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#3319: Monday morning, again

Well, though I've been freaking out over the impending musical since Saturday, last night I rehearsed along with the CD while referring to the script as little as possible, and did not do too horribly bad. I'm still going to make my prop/prompter binder, but I'm hoping I won't need to rely on it too much.

My biggest problem right now is my character's two (brief) monologues. If I keep at it, I think--I hope--I ought to be okay on Saturday and Sunday.

* * *

Germany ain't happy about bailing out the PIIGS.
Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, head of Germany's IFO Institute, said German taxpayers are facing a dangerous rise in credit risk from a plethora of bail-out schemes. "The euro-system is near explosion," he told Austria's Economics Academy on Thursday.

Dr Sinn said Germany is on the hook for much of the €2.1 trillion (£1.72 trillion) in rescue measures for EMU debtors - often by the back-door - that will saddle Germans with ruinous losses one day.
And let me tell you: "one day" does not mean the year 2525. If it's as far away as 2025 it'd be a real verifiable miracle that would get someone beatified.

* * *

Karl Denninger says that Europe Ain't Over.

* * *

Obamanomics is a complete failure.

* * *

There are a lot of problems with the media narrative of the Zimmerman/Martin shooting case.

* * *

Advice Goddess has more on Leon Pannetta's profligate waste of taxpayer money. She quotes the Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Panetta has reimbursed the government about $630 per round trip, or about 2% of the $30,000 cost to taxpayers per trip."

Well, that's big of him, isn't it?

"'He doesn't get much rest in California, based on the number of times I am in contact with him,' [Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] said."

Then why the hell does he need to go to CA every weekend?

* * *

Same source: The rule used to be, "finicky people go hungry." That's how it was in my house; my parents provided meals and if I didn't want to eat them, I didn't have to...but if I didn't eat what was put in front of me, I went hungry that night.

This notion that it is somehow "child abuse" not to make food your kids want to eat--to make them eat what the rest of the family is eating--is horseshit.

Absent, it must be said, medical reasons. Okay, if you have a kid who's unable to eat fish because of an allergy and you decide that dinner's going to be fish sticks, you can't expect him to eat that; you've got to make something he can eat. But if the kid can eat anything but will only eat pizza? Sorry, kid: you either eat what's put in front of you, or go hungry.

Or make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. No, I'm not going to make it for you.

* * *

Apparently the myth that "if you're anti-gay it means you're a homosexual" is a retread from the 1970s. I'm not surprised.

* * *

And two screencaps from the world of MMORPG beta tests:

Finally got the WoW "Mists of Pandaria" beta to work, though I'm not sure how, and came across this quest right before the client got the screaming clammydamps and kickbanned me:

That, my friend, is a reference to the ancient Chinese training ground Jusenkyo, "Cursed Springs". "There more than one thousand springs here, and each one have own tragedy happen there!"

Ranma 1/2--a reference which is inevitable when you've got martial arts pandas running around.

Image 2:

The Tera open beta ends tonight, and I wanted to check out how the Elin (lolitastic!) character race worked. So, I made Teegii, the Elin berserker.

It's hilarious. As you can see, she's got a big 2-handed axe for a weapon, and its handle is nearly as long as she is tall. Okay, sure--a berserker with a bigass weapon is about right, isn't it?

...the handle gets longer when she's actually using it. That is to say, some kind of accommodation magic renders the axe small enough for her to carry it when she's not using it, but once she takes it off her back the handle gets twice as long, making it look more like a polearm than an axe--and in the hands of an Elin, it's ludicrously big.

But man does she lay down the bitchsmack with that thing.

The more I play this game, the more I like it. This screencap gives a better idea of how nicely done the landscape is, though I don't have any real major vista for a background.

It looks as if any race can be any class, which is nice. I had not expected that; it's a departure for most computer RPGs.

I'll have to keep an eye on this game, I guess.

* * *

That reminds me, though, of one of the things that annoyed me about D&D version 4.

Apparently humans don't make good fighters.

...and I said, "What? What the hell kind of bullshit is that?" Oh no; no, if you want to run a fighter you need to be half-dragon or something weird like that, because humans don't have the constitution--

I stopped reading at that point.

Look: in the original game--before "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" let Gary Gygax cut the co-creator of D&D out of further profits--humans were best suited to the fighter character class. Other races were better for other things; elves were good thieves, for example, because of their dexterity bonus, and so on.

In AD&D, then, that changed a bit. There were racial character class restrictions and stat bonuses; a human could be anything but wasn't particularly good at any one class, while other races had bonuses that let them be good at certain classes but which precluded them being others. I don't remember the exact restrictions, but I do remember that dwarves couldn't be magic users. (Mages. Wizards. Never really understood "magic user" as a name for a character class. Oh well.) Dwarves made better fighters than humans did--but not dramatically better.

Point is, humans could achieve nominal competence in any character class; a given human might not be the best possible [whatever] at level X, but he wouldn't be facing any penalties. If you pitted dwarf and human fighters against each other, all else being equal, it would be a 50-50 proposition who would win the fight. The dwarf might have a 19 constitution to the human's 18, but it would quite literally come down to the luck of the dice as to who would win the fight.

Not so in D&D 4: no, a human would be--this is what I remember the discussion saying--the human would be outclassed by the whatever-it-was he was fighting.

So this is pretty much why I didn't bother looking at D&D 4.

* * *

Well, I went to bed last night at around midnight--after I finished rehearsing--and slept for almost four hours. I've been up since 4 AM, and guess what?

My damn sleep clock is all f-ed up, that's what.

Well, it's still cold outside. The projected high for today is 55-ish, and 61 tomorrow. After some rain midweek it's gonna be in the mid-40s. This is approximately seasonal weather for April in northeastern Illinois.

...actually it's a bit on the cold side, now that I think of it. We had such a mild winter--and that 10-day stretch of summer-like temperatures--which I think made everyone assume it was going to be a lot warmer than this, by now. I warned everyone we were due for another snowstorm; I doubt we'll get one, now, but it's still (barely) possible.

* * *

The trunk for the motorcycle is supposed to be delivered this afternoon. We'll see how that goes; if it is, I can install it and get a pic or two up this evening.

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