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#3332: Do you realize it's been SIX YEARS already?

Fungus bloviation #1.

...which was actually posted on Monday, April 3, 2006. I only missed my sixth anniversary by 26 days....

But for six years, I've been here almost every day putting something up here. Six years--and it hasn't got me laid or anything, so I don't know why I keep at it....

* * *

We had our second and final performance of King of the Jungle today. Yesterday's performance was sparsely attended, but today the church was nearly full. All kinds of folks came out to see it, including my brother, my aunt, uncle, and their daughter. So that was nice.

Afterwards I went out to lunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and it was a very nice time. It's a pleasant day and I'd prefer either to take the motorcycle out for a ride, or take a nap...but I must cut the grass today since it's going to rain a lot this coming week.

So that's what I get to do today: cut the grass. And after that I bet I'll be too tired to do anything mechanical.


* * *

Last night I discovered that I can indeed put chapter titles in the chapter ordinal fields ("one" "two" etc) and have them come up in the table of contents. The formatting of the TOC goes all to hell if I hit "update entire table", but it was like that before, so nothing's changed for the worse.

So now all I need to do is to come up with snappy chapter titles, and Word will automatically pop them into the TOC for me...and in the process jangle up the formatting so I have to correct it. *sigh* But once they're in there, I can just hit "update page numbers only" and it'll leave the formatting alone.

So I got that going for me.

I want to get the editing done pretty soon, because my pastor and his wife are SF fans and I think I'd like to let them read it before the pastor retires at the end of June. I'm led to understand that after a pastor retires (or leaves a particular church or other reasons, such as taking a new assignment) he can't come to the church he led for a year. That makes sense: you don't want the old pastor getting in the way of the new pastor forming a rapport with the congregation. It's still kind of a sad feeling, though.

Still, I'd wager he's looking forward to being able to take things at least a bit easier--I don't expect him to stop doing the pastoring thing entirely just because he retired; he'll probably still do things like hospital visits and things.

But that's June, and it's not quite May yet. I'd like to get a fresh pair of eyes to look the edit over, and tell me if there's anything missing or screwy with it. (Certain members of the Fungus readership, who have already seen the rough draft, will of course also be invited to take a gander at the updated version. The rest of you: buy a copy when it hits the shelves! Please??)

* * *

(Listen to me: "when it hits the shelves".)

* * *

So, will I do another musical or production like this? I don't f-ing know. I was definitely in the "not just 'no' but 'hell no'" camp this past Thursday; but realizing that I had two weeks to learn my part--and that that just isn't enough time for my aging cranium--has mitigated my aversion to ever doing another one of these. Now I know that I've got to be in on the thing from the very beginning, so that I have a maximum amount of time to learn my lines and get the timing down, but I'm still not entirely sure I want to subject myself to this kind of stress.

Maybe there won't be as much stress if I have the time I need to learn the thing so cold it can liquefy helium.

* * *

I'm hoping I can get the grass cut without having to fill up the tractor. I should be able to do the whole lawn on what I've got here. But it'll mean going for gas next week.

Well, anything I can put off--I'm tired, damn it.

And that grass won't cut itself, so I'd better go get started.

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