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#3352: SS says babies are people too.

The Anchoress, being Catholic, is anti-abortion. I am pretty thoroughly anti-abortion myself, having come to this opinion through a lot of serious thought and consideration of the various ramifications of it. But:
The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child—still residing in utero—must be counted as a full human being when its parents register for a White House tour, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
Since this is so, abortion is the willfull killing of a complete human being, isn't it?

* * *

Those bloated sacks of protoplasm who tried to blow up a bridge are not Occupati yet 50 Occupati showed up for their arraignment hearing.

I am sensing a whiff of something that could be charitably termed "fertilizer"....

* * *

Spooked by Fukushima, Japan returns to the dark ages.

I'll live in the "radioactive" area right f-ing now. I don't care; give me that land and I'll build a house and live there. Shit, I'll have the biggest yard ever and there are even streets to ride my motorcycle on. WTF, why not? It's not like it's dangerous to live there.

Meanwhile the power companies in Japan are warning that there's not enough generating capacity to run Japan during the summer, when 120,000,000 people want air conditioning.

This is gonna be funny. Just wait and see how fast those nuclear plants get turned back on once the citizens of Japan are inconvenienced by rolling blackouts and such. Heh.

(And read the comments. Germany went "nuke-free" in the wake of Fukushima...and now the companies there which smelt aluminum are facing some tough situations. Smelting aluminum is an electrolytic process, and requires a shitton of electricity, and--well, read the Edohiguma's comments.)

* * *

As I was getting ready to go to Bible study I decided to backup the My Documents folder. Apparently I triggered the Critical Need Detector; the first attempt--started as I was heading in for a shower--crashed. The second attempt bombed, too. The third attempt--I walked away from the computer for a few moments to finish getting ready, and when I came back to the computer it had shut itself down.


So I'm going to have to dive back in and wrestle with that. Why on Earth the thing worked fine through 15 DVDs of anime backup but can't back up My Documents--shit.

* * *

Money is mysteriously appearing and disappearing at a bank, and a whistleblower has stepped up to talk about it. $5 says that the corporate officers are trying to hire a hit man....

* * *

Anyway, I rode the motorcycle to Bible study, and then rode home, and then went for a bit of a ride. Although it's 58 outside I wasn't cold at all, and really enjoyed it.

* * *

Sailor V had gotten volumes 1 and 3 of OL Shinkaron for me from ebay auctions, and I went out there to pick them up on Saturday.

I've read all the books he's got, but hadn't read #1 yet. He got #2 for me previously; now I have the set of the larger books. (There are a few smaller ones, but all of these things are hard to find.) These are translated into English in Japan for Japanese readers who are trying to learn English, but of course they work just fine for Americans too.

The original Japanese text is thoughtfully provided next to each strip.

Anyway, I took the motorcycle. Sailor V lives down a long dirt/gravel lane, and it had rained Friday--but I just took it slow (which I would have anyway) and the bike did not get dirty.

The ride home from there was even more cool because the moon had begun to rise, so all the way home I had this big orange moon looming in the southeast.

I've started to think about taking a bit of a longer trip somewhere, but exactly where is an antirely different matter. It should be someplace I don't have to ride on the superhighway, because while I can ride the thing at 65 I don't really want to, and taking a little longer to get there is okay anyway.

If I had a 4-cylinder bike I would be more inclined to do so. This thing has plenty of oomph left at 65 but it sounds like all kinds of merry hell. Even one more cylinder than the two it's got would be helpful since it wouldn't have to be geared as low, but I think I'd prefer four.

And this is the first engine I have ever operated continuously at 6,000 RPM. I know it's designed to turn at up to 8,500 RPM or so--and I bet Suzuki tested the thing to 10,000 RPM to boot!--but every instinct I've got is yelling at me, "SLOW DOWN OR SHE'LL BLOW UP ANY MINUTE NOW!"

So I just need to think about what and where, and try to come up with something that'd be fun, I guess.

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