atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#334: It's not just me.

This article says that many people all over the world are having trouble with Vista, not just me.

Shall I count the ways?
  • Neverwinter Nights doesn't work, even after being patched.
  • Diablo II doesn't work.
  • Ahead Nero, it turns out (yesterday), doesn't work.
  • No drivers for my HP ScanJet 4300C.
  • GameHouse Mahjong doesn't work.
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller 4 doesn't work.
  • Windows Media Player--which is supposed to be able to burn CDs--won't burn most of my music files to CD. Error message: "There is a problem with X of Y files and they cannot be burned to CD until these problems are corrected." That's it. There is no DRM on any of these files.
  • Windows Mail won't import my old Outlook Express data.
  • Many little utilities I've used for years won't work.

"A spokesman for Microsoft said there were no serious problems with Vista.

He said: 'Windows Vista provides an easier, safer, more entertaining and better connected experience – at home or on the go – and customers wanting to realise these benefits right away should not put off moving to Windows Vista.'"

"Easier"? "Safer"? "More entertaining?" Than what? Having a lie down on a bed of nails? Nothing I have done on this machine has been "easier" than anything I ever did on my old 20th century P3 with WindowsME. In fact, the only program which didn't work under WinME was Google Earth. And "more entertaining"? I would laugh at that if I wasn't actively seeking some of that moron's hair in order to make a voodoo doll of him.

There are no benefits to upgrading to Windows Vista. Avoid it like the plague.

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