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#3356: Ears lowered, finally

Went to a friend from Bible study to get my ears lowered. I was prepared to pay her the going rate of $12 for a haircut (plus a $3 tip) but her husband's computer was having a problem.

I tried to pay her for the haircut, but it ended up being a quid pro quo. I insisted, however, on at least tipping her for the haircut, but spending five minutes plugging in a floppy drive ended up paying for my haircut. *sigh*

* * *

Good news! The totalitarian law here in the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illnoistan making it illegal to videotape police officers doing their jobs has been struck down as unconstitutional.

If it happens in public, the expectation of privacy is not reasonable. This gives citizens the right to record their interactions with police so that the police can no longer control the story.

* * *

Color me shocked: OPEC is artificially inflating oil prices.

Well, DUH! Why do you think cartels exist in the first place? It's not because the members felt like having a social club where they could gather and eat finger foods and shoot the shit. Forming a cartel isn't like joining a Facebook group, for crying out loud! It's all about controlling supply in order to artificially increase prices!


Breaking news! Water is wet. Who saw that coming??

* * *

Alan Caruba's response to Obama's coming out in favor of gay marriage (heh) is typical of the reaction from the right: "He's put his foot in it! He's gonna lose the election now!"

I'm not so sure that his position on gay marriage is going to drive away the core Democrat voters. There will be some "soft, gooey center" voters who will vote against Obama based on this, but I don't know if this is enough to slaughter Obama's chances at re-election.

For one thing, I don't think anyone is terribly surprised that a leftist candidate like Obama supports gay marriage. Like Elton John coming out of the closet, no one is terribly surprised at the news: "What, he's only getting around to this now? I thought he'd already...!"

So a handful of uninformed morons will change their votes: "WTF I didn't know he was wunna them pro-flamer types!" But in general most people who were going to vote for Obama will still vote for him regardless.

* * *

OH MY GOD THERE ARE CHEMICALS IN BREAST MILK!!! what concentrations do you find pesticides, fertilizer, and so on? Eh? How many parts per million?

Moutain. Molehill. You know the drill.

* * *

Another dumbass idea from Arse Technica: bury plutonium instead of using it in nuclear reactors.


* * *

Borepatch sez Mussolini could win against Obama this November.

* * *

Another company jumps on the "private access to space" bandwagon. This one uses an Ares booster for its first stage, and an Ariane first stage as its second stage. The system reportedly will have a low-Earth orbit payload of about 22 tons, which is about twice the capacity of SpaceX's Falcon 9.

But instead of building their boosters in-house, they're buying them from other places. I don't know if the numbers will work, but I'm sure they know what they're doing. After all, this is rocket science!

* * *

I'm going to have to buy more fish patties and french fries. In about 20 minutes, using one pan, I can make a pair of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and a bait of french fries...and 20 minutes is about how long it takes me to go to a fast food restaurant, buy food, and get home.

And as previously stated, the supplies to make eight sandwiches and four servings of french fries cost about $16. Compare that to a per-sandwich cost of $3 apiece from McDonald's, not including french fries--this is a better deal since McDonald's would charge me $24 for eight Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and I'd have to pay more for the fries.

* * *

Last night I played WoW for six hours. Ormus (on Wyrmrest Accord) hit 45th level. I did several instances to manage that, after which I did some fishing and messed around with leveling his professions a bit.

I have learned, I think, how to make a DPS toon actually do prety good DPS. Someone had a DPS meter going and Ormus fell in the middle of the pack, which is fine by me. The one frustrating thing about the mage character class is that his A-number-one DPS spell is "arcane missiles" (AM)...and it doesn't always trigger.

It costs no mana to cast and it's an instant cast, taking only time to channel its effects, but if it doesn't trigger, you can't cast it. You can only trigger it (in gamer speak it "procs") by casting another spell that does damage.

Ormus has six instant-cast damage spells, but of course they all have cooldowns and cannot be spammed. The CDs are short enough that I can usually just hit the buttons in this order: 2, 3, 4, 5 (if AM has proced), and then go back to 2.

But if AM fails to proc, then I can hit 6, 8, and 9. If it still hasn't proced by then, I'm forced to go back to 4 (Ice Lance) which is semi-spammable, having a CD of a second or so, until the CDs reset on the other spells.

("What about 7?" On all my toons 7 is set to mount the horse or whatever I use for a default mount. I don't know how or why this convention came into being, but hitting 7 to mount up became such an ingrained habit I can't change it now.)

But because the proc for AM is essentially random, there are times when it won't proc at all, not until the bad guy is on his last legs. I could have filled up a notebook of hash marks of all the times AM proced just as the bad guy was dying. This isn't really a problem most of the time, but when you're taking a boss in an instance and you need your maximum DPS, it gets frustrating to hit him with all your spells and not have your primary damage spell proc once.

But no one complained, so I guess it's all good.

Ormus is the first mage toon I've run where I took "arcane" as his primary spec rather than "frost" or "fire". Conventional wisdom says frost is best for leveling, but the original Ormus on Aggramar hit 85th level without ever switching away from fire, which was his secondary spec. And this Ormus is doing fairly well with arcane as his primary spec. (I've taken the secondary spec training but haven't actually assigned it yet.)

About the only real benefit of frost is that you get a highly annoying combat pet. It's a water elemental, and when you're standing around it just hangs there next to you making this excessively loud "gurgling water" sound. I hate it when I'm trying to conduct business in town and some moron parks his frost mage, water elemental gurgling away, right next to me. I have found that the benefits of having a combat pet are outweighed by the rage-inducing continuous noise it makes.

There's a priest spec where the priest is always casting. No matter what's going on, he's got a nimbus of energy around his hands and is continually emitting the "casting" sound effect--and like the water elemental it is supremely irritating.

Note to Blizzard: continuous sound effects are annoying.

* * *

Also: Ormus (on Wyrmrest Accord) sold a silver-thread sash for 261 gold and change yesterday.

Its normal buyout price (according to the above link) is about 2 GP. I guess someone really wanted to complete his transmog set.

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