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#3340: I finally reorganized my blogroll.

Finally moved all the A-rank ones to the top, in order, followed by the ones which update sporadically, put behind a separator bar.

Now all I have to do is get it into a postable format. Whee!

...but of course I'm habituated to saying "okay, read this, skip that one--oh, that's a dead link, skip it--yes, this one..." so it's kind of throwing off my surfing to just click each link in order.


* * *

Walter Williams points out that the three richest counties in the US all border Washington, D.C. This is not a coincidence.

* * *

Karl Denninger says the world economy is going to go south this year. Don't believe him? "Come back and score me in 6 months, and then again in 12," he challenges.

I would like to disagree with him, but I don't see that he's gotten anything wrong, here.

* * *

Someone at Fox News finally comes to the party. It's all about how the government has been gaming the economic statistics to make them look better than they actually are.

Which I've been saying for how long?

* * *

Here's another person who won't vote for Romney and who manages to keep from getting pissed off while writing about it--unlike me--so he expresses himself very clearly.

Here's what he says:
Okay, since I posted that picture this morning of Obama and Obamney I have gotten 13 (that's right, 13) emails and 1 comment telling me that I need to vote for Romney or 1) it will be a wasted vote, 2) because a Supreme Court justice seat will be up for grabs, 3) because Romney is a nice compromise and won't scare the liberals off, 4) Romney won't infringe any further on our Civil Rights and 5) We need Romney to overturn ObamaCare.


I'm going to take points 1-5 and tell you what I think about it.

1) I'm in California - my vote is symbolic only. My personal vote doesn't count anymore. Even if it did, Conservatives are outnumbered by liberals by a huge margin here.

2) A SC justice seat is always up for grabs. That has been an argument since the very first time I cast a ballot. It doesn't even figure into who I might vote for.

3) I don't want a fucking compromise nor do I want moderates standing with me. Besides, my fear is that Romney will fuck things up even worse than Obama and scare all the moderates back to the left.

4) Romney cannot infringe on our rights any further. That goal has been accomplished. As far as 2A goes, Romney was the governor of Massachusetts - a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the US today.

5) ObamaCare was modeled after Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts. It was originally his fucking idea. Get it? He's not going to overturn it, he's going to tweak it around until it's a "workable" compromise and my taxes are still going to go up to pay for it.
The only change I need to make to that text in order to have it apply to me? Change "California" to "Illinois".

That's it.

* * *

I'm gonna steal the pic he mentioned, too:

That's much better than this one:

* * *

I already finished off the UTS I made 24 hours ago. made two double-decker sandwiches and--IIRC--two regular sandwiches, which is approximately the equivalent of six normal sandwiches.

Well, it tasted good! What do you expect?

* * *

It's 79° and the dewpoint is 68°. I'd be greatly surprised if we didn't have thunderstorms today, considering it barely sprinkled here yesterday. Well, the forecast says "70% likely" tonight.

May 3, and it's like July out there. *sigh*

I should ride the motorcycle, but I had a whole tab of Xanax last night, and I'm still feeling floppy; I am hoping to do some cleaning on it later today, though.

* * *

So the day after I cleaned the house--which I did on Tuesday--IttyBit gets sick.

I don't mean the usual "cat horking up a hairball" sick; I mean sick, as in "throwing up watery mucus and having a bout of diarrhea" sick. Periodically yesteday (Wednesday) the cat would puke, and of course she'd vomit some here and then walk a short distance away and puke some there, because making one mess instead of fifty is just not how that cat does things.

Fortunately the diarrhea stayed within the litter box. The smell, sadly, did not, but the disgusting mess was, at least, confined to one area. She was definitely sick. the point of being off her feed, even. This is a cat who eats, and though she doesn't carry a lot of weight she's still a little pig of a kitty. She'll nose Luna away from the cat food whenever she has a chance to, and more than once she's eaten so much that she's gotten sick. It's to the point now that I have to chase her into a bedroom and close her in so that Luna has a chance to eat undisturbed.

Yesterday I put down cat food and she nibbled a little at it, then walked away. Saw neither hide nor hair of her almost all day, not even when I came home with my food from Culver's, which included french fries--normally she smells them and begs for a few. She puked in several places around the house, of course. When I did see her she seemed to have a normal energy level, and was friendly enough, so I figured it was nothing major.

Well, this morning, she went to the cat food and ate, and I haven't heard her barfing, so probably whatever she had has passed by now. But I have no idea what it could be or where she could have gotten it. Luna seems fine and she eats and drinks from the same dishes.

Maybe IttyBit caught an insect or spider or something, ate it, and it didn't agree with her. I don't know. It's not something from a plant; my sister took all the houseplants and my cats are indoor cats. (I'm not sure I miss them.) Perhaps a maple seed got tracked in, and she ate that? I don't know. There wasn't anything in her vomit that looked plant-like.

She seems better now, so F it.

* * *

I think my next project will be "GET A FRICKIN' HAIRCUT, YA HIPPIE!" It's been since November, I think....

And then? Dive back into the old job hunt.

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