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#3318: Are you sh**ting me? CANADA?

Weer'd has a post up about Canada de-registering long guns, and says, "Still overall Canada’s laws are better than Massachusetts!"

I commented there that if Canada's gun laws are better than those of Massachusetts, they are by default better than those of Illinois.

Because IL is the least-free state in the union when it comes to the civil right to self-defense.

Sure, we don't have to register our guns here in Illinois...yet. The Democrat Machine has been doing its best for decades to find a way to make it politically possible for them to enact a gun registry here. The Supreme Court had to strike down the Chicago gun ban as unconstitutional in order for the people of Chicago to regain their civil right to self-defense. And in the wake of that decision the Chicago Democrat Machine emplaced new laws which make it de facto impossible for low-income people to own firearms.

Because leftists prefer having a monopoly on violence. They side with criminals over the law-abiding. (Probably because so many of them are criminals.) What good is it to have jackbooted thugs if the proles can shoot them? It's much better to have the law-abiding people cowering in fear in their homes, so they won't mind paying ever-greater taxes for police protection that might show up when they really need them.

...nah, I'm not bitter. Why would I be?

* * *

Humans are omnivorous, damn it, and we need meat in our diet to maintain proper health.

Here we see more leftist stupidity: "...the results say nothing about what humans today should or should not eat."

Uh, no. Sorry, our dental equipment is not a social construct; this is something which used to be known as a fact and which--back in the old, unenlightened days when facts meant things--was not open to interpretation or opinion.

We have incisors, canines, and bicuspids in order to make it easier for us to EAT MEAT because meat is the highest-density energy source our bodies can cope with. If we were meant to exist solely on a diet of vegetables, we would have flat teeth all around, not those nice sharp pointy front ones. We have flat back teeth to help us chew vegetables, and our saliva is geared towards predigesting starches and sugars, because our stomachs are set up to digest meat and fat.

Our digestive tracts are short if you compare them to those of herbivores. Herbivores can subsist on food with a low energy--such as grasses--because they have very long guts. Cows have four f-ing stomachs in order to extract enough energy from the digestion of grasses.

Most people look at the idiots who want to feed their cats "vegetarian" food like they're insane, because they are; cats are carnivores. Sane folks don't think that you should feed vegetables to a carnivore as its primary diet.

Why is this so hard to grasp in the case of humans? Just because we have a choice not to eat meat does not mean we're obligated to ignore 100,000 years of primate evolution and eat tofu and steamed rice with legumes. Fuck that; I WANT STEAK!

* * *

An interesting article comparing European socialism with Chinese communism. Specifically, in the area of worker's rights versus economic output.

The writer seems to be coming from a viewpoint of "China cannot save Europe from itself; those Europeans have to start working harder." But neither Europe nor China is "right" in this situation. Europe's labor market is hyper-regulated, to the point that the regulations are strangling the economies of its member nations and putting their entire system at risk.

China's labor market is non-regulated: their factories are sweatshops.

The writer paints a picture of Europe as full of people who have plenty of money and plenty of leisure time; but the fact is that this is a society in which the failures of the bottom tier have not trickled up to the top tiers yet. We are told that Greece has been "saved", but it's going to take time for the economic effects to be felt of the 70% "haircut" that private investors took.

But even if Greece is, in fact, saved, such that there will be no further economic trouble from Greece--there are still Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland, in approximately that order, looming on the horizon. And Europe cannot fix them all; there is quite literally not enough money in the world to fix all five of the PIIGS.

China, however, is not going to be a big winner in all of this. China depends on exports for much of its GDP. Its exports are what are driving its "unprecedented" expansion of GDP. If the world economy falters, China's does as well...and China's situation is becoming increasingly precarious, and for exactly the same reason those European nations are getting into trouble.

The bubbles always burst; some just take longer than others. It's really only a matter of when; and the United States is no better off than any of the others.

* * *

Well, as for me, I slept, all right. After the last post I went to bed, and I slept until it was after 7. I actually feel pretty good now, and in a few I'm going to go make pasta sauce and have ravioli and garlic bread.

...when I was making yakisoba the other night I came across a head of lettuce I'd forgotten that I'd bought. I don't even know how long it's been in there. More than a week, but how much more? Two? Three?

It's still fresh.

I made taco meat last week, but made nachos with it--instead of tacos--because I thought I didn't have lettuce. How could I have bought a head of lettuce and forgotten about it so thorougly that I don't remember when I bought it?

And how did it stay fresh that long?

So now I feel obligated to buy some dressing and make a salad or two, but that's not happening tonight. Oh well.

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