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I finally started backing up the data drives today. So far I've done 15 DVD's worth of anime in data format.

That's 119 eps of Fairy Tail alone, by the way. I found my big master list of anime and updated it (though I have a few things which are not on it yet, they are not very important series like Hen Zemi which--let's face it--were not very good) and then prioritized the new additions to the list to get a handle on backup order.

This file was last updated Oct 22, 2008. Well, what the hell, that's only three and a half years ago! Why worry??


Well, at least I'm doing it now. I looked at 2 TB hard drives last night and saw a Seagate Barracuda on sale for $106, though that was a 5,900 RPM drive. (I prefer 7,200 RPM drives.)

But for $106 I can buy a lot of blank DVDs--about 500, in fact--and since I'm in a mode right now where economy is everything, guess what that means? And I won't need that many to back up the A- and B-ranked anime. I've got 50 DVD+Rs on hand now, and can buy more as I need them. WTF, I can take this "$10 off any purchase" coupon to Best Buy and get another spindle of DVD+Rs for not a lot of money. Heck with it.

And 100 DVD+Rs will store 470 GB of data, which had better be enough. Half this shit I backed up already, in 2008, and that turned out to be a good thing. I'm hoping that this time it's just a paranoid impulse.

So, yeah--55 DVDs from the prior backup makes 259 GB, and the files are bigger these days, so I expect to need a 100-count spindle to do this one. Argh etc.

Mendou kusai yo. But it's less of a pain in the ass than having to re-download all that shit would be.

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