atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3331: I survived the first performance.

I kind of mangled one line, but it wasn't too horribly mangled. The expedient of having my script with me (in the "Dino Denims" binder I put together) helped.

While the kids are singing their songs, I pretend to write in it, and do a "frustrated businessman with no time to do anything" schtick. I pretend to send text messages on my phone, etc.

...the audience's eyes are all on the kids, anyway, because that's who they're there to see. I could sit there with a glazed look on my face and people would be just as happy.


I do, now, find myself reconsidering my "NEVER AGAIN!" stance of the other night, though. Half of the reason I'm having the trouble that I'm having comes from my own near-total lack of experience: I mean, the last time I was in a stage production of any kind was 1979--and in that one I only had one line.

Another good fraction comes out of the fact that I've only rehearsed for a couple weeks. When was my first rehearsal, the 10th? Oh, no--it was the 14th, that's right. So it has, in fact, only been a couple of weeks.

The kids have been rehearsing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday since March 20. I asked the director to tell me when she wanted me to start coming to rehearsals, because--as she said--they were going to start only with the kids, the songs, and the dance moves, and concentrate on that alone for the first couple weeks.

If I do one of these again, I'm going to go to every damn rehearsal, because two weeks isn't enough time for me to crowbar this stuff into my cranium such that I can regurgitate it properly on cue.


Anyway, I got a couple of compliments from adults in the audience while I was waiting in line for a couple of cookies and a cup of fruit punch. So that's fine.

One down, one to go...and then I can really relax.

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