atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3311: Finally got around to ordering the trunk for the bike.

This one.


1) It's about the same price as the one from J.C. Whitney that I liked.

2) It looks nicer.

I almost bought this one because you can get a lighting kit for it; but I decided against it based on feedback which was not universally good. One guy was seriously unhappy with the thing--I think the word he used was "junk"--and other people had to go buy bolts from the hardware store because the included ones weren't long enough. To some small extent that's the result of a "universal" mounting kit, but you'd think they could include some different-size bolts. WTF, it's not like bolts cost a lot.

Anyway, I also ordered this for relieving the cramps I get in my hand when riding a long way. The grips on the bike are just a little too small. Basically I bought this because otherwise I'd pay $7 for shipping--and I figured, why not pay $11 for something that might help me enjoy the bike more, rather than paying $7 for shipping which is just gone?

Anyway: the trunk will--as I said before--enable me to use the bike for more errands. At the rate I'm going, soon I'm only going to be using the truck to go shopping or when it rains! least in summertime.

* * *

The next task is to find a video card for El-Hazard which is PCI (not PCI-E!) and has an S-VHS output. (AKA "Super Video".)

This one looks pretty good. It uses the nVidia geForce 8400 chipset and has 512 MB of VRAM. It ought to be plenty good enough for watching anime from El-Hazard...and in fact would probably also let me (or someone else) play WoW on the thing, too.

But I'll save that one for another day, because right now I'm thinking it's time for me to hit the hay--or at least to do something that's doesn't involve me sitting at the computer.

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