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#3348: European socialism!

Sarkozy is out in France and "neo-Nazis" are in in the Greek parliament.

Vox Day says Golden Dawn is less fascist than the pro-EU goons.

Michelle Malkin.

France's new president is an actual Socialist Party member and he's gotten his office because the French don't like "austerity".

The bread and circuses will continue despite Europe's inability to pay for them, else the sitting officials will be voted out and replaced with officials who can't do arithmetic. So at a time when Europe already faces depression for overextending itself, the people have voted for more overextension.

As always, the socialists have promised they can fix everything without causing any pain or suffering whatsoever. No; that always comes later, after things have really gone to pot. The new guy, Hollande, has promised to implement confiscatory tax rates on "the rich" in order to pay for typical socialist profligacy, and all this will do is further mire France in depression.

The European markets are down on the news. Well, to be fair, Sarkozy was in the banksters' back pockets and this new guy appears to have his own ideas. Of course the markets would drop on this news.

Meanwhile, Obama urges France not to implement Obamanomics because it'll be bad for their economy.

* * *

Woman jailed for trying to fill a legal prescription. This is the "War on Drugs".

Cop said, "Well, we believe that you have forged your pain pill prescription and we are calling your doctor now. But I've worked with this pharmacist a number of times and he's never made a mistake." Rather than wait to talk to the doctor, though, he just arrested the woman and took her to jail.
The officer then took her the Dallas County jail, where she remained overnight. After she was released on bond, she was charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, a felony.
...and if it was me in that situation you bet your ass I would sue those motherfuckers. I'd sue the cop, the DA, the city, the pharmacist, and the pharmacy that employed him, and I would sue for a shitton of money.

* * *

Obama can't draw 20,000 people to the official inauguration of his campaign for re-election. 14,000 came and you can see all the empty seats in the photograph.

* * *

No, it's not hagiographic coverage of Obama and the continuous shilling for liberal causes that's hurt the image of the mainstream media; oh no! It's the White House Correspondents' Dinner that makes people think the press is in bed with the Democrats!


...well, that's just the kind of idiocy you expect from a major network's news anchor.

* * *

Are you ready for your electric bills to skyrocket? Because Obama's policies are all set to make them do just that. The EPA is hyper-regulating carbon emissions and making coal extra-expensive, and Congress can still stop them.

Who knows if they actuall will, though.

* * *

Michael Flynn has a footnote to his prior post on science and the decline thereof. Here he discusses a study--I use the term loosely--which concluded that white babies are inherently racist.

There were two parts to the study. The first involved a total of 48 white 5- and 9-month old children, and consisted of showing them paired photographs of white and black people. Because the babies tended to look at the white faces, it was concluded that white babies are racist.

...except that about 43 of the test subjects were excluded from the final results for varying reasons, so the sample was actually five children rather than forty-eight.

There was a second phase of the study conducted with 32 different 5- and 9-month olds, and in this study the results from some 23 of the test subjects were similarly excluded, yielding a sample of nine children.

The paper peer-reviewed? And no one noticed the violation of statistical practice? Apparently the "peers" were simply other voodoo scientists and cargo cultists with all the expertise in statistics one gets from a one or two semester course on "Stats for Social Science."
Okay, look: I have never taken so much as a single day's worth of instruction in statistics, and I can see what's wrong with this shit.

Then again, I don't have a dog in the "white people are all raciss!" hunt.

* * *

I think I may have overdone it yesterday.

Well: I got up at 7:45 and went all day. Church, blog, cut grass, make goulash, play WoW, ride bike, blog, play more WoW--by the time it got to be around 10 PM I was done. But I didn't go to bed; I sat in my rocking chair with the windows open and watched it storm until I simply could not keep my eyes open any longer; then I finally laid down around 11:30-ish.

My sleep can be charitably described as "broken", with the result that I ended up in bed until 2:30. Well, I was up for perhaps an hour around 8-ish, when I fed the cats and had a bagel, but when I woke up this afternoon I still felt exhausted.

Having been up for a while now, and having had a bowl of goulash--it always seems better the next day!--I feel less embalmed, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to accomplish much today.

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