atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3355: That was fun.

So I had that "$10 off any purchase" thing Best Buy Corp. sent me. And I wanted to go somewhere farther than usual on the motorcycle. And I needed another spindle of DVDs.

So I rode the bike to the Best Buy in Tinley Park and bought a 100-disk spindle of DVD+Rs for the princely sum of $19 (with tax) after the $10 coupon was applied. Win-win-win.

The only real problem came about the time I arrived at the store. My stomach--despite having absorbed all of the remaining goulash and ginzo bread--was empty to the point of growling and needed food, and in fact I was in the earliest stages of hypoglycemia to boot.

Well, I went into Best Buy and found what I wanted and bought it, then browsed the hard drives a bit (3 TB is $170; 2 TB is around $115, and 1 TB around $90, but that last is on sale) and then decided there was nothing else there I cared about, so I made my purchase and left.

Buzzed over to the Taco Bell located in the same area; I had a taco salad and a small Pepsi. I inadvertently filled it with regular rather than diet, but it was probably less than 12 oz of sugar water...and with my blood sugar on the low side it was probably not entirely unwarranted, anyway.

Ate my food, got back on the bike, rode home--and took a less-direct route home so I could ride on curvy roads a bit. I probably didn't go two miles out of my way, but it was fun.

Got home and put the bike away, feeling just a wee bit chilly. I'd worn a hoodie under my jacket, and for the most part I was on the cool side of comfortable for the entire trip; though I'm not sad to be home where it's warmer.

It didn't take me any longer than it would have taken in the Jeep--except for stopping to have some food--and it was fun. I got sprinkled on a little bit as I was riding away from home but not nearly enough to get me wet--a few small drops at most--and the weather was brisk without being cold, and just required an extra layer of clothes. I've ridden in worse! Yet I didn't see so much as one other person riding a motorcycle the entire time.


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