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#3334: Isn't Illinois wonderful?

They can take you to jail for failing to pay your bills. Oh, it's not debtor's prison or anything, oh no! No, it's contempt of court or any of a dozen other reasons.

Well, it's not just Illinois. Still.

* * *

Same vein: Las Cruces is shutting off utilities to people who don't pay their traffic fines.

...I don't know how you get out of court--when you owe them money--without at least making arrangements to pay the fine. Still, if you arrange to pay and then don't pay, maybe that's how they get around it. I don't know.

But we're seeing a lot more of this these days, and it's all due to the shittiest economy in the last 50 years.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

The Spain roller coaster train has gotten to the top of the big hill, and it's about to go over the peak. This coaster's track is parallel to Greece's.

So what's Spain's first tack? Raise taxes! ...which will reduce GDP, thus exacerbating the problem.

What will be their next tack? Austerity! ...which will reduce GDP, thus exacerbating the problem.

There is simply no way to win. Once you get into the socialism hole, the first thing you must do is to stop digging.

* * *

Awww, poor Polly Prissy-pants doesn't like being First Lady! Well, maybe she won't have to suffer for much longer.

* * *

For God's sake, ignore the buttheads who tell you to eat carbohydrates and avoid fat! Cut out as many damn simple carbs as you possibly can. Starches, too. (IMHO, some complex carbs are okay as long as they're not the staple of your diet. But I'm not a doctor or a dietician.)

As previously stated I've done my best to minimize my intake of carbohydrates--mainly by cutting my intake of sugar water entirely in favor of aspartame water. I still indulge my sweet tooth by having a handful of small cookies or something, but that handful of cookies has less sugar in it than a 24-oz bottle of Pepsi does, so it's a net decrease anyway.

But the "obesity epidemic" can be laid at the feet of all those doctors and people who pushed high-carb diets and told people that eating fat would kill them. "Cut out meat! Eat pasta and vegetables! Eat eight servings of fruit per day!"

...and people keep getting fatter because carbs prompt the production of insulin and insulin makes you gain weight. And people trying to control their cholesterol by eating high-carb diets get more and worse heart disease even as their lipids come down to "acceptable" figures.
And diabetes.

So that's why I've stopped listening to the "experts" who tell me that the cheeseburger I want for lunch is deadly poison: they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

* * *

I had a long and complex dream last night, and it may provide the germ of a new SF novel.

I'd taken a long sublight interstellar trip to a colony planet and was trying to accomplish...something...there, and I got a pretty good view of the world and its customs while I was working on my mission.

The local currency was based on these pearl-like objects which were generated by an indigenous beetle of some kind. You cut off the top of the abdomen with a knife, and under the chitin was where you'd find these crystalline nodules--up to eight--which were perhaps a quarter-inch across. I don't recall what they called them, but one of these nodules was the equivalent of a single unit; eight of them could be collected to make up a larger denomination, but I'm not sure how they were combined to form a single coin/bill/token/whatever. There was, then, a smaller unit, I think denominated with simple copper coins, but I'm not sure because that was a nebulous thought I had while looking at the nodules a guy was prying from a bug.

(Of course the nodules were rare--about like finding pearls in oysters.) (At least, before they learned how to culture them....)

The folks that I was living with while doing whatever it was I was doing were living at perhaps an 18th-century tech level, and getting along just fine. But across a rope bridge was the "Fallers", humans who were living in adobe huts and--charitably put--"closer to nature". (By choice, that is.)

And there was a scene where the colonists had to deal with the Fallers. I got to go along.

They brought with them a long scroll which was (apparently) a deed for the colony, and the idea was that the Fallers would come out to talk if they thought there was a chance they could get their hands on the scroll. But of course as soon as we got to the meeting ground, the guy in charge immediately wrote on the "claim sheet" that we'd brought that scroll with us.

The "claim sheet" was sitting on a pedestal, protected from the weather, and it was basically a way for colonists and Fallers to pass into the other side's territory without immediately having to forfeit their possessions.

...anyway, there was a lot of stuff in there that didn't make sense, but as I said it's the germ of a neat idea and I think I can make something cool out of it.

* * *

I still feel drained from yesterday. After I did my blog post (#3332) I sat here playing Freecell for a little while. I had a headache and felt sick to my stomach, and after a while I laid down in bed and tried sleeping, but couldn't.

So I slugged back a margerita-flavored wine cooler. That didn't help my stomach any but it didn't hurt, either, and then I slept for five hours. After bloggerating again (#3333) I ended up back in bed, and slept until 6:30.

But since I do feel so wiped out--still--I'm not planning on doing very much at all today. Maybe go to the bank and the insurance agency later on, but that's about 10, 20 minutes' worth of stuff to do, and none of it needs to be done right this instant anyway.

So, yeah. Bed.

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