "NUCLEAR POWER IS INHERENTLY UNSAFE!!!" The media reports concentrated on the release of radioactivity without bothering to put it into perspective, without explaining the difference between radiation and contamination, without consulting anyone who might give a perspective that counters the scaremongering...because the facts got in the way of the narrative.

Journalism--and I use the term lightly here--is no longer about reporting facts. It's about advocacy, and it's been this way for a long, long time.

* * *

Ooh! Do we get to say that he's a "self-hating white"? Pfleger is a joke, both as a priest and as a political figure.
Obama explained his bill in the Chicago Defender in February 2000: “Racial profiling may explain why incarceration rates are so high among young African Americans. Law enforcement officials may be targeting blacks and other minorities as potential criminals and are using the Vehicle Code as a tool to stop and search them.”
Yeah, and it's also just possible that perhaps the majority of crimes are being committed by blacks which is why they are so "disproportionately" represented in the prison population.

That whole "gangsta" mentality, you know, that being a "thug" is authentically black while doing well in school and working hard is "being too white". know, by that measure, Obama's not black at all; at most he's an "Uncle Tom", if we're to apply the standards to him that are routinely applied to conservative blacks.

I'd better stop this before I get Derbyshired.

* * *

It's Hannity's fault Bob Beckel said "fuck" on national TV. Because someone said to him that the Head Start program is a failure (which it is) and his best riposte to the point was to say, "You don't know what the fuck you're talking about!"

Does this mean we can start telling that to Obama? "We need to end our dependence on oil!" "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, JUGHEAD!"

That would be pretty cool.

* * *

Speaking of President Stuttering Clusterfuck, we have a new entry in the "I make up geography as I go along!" file. This is the same President who said he'd visited "all fifty-seven states"; well, now he's trying to earn points with Argentina by calling the Falklands the "Maldives".

...Malvinas? They're called the Falklands because they belong to Britain--there was a war over them and everything--and President Wingnuthead can't get that right even with the help of his teleprompter?

"Oh, but he just misspoke! It was an honest mistake!"

I have it on good authority that George W. Bush was not qualified to be President because he misspoke. Honest mistake or not, because he made the occasional misstatement, he was incompetent and unqualified to be President.

But of course when Obama gets something FUCKING WRONG it's just because he's got so much to deal with that even a SUPER-GENIUS like him can get mixed up!


...and it's not like confusing Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, either. The Maldives are basically on the other side of the planet from the Malvinas.

* * *

Yeah, there's no possible way to spin this. Self-proclaimed "anti racist" Swedish Minister of Culture has a grand old time carving a cake designed to--

...I can't even describe it, not simply. It looks like one of those old, supremely racist caricatures of black Africans, from the 1930s. There's a performance artist under the table with just his head protruding--not only done up in blackface but with a big red mouth with jagged teeth painted on him, and some kind of fake black wig for hair. He screams whenever someone cuts a slice of cake--and the "anti-racist" herself cut out the cake's vaginal region.

From the article Ace links--and I too have to say, "CONTENT WARNING!" because it's pretty bad:
The shocking photos show several established left-wing members of the Stockholm cultural elite watching and laughing as Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth slices a cake depicting a black African woman with minstrel-esque face.
Ah, "left wing"--that explains everything. Of course they aren't racists! They advocate for the equality of everyone! It just so happens that some will be more equal than others, and of course your "equalness" will depend on your CV and other bona fides...but they're not racists or anything!

* * *

Last link from AoSHQ today: Publishers are unhappy that they're not allowed to price-fix ebooks with Apple's help so they make all kinds of profits.

* * *

Do you remember when global warming was melting the Himilayan glaciers at up to 10 kilometers per year? Well, the warmistas found out that the Himilayan glaciers aren't shrinking at all, but are in fact growing...and guess what they say the reason is?

That's right! GLOBAL WARMING! Veeshir links the money quote: "...climate change can cause extra precipitation into cold regions which, if they are cold enough, gets added to the existing mass of ice."

So global warming causes:
* Warmer than usual winters

* Colder than usual winters

* Glaciers to shrink

* Glaciers to grow
These are all claims that have been made by the AGW crowd, and if you think they are self-contradictory it's because YOU ARE TOO STUPID AND INCOMPETENT TO CORRECTLY EVALUATE THE SCIENCE! Got that?

* * *

Why do I have to keep on saying this? THE HUMAN ANUS IS AN OUTPUT-ONLY PORT! If you cram large and irregularly-shaped articles into it, do not be surprised if you then have to go to the hospital to have them removed!

* * *

Via Ann Barnhardt we get this story from the Chicago Sun-Times about traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange who walked out because the CME is screwing them over.

Among other things, Ms. Barnhardt says:
As a broker, how do you explain to your client, who had buy orders in at 99 and 98 why they didn't get a fill, even though there was a huge volume trade well through their price? You can't, because there is no rational explanation for criminal unfairness and fraud.

Gentlemen, you know that this is never, ever going to get better. It is only ever going to get worse. The markets are dead. You can't trade in a marketplace where there is zero integrity. You need to walk out - permanently - now. If you don't act preemptively and hang around in an environment that is now utterly and completely criminal, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE EVERYTHING. They will eventually drain you dry. Gather your chips, cash them out now, and go home. Leave the dead to bury the dead.
When the history of the early 21st century is written, it's going to elicit a lot of questions from those who are studying it: "How did the government let these people get away with naked theft?" "Why didn't the people rise up against this?" And so on.

Kinda the way people now look at the history of the big stock market crash that set off the Great Depression and ask, "Well, how come they didn't realize that it's never a good idea to carry so much leverage? Why did they ignore the fact that sometimes the market goes down?"

* * *

Like Graumagus, I have no sympathy for illegal aliens. Especially when they refuse to conform to the rules of polite society.

* * *

When I get the 50,000 other things on my plate attended to I'm gonna try building this DIY digital TV antenna and see how it works. The materials are pretty cheap and it looks like it'd take perhaps 15, 20 minutes to build once I found everything.

Finding all the parts--that will be time-consuming.

* * *

But! I got my taxes done today. I went to my 2nd rehearsal; it was over at 6 and so I just rode around on the motorcycle for a little while until it was time for Bible study. (I had the book in my knapsack with my script and libretto, you see!) Then I parked the bike out in front of the church and went in to class.

It was a bit cold riding home but I didn't have far to go. One of the nice things about a 450 cc air-cooled bike is that it doesn't take long for the engine to warm up to the point that you can ride it.

So I didn't have to stand there like those goobers revving my engine and acting like a complete tool. No; I got the bike started and let it warm up for a bit while I got my gear on; then--after a couple token revs to get the choke adjusted, but not full throttle and nowhere near as loud and obnoxious as the asshats in that other post--I rode away neat as you please.

That post doesn't mention that the guy was not on his motorcycle when he was revving it; oh no. He was standing next to the bike. And the thing had plenty of throttle response, so he wasn't simply trying to get his choke set so he could start riding.

My bike--especially in weather like this--you need full choke to get it started when the engine's cold. But after only a few seconds running at full choke you can begin easing it off a bit; after perhaps a minute or two you can back it off further. When you're at that point, it takes a little experimentation to find the exact "sweet spot" where the thing isn't stumbling to a halt but also isn't idling at 3,000 RPM, and where the engine spools up properly when the throttle is opened. (Instead of sputtering, choking, or stalling.) Once the engine's that warm, you can ride off without a problem, and just pull the choke off after you've ridden about a mile or so.

But you don't have to crank the throttle wide open when you get to finagling the choke. A quick blip is enough; if it bogs, open the choke a bit farther and repeat. If it revs up, you're golden.

Still, when I can finally buy a new bike (brand new, I mean, or "lightly used") I think I want to get one that's fuel injected. With an injected bike there's no choke to mess with, and therefore all you do is get on, turn the key, wait for the fuel pressure light to go out, and then crank her over. And you can ride away immediately. That is how it ought to be.

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