atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3357: Today is DER TAG!

Der Fiero Auffixennünger Tag, that is. I told myself yesterday that I was going to start on it today, and by jingo I'm a-gonna do it...just as soon as this blog post is finished.

* * *

TSA is on the job! No terrorist is going to escape these watchful sentinels! NOT A-ONE!!!

* * *

Time has a cover just made for the shotacon freaks. Preteen boy standing there sucking on woman's bare breast--yeah, there'll be a lot of fappin' going on in the disgusting corners of the Internet tonight!


WTF. There's nothing wrong with the image of a baby suckling at its mother's breast, but seriously, WTF.

Advice Goddess has details. If you really want them.

* * *

Fired for being correct. Black studies is crap. Also gay studies, feminist studies, gender studies, latino studies, asian studies, and whatever else kind of horseshit deconstructionist nonsense the "liberal arts" have extruded since political correctness came on the scene in 1984. (...1984 is, more or less, correct. Cornell College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, was among the first to "reformulate" its curriculum in order to "de-emphasize" the contributions of dead white males...and they did it around 1984. And I like all the context that goes with that, so I'm sticking to that year.)

I'm all about college education for useful things, but "[whatev] studies" are nothing but victimology circle jerks.

* * *

China versus the Philippines. Will America stand up to China to protect the Philippines from communist imperialism?

I'm thinking this is some kind of test, to see how Obama might react if China were to seize Taiwan.

* * *

Obamanomics hitting women the hardest! If he were a Republican, this headline would be on every newspaper in the country today.

The lede would approximate, "A record number of women are not working now thanks to the Obama administration's failed economic policies."

You know it, I know it.

* * *

Economy stuff:

The Greek left wants the flow of candy, bread, and circuses to continue despite economic realities. So the profligate spending will continue and Greece will lurch on down the road towards the collapse of their economy.

And the string of dominoes will fall. The writer of this article contends the euro was a stupid idea in the first place (I am not inclined to disagree with him) and that its failure is inevitable.

* * *

Borepatch has a story about a man with a legally-carried gun stopping a knife-wielding maniac.

What I want to know is, why was this man able to get his hands on a knife so quickly? I mean, he bought the knife and immediately began attacking other customers in the store! After all, there are waiting periods for deadly weapons, aren't there? Wasn't a background check performed prior to the sale? Knives, scissors, hammers, baseball bats, rope, shovels, drain cleaner, screwdr--eh?

What? Are you trying to tell me this man went on a bloody spree because he's a bad man? No, that's impossible. The mere presence of a weapon is enough to turn anyone into a violent maniac! There should have been a 5-day waiting period and a background check before this man was allowed to buy that knife! After all--


--it's worth it, right?

* * *


* * *

I really hope the space tourism industry takes off such that I can afford to go to space before I'm too old to withstand the boost into orbit.

If that were to happen in the next decade I bet I could get a job out there....

* * *

The Fiero has sat in the garage for 9 months, for crying out loud. I moved it out once, discovered it wasn't running right, and put it back.

Time to fix that.

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