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#3309: Are we sure he didn't mean "hot dog"?

I mean, totally sure?

That's the big deal today: Obama ate dog when he lived in Indonesia.

Understanding--as I do--that President Stuttering Clusterfuck is prone to misspeaking, I just want to make sure that he wasn't talking about eating an Oscar Mayer wiener when he was living in Indonesia.

Wait, it'd have to be an Oscar Mayer beef wiener, because the regular ones ain't halal. Pork, you know.

"I just wanted to clarify," Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney said today, "that when the President referred to eating dog, he meant 'eating a hot dog'."

(Jay Carney did not actually say that.)

How interesting it is to watch the Democrats spin this story. Romney strapped a dog, in a carrier, to the roof of a car; and this is much, much worse than Obama eating a dog. After all, by the time Obama ate the dog it was already dead, right?

Every time I think this election cycle couldn't get any more ridiculous, they go and surprise me.

* * *

Global warming is making the Himilayan glaciers bigger.

* * *

Economy is slowing down. Obamanomics FTW!

...there's no good way to spin this. Best attempt: "the housing market hasn't found it's bottom yet!" But that's not positive; that means housing prices still have farther to fall before they can begin climbing again.

Manufacturing is beginning to sputter and employment is not keeping pace with population growth. Europe is officially in recession. How long before it gets called one here?

My guess: November 7, 2012.

* * *

Illinois serves as a horrible warning for others.

All aboard the USS Illinois! Set sail for FAIL!
Exciting and new
Come aboard!
We're expecting you!

soon will be making another run
Raising the taxes on everyone!
...I wish I could say that I can't believe I recall the OP for The Love Boat well enough to filk it from memory, but I'd be lying if I did. *whimper*

And the accompanying video would show us pictures of Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan and Daley and--

* * *

Extra frisson of raciss: Jesse Jackson as Isaac the bartender!

* * *

Weer'd has a good post up today about leftists and taxes: of yesterday 2.78 million Massachusetts residents had filed 2011 tax returns, and exactly 773 opted to pay at the higher rate. Altogether the 773 paid an extra $60,181, which means their average income was approximately $15,000.
Emphasis mine.

773 people said, "Sure, I'll volunteer to pay more taxes!" Out of 2.78 million.

Here's the deal: when leftists tell you they want taxes raised, they mean on everyone else. It's why there's nothing noble about Buffett complaining that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does; Buffett has no intention whatsoever of paying more tax than he absolutely has to--and he's rich enough not only to take advantage of some pretty amazing tax shelters, but to buy off enough congresscritters to get special exemptions built into the tax code that his army of lawyers and accountants can exploit.

People like Buffett think it makes them look good if they say, "I really ought to be forced to pay more taxes than I do!" But it only plays well with the leftmost 40% of the country.

Especially when it turns out the Buffett's corporation owes back taxes to the IRS and is suing to avoid paying them.

* * *

If I get off a bus and a cop asks to search my bag and wants to know where I'm going and why I'm there?

"What is this? The Soviet Union?"

"Why do you need to see in my bag? You don't need to know why I'm here or where I'm going or what I'm doing. What's your probable cause?"

(And yes, they'd detain me, and I wouldn't get where I was going very fast. I'd shut up and open my mouth only to demand a lawyer.)

The point behind this police-state bullshit is to "...detect, prevent and address latent criminal activity or behavior." What the hell is "latent criminal activity or behavior"?

Are these goons trying to prevent thoughtcrime?

* * *

IRS wants to be able to pull your passport when they suspect you owe taxes. When they suspect it, not when they've proven it in a court of law or even when they've got enough evidence to convince a judge to issue a court order revoking your passport. No.

When they suspect it.
And of course, one tends to doubt that Warren Buffett will lose his passport despite Berkshire Hathaway owing massive back taxes, or that any of the 98,000 federal employees who owe a combined $1 billion in back taxes will be deprived of their ability to travel outside the country. And while the writer is correct to say that "if House Republicans pass this assault on our Constitution, their credibility will be in tatters", this presumes that the House Republicans still possess any credibility after permitting the continued growth of big government by raising the debt ceiling last year.
File this one--like the one above--under "police state bullshit".

* * *

Borepatch on the upcoming election. I wasn't going to link it until I got to #7:
A Romney Administration will be a disaster for America, for freedom, and for the Republican Party.

There, I said it. That's a post for another day, but all the cheerleaders thinking that dating the President of the Chess Club will "show" that dumb old quarterback need to think how that particular date is likely to end up, and whether they want to end up married to this particular nerd.
Sure, a second Obama term is going to be bad for America. But how bad would Romney be? I'm not convinced that Romney would be even a whit better than Obama.

Forget the fact that Romney is Obama without the tan; I'm talking about what the media and the left (but I repeat myself) will do if they can pin the continuing recession on Romney and the Republican Party.

At least four more years of Obama would make it much, much harder for them to worm their way out of it.

But the GOP ain't called "The Stupid Party" for nothing.

* * *

Karl Denninger continues his economic doomsaying by pointing out that Spain and Portugal are following Greece's trajectory to several decimal places.

* * *

Same source. The telecom market is pretty much saturated, and stocks in telecom companies are overvalued.

* * *

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore it out, and used it to polish a car I no longer own. Necessity cannot surmount an impossible situation.

When I worked at Target the management there was...optimistic...about what a crew of 20 people (and less, after the 2007 Christmas seasonal employees were let go) could accomplish in eight hours. With no overtime allowed.

Yeah, two guys in the back room with 1,500 cartons of backstock from the truck to do before they can even think about starting on the backstock from the floor--you get to six o'clock and give up because WTF, there's just no way, you know?

(It depresses me how much I still remember from that job. 2.75 years later, I could still do that job blindfolded; drop me in a Target store after 10 PM and I'd only need an employee ID to do that job right now. Argh.)

(It's really more a reflection of how simple that job is, though.)

* * *

And speaking of "simple" I've got to go cut the grass. Whee!

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