atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#335: Stayin' Alive

John Travolta sez "Everyone can do their bit." And "We have to think about alternative methods of fuel."

What the hell is an "alternative method of fuel"?

But take a look at that image. The airplane in the top center of the image is, I think, a Gulfstream V. That airplane uses about 1,200 gallons of jet-grade kerosene when it makes a single cross-country flight.

A Hummer H2 will use about 1,250 gallons of gasoline in its entire service life.

The big airplane in that image is a Boeing 707. A jet airliner. I don't know how much fuel something like that uses when it makes a cross-country trip. But I'm pretty sure you could fit a Hummer H2 into its main fuel tank. And this airplane hauls one person, or a handful of people, at most.

This is the problem with people who spout this nonsense. "Do as I say, not as I do, because my vocation requires that I do these things. The great unwashed masses who don't have my business needs can make up for my excesses by managing with less."

Marie Antoinette said something like that shortly before French Revolutionaries chopped her head off.

Keep it up, guys. Keep telling us we have to be careful of the environment while you live it up, utterly heedless of how much you pollute. Sooner or later people will get wise to the truth of the situation.

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