atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3316: Tera looks good

Indeed it does; damn good.

Interesting part: I could perhaps use a faster video card, but the main stumbling block for maximum enjoyment is memory. This system has 3 GB of RAM installed (2.5 GB available) and the game prefers 4. It will run on a minimum of 2 GB, but 4 is "recommended"; I didn't bother bumping this system's RAM past 3 GB because I have a 32-bit OS.

Processor is fine, hard drive is fine, video is (actually) fine--just memory is the problem.

The game is brand new and this system is five years old.

My quarrel with Tera is the way they handle movement and interaction. You can't click on stuff because clicking is how you attack, and it doesn't matter if you're pointing at an enemy or a daisy; if you click, you attack it. (You can't damage friendly targets, though.)

It gets frustrating when you're presented with an obstacle you must jump over, and can't aim your character in the direction you need to jump with the mouse. When you're moving, you can direct your movement with the mouse; but when you're stationary there isn't any way to turn. The arrow keys move you in the direction you press, so if you press the right arrow your character turns in that direction and runs straight ahead, and you watch from the toon's right side.

The character models are highly adjustable. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheeks, jaws, orbital ridges--you can fine-tune the face to suit yourself with a dozen (probably more) parameters.

...but not, apparently, eye color? Maybe I missed seeing that one.

I think I like the gameplay of WoW better. Pity WoW is not as visually gorgeous as this game is.

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