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#3350: Kepler's gonna be trouble.

Steven Den Beste writes about how astronomers keep changing things, which makes the art of science fiction more difficult.

I commented there about how the Kepler mission is going to screw up my SF universe when it fails to find planets where I put them around nearby stars. Or finds them in the wrong places.

* * *

Suspended for wearing a shirt advocating Christianity.

When I was in high school one classmate was a big fan of the Butthole Surfers. After going to a concert, the next day he wore the shirt he'd bought that proudly announced the tour:


...the vice-principal reportedly snorted once, then told him, "Okay--turn that shirt inside-out for the rest of the day." No suspension, nothing, just "turn that shirt inside-out". And the guy knew something like that was going to happen, so he was not particularly put out by being required to reverse the thing, either.

But in this case, the kid was wearing a shirt that said, "LIFE is WASTED without Jesus", and in approximately that sort of typography. For this, he got an in-school suspension of twelve days followed by a regular suspension of five days when he wore it to school again.

The T-shirt, which says Life is Wasted Without Jesus, is not the issue, said Nancy Pynch-Worthylake, superintendent of the South Shore regional school board. The issue is how to express one’s beliefs without offending others.

“For us, it never really was about the one shirt,” Pynch-Worthylake said Friday.
If the shirt itself is not the issue, then why was the kid punished for wearing it? This is legalistic bullshit spewed to satisfy the school's lawyers.

And how, pray tell, is that shirt's expression offensive? The t-shirt does not, for example, say, "TOWEL-HEADS, KIKES, HEATHENS, AND PAGANS: YOU ARE GOING TO BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL!!!!!" It merely expresses the opinion that life without Jesus is wasted, in so many words.

I'll tell you who finds that shirt offensive: atheists. Specifically, the militant evangelizing atheists, the kind that steal communion wafers in order to desecrate them because "it's just a cracker!" The kind that seem to populate the lefty arena, you public school teachers and ACLU lawyers.

"...[T]he board [of education] was consulting with a human rights expert for an opinion on whether Swinimer’s T-shirt was offensive to those with other beliefs."

How about this: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND FREEDOM OF RELIGION ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. There is no right not to be offended in the US Constitution and furthermore it cannot be construed from what is extant in the Bill of Rights. (Unless, I don't know, you're the Supreme Court in 1973....)

This kid has a right to wear that shirt. Its statement is neither vulgar nor pornographic; it has no images on it. As I said I can agree with censoring statements which employ invective or have graphic images on them. (Another example: when I worked at Target, a guy came to work wearing a t-shirt with images of scantily-clad women all over it. The boss told him he had either to change his shirt or keep that thing covered up.) (By "scantily-clad" I mean string bikinis, or thongs and "arms over breasts", or....)

Unless the school faculty took exception to the message of this particular shirt, there is no way this situation makes a damned lick of sense. It's about this specific message.

* * *

Midwest Chick talks about the lawyer for the defense of a terrorist scumbag who wants the court to order that all women in the courtmust wear hijabs during this case.

...because it offends her client's delicate islamic sensibilities.

I have two words for that shit: FUCK YOU.

Oh, wait, I have three more: TOUGH SHIT, ASSHOLE.

If you want to live in that kind of society you can go back to the shithole you crawled out of...once you've served your sentence for attacking an American warship.

* * *

"Wait, those last two things make you a hypocrite!" Nope.

You see, "freedom of expression" and "freedom of religion" do not place any onus on others. I can be a Christian, and I can express my Christianity, and you have to suck it; but I CANNOT EXPECT YOU TO FOLLOW THE TENETS OF MY RELIGION FOR FEAR OF OFFENDING ME.

Okay, I'm not supposed to gaze with lust upon the naked flesh of women. (Any woman I'm not married to.) (And yeah, I'm a sinner, believe me....) But I can't expect you not to wear that t-shirt of scantily-clad women solely because them titties are outrageous and the sight of them leads me to sinful thoughts.

It's like a Jewish person insisting that his Gentile friends not eat shellfish when he's around.

Islam is the only religion which insists that non-adherents comply with its rules. Even if you're not a muslim you're supposed to do everything their way because the shrinking violet death cult cannot withstand even the slightest insult.

...somewhere in there is the germ of a post on why Christianity is so much stronger than islam. It has to do with the central message of Christianity ("God loves you!") and how that compares to the death cult's inability to handle insults. Islam is what I call a "vending machine" religion: you put in the right coins and out comes your ticket to Paradise and your 72 virgins. There's no room for grace in that kind of religion; all you've got is a set of rules that you'd better follow or you're going to go to hell!

But if I continue on that tack we'll be all day here, so let's move on.

* * *

OldNFO embeds a YouTube video of Representative Colonel Allen West schooling a CAIR flunky on his own religion.

CAIR wants us to believe that the koran doesn't say what it says. Look at the foolishness the asshat tries to pull: "Show me in here where it says muslims are supposed to attack America." Well, of course you can't, because islam predates America by some 1,100 years. But the book of the death cult does command its followers to kill infidels, which are defined basically as "anyone our mullahs say are bad guys".

And the audience applauds when Col. West schools that bitch. Awesome.

* * *

More Republicans need to do this. That's so damned awesome.

* * *

Karl Denninger talks about Greece.

See, Greece has had its regularly-scheduled elections, and the composition of its parliament has changed. The leading party was unable to form a coalition, and so, "The attempt will now pass to...the second-biggest party, which has vowed to cancel the austerity conditions related to the financial bailout."

And without those austerity conditions, Greece is right back in the profligate super-over-spending regime that got them into the shit in the first place. say nothing of what will happen to the bailouts themselves if Greece decides not to toe the austerity line. How many of those bailouts are contingent on their austerity measures?

Greece isn't fixed, and in fact it's becoming un-fixed. Socialism works as long as you have plenty of other peoples' money, but Greece is already so far past being out of other peoples' money they had to make private bondholders take a 70% haircut off their investments.

The bailouts were basically cramdowns from the EU, anyway, and the Greek people are most unhappy with the requirements. It doesn't change the fact that Greece is broke and can't afford what the Greek people want, of course. That's what's going to bring down European socialism, though, one way or another.

Over the past few days I've been trying to figure out how long the half-life of socialism is. It's not a century; it's shorter. Right now I'm thinking somewhere around 60 years, which is approximately the lifespan of an average human post-college.

Which, if you think about it, makes sense. The people who were around when the socialism began begin to die off, and the people left holding the bag are only committed to the benefits of socialism--all the handouts--and uninterested in the liabilities, such as "confiscatory taxation". Greece is typical, with rampant tax fraud.

But just like an individual, a government cannot spend more than it takes in ad infinitum. You can't borrow money to cover your budgetary shortfalls, and keep borrowing it, without ever paying down that debt. It's mathematically impossible even if you play shell games with the debt, borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul, because you must pay interest on those loans--absent any other increases in payouts you still must pay for the privilege of borrowing money, and that alone dooms the enterprise.

France is in the same boat, though it's in much better shape than Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland; but the United States is right there with it. We're all spending too much money and there quite literally is not enough money in the world to pay off all the debts.

And it's not looking good. The books will balance, sooner or later.

* * *

A little Christian humor.

* * *

Here's hoping that Dick Lugar loses the primary in Indiana today.

Living--as I do--in the Peoples' Idiocratik Republik of Illinoistan, there are very few opportunities for me to vote for a true conservative candidate. Lots of the GOP pols in Illinoistan are "right side of moderate", most of the time. They'll be anti-gun-control, but otherwise they're big government Republicans.

* * *

BTW, the "dinosaur killer asteroid" theory of dinosaur extinction is officially dead because it was their own flatulence caused "global warming", and that killed them.

Okay, so that whole thing about the asteroid that hit the planet (somewhere near the Yucatan Peninsula) which caused a "nuclear winter" that killed the dinosaurs? The one which is supported by the layer of iridium-rich soil?

Yeah, that's over now. It's because dinosaurs emitted millions of tons of methane, which caused runaway global warming, and they died.

The interesting thing about this stupid crap is how we've come full circle. In the mid-20th century it was thought that the planet got hot and dried out and that killed the dinosaurs. Then Alvarez came along and came up with his "dinosaur-killer" theory, and it was about the time that Sagan et al were talking about "nuclear winter" and how that would cause mass death and destruction, and that was why the dinosaurs died off.

Now we're back to "things got too hot and they died!"

You know, the arguments against climate change due to CO2 can be applied to climate change due to methane. The peak temperature would be higher but I have to believe that methane exhibits the same kind of "diminishing returns" that carbon dioxide does: there's only so much infrared to absorb, and amount X will absorb all of it, after which you must double the concentration of [gas] to increase the warming at all.

What a load of crap. So to speak.

* * *

As for me, I've got Bible study tonight at 7.

I was awakened at 8:30 by the arrival of one my neighbor's lawn service. The ramps went down on the trailer: BAM! and BAM! I can't even be mad about it; it was after 8 AM and it's not like it was some douchebag kid with an over-loud stereo system idling down the street with the bass on "liquefy". It was some working-class stiff here to do a job that someone paid him to do.

...coulda let the ramps down easier, though. All the bunker's windows were shut and that was loud. *sigh* But it doesn't change the fact that it was 100% legit.

* * *

Today I heard from the processor that's butchering the beef I'm buying. They called a week ago but didn't leave a message, so I called them today to find out what the deal was. I ended up having to leave a message, but they called back a short time later.

Turns out that they can't do what I wanted them to do, which was to give me half stew meat and half hamburger out of the shredlets etc they get from the side. So I'll end up with about 50 lbs of hamburger and 6 lbs of stew meat.

This is less than optimal, but as I told the woman I talked to, "You can only do what you can do." The meat is all vacuum-packed, so it won't get freezer burned, and I'm sure I can find a use for that hamburger.

I'm so looking forward to this, though.

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