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#3326: The stage is not for me.

After I sat down last night and wrote out all my lines from memory--before I turned on the stereo and rehearsed twice--today I go to rehearsal and blow my f-ing lines again.


So after rehearsal was over, I went to the store for a few things--bread, ham, cheese--and bought a 4-pack of margerita-flavored wine coolers.

Got home, and ordered a super supreme from Pizza Hut. There's no useful special this week and the large was $14, but I said, "Fuck it! I'm worth it!" and went ahead and ordered it anyway.

(Actually I used Dad's aphorism: "It only costs a little more to go first class." But I said it with the spirit of "Fuck it! ...")

If I follow the pattern with the wine coolers that I did last year? I'll drink the last one on 12/31/12...maybe. I've had a taste for a margerita lately, and the wine cooler captures the flavor perfectly without me having to worry about the deleterious effects of tequila. I could probably guzzle the four-pack at one sitting--that's how good they taste--and end up drunk because I don't drink. I wouldn't be blind stinking drunk but I'd be impaired enough that driving would be a bad idea.

Fortunately, if I tried to do that, I'd probably get stomach cramps after the second bottle. My stomach does not have a lot of tolerance for alcohol.

Which is just as well, because both my parents were alcoholics.

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Omnibus linkydink nonsense:

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NBC quietly fires a second producer in the case of the misleading editing of the Zimmerman 911 call. The one where they cut out a sentence to make it look like Zimmerman was saying something that approximated, "THERE'S A COON DOWN HERE WHO'S UP TER NO GOOD! I'M GONNA SHEWT 'IM LIKE A DIRTY 'POSSUM!"

By the way? Turns out there were several robberies in the neighborhood in recent weeks, all committed by--are you ready for the racism??--black teen males.

And Vox Day notes, "The Great White Defendant isn't just Hispanic, but turns out to be an octoroon!" "Octoroon" meaning that he's 1/8th black. by the standards of the media, the left, and the Democrats, that makes George

* * *

I say this because--for purposes of Affirmative Action paperwork--Zimmerman can claim "black/hispanic" ancestry even though his skin is fairly light.

* * *

Three from Denninger:

Employment is basically flat. That's better than "declining" but only incrementally; it certainly is not the good news Obama and the Democrats need.

And if employment is flat, the economy is flat--which means "recession", since "recession" is defined as "two or more consecutive quarters with ZERO or negative GDP growth." But GDP is being fudged by government spending, so it won't be called a recession until and unless Romney wins in November.

In that case the recession will start Jan 20, 2013.


Dennigner makes the point that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, CBS NBC ABC NYT, and many others all need to be held responsible for these hate crimes against whites.
The facts are that the media, along with the Florida prosecutor, have ginned up a "racial" overtone to what is increasingly being proved up as an act of self-defense by someone who has no evidence whatsoever of racial motivation and found himself pinned by a man of superior strength who was bashing his head against a concrete sidewalk.
Emphasis removed. And also, emphasis removed:
If the charges are thrown out or Zimmerman is acquitted, which I fully expect will happen in the fullness of time, any ensuing riots are properly charged not only to those who commit them, but also against each and every member of the media, political class or otherwise, up to and including the President of the United States, who advocated an intentionally-false narrative and have done nothing to correct it with equally-vociferous speech.


How the government games the Consumer Price Index to minimize the appearance of inflation. The fact is, none of the economic numbers from our government are trustworthy. Not one of them, and they haven't been for years. (Since before Obama, even.)

So here I am, not eating much beef because it's become too expensive. I'm eating more chicken because I can get it at under $2 per pound.

The CPI takes this behavior and figures that I'm not spending more money on food--because I'm eschewing spending $4 per pound for any cut of beef that's not hamburger--and therefore the price of food isn't going up.

But of course, food is getting more expensive; I changed my behavior precisely because beef got too expensive--but that's inconvenient for the government to acknowledge, so they come up with statistical tricks that enable them to ignore the rising prices and concentrate on the ones which are static. And that lets them claim that inflation is some miniscule figure...when if you calculate it the way they did in 1977 it's somewhere near 10%.

* * *

I'm not the only tat-less dude on the planet! Hooray!

* * *

Having finished everything I had to do today, now I feel drained. I just want to go to bed and sleep. *sigh*

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