atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3337: Damn it, I should not be buying candy!

Went to K-mart because Pepsi was on sale at an extra-good price: I got it for $2.50 per 6-pack because I have their points card, "must buy 4". I was originally going to take the motorcycle and just get 2, until I 3x-checked the ad.

So instead I rode the motorcycle around and around until I was tired of riding, and took the Jeep to K-mart.

Pop, cat litter, and a 6 oz box of Good & Plenty because it was $1.


I love Good & Plenty when it's fresh, and this stuff is about as fresh as it gets when you buy it in the store. (I'd love to taste some right off the assembly line, though.) I also like the soft licorice you can get at certain stores, but that stuff's usually about $3 per package and that's too much for me to spend on an impulse buy.

...last time I bought G&P from K-mart it was so stale it had practically fossilized. I put one piece in my mouth, tried chewing it, spat it out, and trashed the whole box. I didn't even bother writing the letter to the company or trying to take it back or anything, for two reasons: 1) I didn't need the aggravation over $1; and 2) I didn't really need the carbs, either.


When I was there I tried to remember the other thing I'd wanted to check out while I was there, and couldn't; I checked out the prices of short-sleeve henleys (still over $10) and gave up trying to remember what it was. But here I sit in solemn joy, and now I realize that the thing I'd wanted to check K-mart for was a shower-massage head.

Oh well.

* * *

Got the Xanax refill request called in; now I have to go clean. I got the kitchen sink cleaned out and the dishwasher started, but now I have to do everything else. Since my original plan had been to ride the motorcycle to K-mart for Pepsi, I wanted to get going before the huge line of thunderstorms I saw on the radar got here.

Off to clean!


Boy, the bathroom looks like it's from a different house. I filled up the vacuum's dirt collector, too, mostly with cat hair and cat litter.

Swept and mopped both bathroom and kitchen.

...ran out of toilet cleaner--got like two little spritzes from it--and then


grabbed a bottle of some kind of cleaner with bleach in it and started spraying THAT in the toilet bowl.

I got one whiff of chlorine, exhaled all the air in my lungs as explosively as possible, and got my ass out of there. I didn't even bother dropping the bottle of cleaner; I closed the door behind me on my way out.

I got some fresh air, then held my breath, went back in, and flushed the toilet. Got out, closed the door, exhaled completely--repeated that a coupel of times, and then it was back to the plain old "chlorine bleach" smell rather than "DANGER YOU'RE ABOUT TO LIQUEFY YOUR LUNGS YOU MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT".

And I f-ing know better than to do that, too! I know that reacting hydrochloric acid with sodium hypochlorite produces chlorine gas!

On the plus side, I was smart enough to exhale as soon as I smelled it, rather than keep inhaling, and there wasn't much HCl in the toilet bowl to begin with, so what I got was the slighest whiff of chlorine rather than an entire lungful. That was enough to convince me that I really need to think about things better before I do them.


Still: the house is cleaner than it was. I'm going to put off doing any more in the kitchen until later, because it's not that dirty. There's probably about ten minutes' worth of work to do in there, but I'm thinking about making a half batch of apple crisp for Bible study tonight and I'm already plum tuckered. Scrubbing all the soap scum off the tub was a real chore which is why I put it off for so long.

"Scrubbing Bubbles" my ass.

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